Audi Returns To Super Bowl With Electric Car Ads

JAN 5 2019 BY MARK KANE 38

Audi EVs to be advertised at the Super Bowl

Audi announced its return to the Super Bowl as an advertiser with a new 60-second spot featuring the company’s electric future. In 2018 Audi was absent because new products didn’t fit with the Super Bowl, but upcoming electrification is a different story.

The teaser image shows the e-tron production car and e-tron GT concept as well as a third, unknown vehicle.

The German manufacturer hopes that by 2025 every third Audi sold will be electrified.

Audi will not be alone among manufacturers at the Super Bowl as Hyundai, Kia, Mercedes-Benz and Toyota also confirmed ads.

“Audi returns to the big game with a 60-second commercial in the second quarter, marking the 10th year as an advertiser. This year’s spot will feature an electrification theme that includes all-new Audi e-tron models.This is the tenth showing for Audi in America’s biggest night in football. The brand with the four rings has a history of telling compelling stories on game day – from sparking a national conversation with “Daughter” in 2017, to shooting for the moon in 2016 with “The Commander” to allowing online viewers to vote on the commercial’s ending in 2013 with “Prom.”  San Francisco-based Venables Bell & Partners is creating the 2019 spot.”

Loren Angelo, vice president, Marketing, Audi of America said:

“We’re returning to the biggest advertising stage to let America know that electric has gone Audi. Last fall, Audi introduced its first all-electric production e-tron SUV followed by the e-tron GT concept debut at the LA Auto Show, signaling an aggressive push into electrification. The big game is a perfect platform to continue the momentum.”


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Good news from Audi.
But, there’s a direct conflict with their dealer network.
-Will there be any in stock?
-Will they be CHARGED at dealer networks?
-Will dealers be ready to do the federal tax credit paperwork.

My guess is: no, no, no.

Can a plumber afford that car, anyway?


I guess you have no idea what a plumber can make.

Try calling one in the middle of the night 😝

then you do not realize what plumbers make these days.

True, I probably can’t afford one, even with a lease.
But, Audi is going to be spending millions on this ad.

Will the Dealers Help Tesla, by not selling any?
That’s the ironic question.

The 3rd one is the e-tron Sportback Concept, it’s production version is supposed to be unveiled end of this year.

I hope it’s going to be unveiled earlier. It is supposed to be sold in europe in November 19, so maybe they will show it in July or something. Then again, the e-tron quattro was also supposed to be sold in November 18, but they just sold the first units in NL and N.

Also A3 compact BEV eTron. On a roll plus unveiling of VW id

its too bad we don’t know more about this one yet, guessing not actually going to be out this year?

After the misogynist ad of the past, they have much making up to do.

Links? Because the entire 2017 Audi commercial was about promising equal pay for equal work.

Maybe you’re going back to 2013 where the guy stole a kiss from the prom queen?

There already exists laws that prohibit pay discrimination based on sex, but that wasn’t what that ad was. Instead, it told the girls that they are inferior if they can’t be boys. They can be nurses (dominating the field), biological sciences (half or more are female), going to college (majority attending are females) and number of other things that are of interest to them and excel that could’ve been highlighted.

As an example, there’s a reason why men dominate in prisons, murderers, psychotics, workplace deaths, and CEO. You have to be bit psychotic to make the tough decisions of CEO (cut jobs before Christmas) or work yourself to death.

Telling girls that they are victims because they aren’t boys while ignoring female achievement is misogyny at its worst.

Making job cuts before Christmas? You mean, like Mary Barra? 😛

Audi is still using the stinky animal leather and it is just impossible to order an E-Tron without it.
They try really hard but seem to fail.

Well leather is a sustainable, renewable and compostable material. Much better choice than grinding the seats to micro plastic every time you move on it.

Animal farming is one of the biggest factors in global warming and produces more greenhouse gases than all transport combined.
Do a little research before posting, you are embarrassing yourself.

Nothing about leather is sustainable.

Natural leather is a perfect material and without equivalent.
As far as I know not a single cow is killed because of the leather, they’re killed for other reasons primarily.

Leather is one of the main reasons for animal farming. If you don’t care about animals, you should care about global warming though.

Not in car seats.
They’re colder in winter and hotter in summer.
A good cloth or wool seat would be better.

I think it’s just that a good leather seat smells nicer.
And we have a long history of the aristocracy preferring leather seats in their libraries.
Some how it carried on into cars?
Because the original cars were more weather exposed.

But, for sloppy people, of course, leather is preferable as you can wipe it down after a spill.

There are materials better than leather now. You can’t tell the difference and there are Tesla cars with 200.000 miles on board and it holds better than the one comming off dead animals.
If you look at an old leather interior (on a light coloured one you can see better), you can see that sweat and dirt get impregnated in it and it becomes really gross.

Don’t buy it. I love 💕 leather and meat

Some people loved Hitler also.

“The German manufacturer hopes that by 2025 every third Audi sold will be electrified.”

That sounds quite pessimistic. How many people will even want a car with a gas engine in 2025? When people see lots of others driving electric, realize that range anxiety is less of an issue than running out of petrol, and realize the benefits of electric?

It’s even more pessimistic when you realize that they said electrified and not electric so they expect a chunk of these to be PHEV’s rather than BEV’s.

It is not just PHEV’s and BEV’s. They also include standard (non-plugin) as “electrified”. This has become the latest talking point of the LICE car makers. They are trying to count everything with an electric traction motor as “electrified”, right down to the most mild of mild hybrids.

We’ll see if US dealers take the electric business Audi is giving them, or hand it off to Tesla.

Does BMW even make any plug-less hybrids, though?…

Err, I mean Audi obviously…

I would have worded your question as: “How many people WHO WANT AND CAN AFFORD AN AUDI will even want a car with a gas engine in 2025?” EVs will go from being an enthusiast/geek/early adopter toy to a status symbol VERY quickly, thanks to [1] Tesla’s success and [2] luxury brands like Audi jumping on board.

I predict that we’ll hit a tipping point within 3 years, 5 at the max., in how the US public perceives EVs, and, more to the point, how it perceives gasoline vehicles. ICEVs will go from being the default type of car to something unnecessarily expensive and annoying to own, essentially dinosaurs on radials.

In general, I think Audi running this ad is a VERY big deal, as it will push the US public toward EVs in a way that’s complementary to the positive value of Tesla’s success.

Agree with almost everything you said here Lou. Not sure that tipping point will be less than 5 years though, I’m thinking more like 10, but time will tell. I can tell you, based on the conversations I have had with people about my Model 3 over the last two months, there is a changing perception regarding EVs among many Americans. I work in a very traditional, stodgy, old world industry and literally every single co-worker I have shown the car to has come away very impressed. They start with a lot of concerns and questions about (as you mentioned) expense, charging, range anxiety, etc and after I walk them through everything most of them come to the realization that they could drive an EV with very little impact on their daily routine.

And of course, when I punch the go pedal on the Model 3 everyone gets the Tesla grin. 🙂

It may be 10 if Ford and GM, Honda and Toyota don’t get on the ball.
But, if Ford and GM don’t Tesla Stock will be $1000 a share.

Because I don’t have to argue with a salesman about the battery not being charged in a test drive, from Tesla.

So, that’s my prediction.
Ford, GM, Toyota and Honda won’t get it done, and will force Tesla to continue to grow geometrically taking all the business and go to $1000 a share.

Ice is going the way of the dodo

‘The German manufacturer hopes that by 2025 every third Audi sold will be electrified.’

I suspect that by 2025, every 6th audi sold will be ICE. All others, no matter how many Audi produces, will be EVs.
IOW., wether audi is ready or not to make REAL EVs does not matter. By end of 2023, few will want ICE, though hybrids will still be popular for off-road, EMS, and military.

A lot of people who don’t even realize Tesla exists (and trust me, there are plenty outside the EV enthusiast sphere) will think that Audi is the EV pioneer/vanguard, because they saw these ads first. Reminds me of how Microsoft has always flaunted new features like they came up with them themselves, even though Apple had had them years before.

I cannot wait to see Taycan

Tesla should get a SuperBowl ad

Not until they can produce more cars than they can sell…

Moar announcement plzz, why we need real car when we have announcement.