UPDATE: Audi Q4 e-tron Debuts: See Video Here


Audi will officially reveal its new, smaller Q4 e-tron SUV ahead of the Geneva Motor Show.

***UPDATE: Livestream has ended but we’ve embedded video of the Q4 e-tron for viewing.

The Audi Q4 e-tron livestream will begin on March 5, 2019 at 2:00 AM Eastern time. While many of our hardcore readers may be sleeping, this is a solid debut to chime into. Audi hasn’t shared details about the upcoming compact crossover, aside from its potential launch in 2020 or 2021. It’s assumed it will ride on the same underpinnings associated with VW group’s new MEB platform.

SUVs these days are the thing. This is especially true in the U.S., where buyers are flocking to the segment due to increased versatility and extra room for cargo. Let’s keep in mind that today’s SUVs aren’t that in the traditional sense, but rather raised cars/wagons that are marketed a different way. While the 2019 Audi e-tron is more of a “true” SUV in some ways, this new entrant is slated to be more of the subcompact or at least compact SUV variety.

The details surrounding the Q4 e-tron are still a mystery. But, hopefully, that won’t be that case after Audi’s livestream debut. Once you have a chance to watch it, send us a note in the comment section below.

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Cant wait. Golden age of electromobility. Even that those car's specs will look funny in lets say year 2030, this is still history unveiling before our eyes.

you need to fix your format. :S

How did you even do that? I can’t get any colours at all when I try to use apostrophes…


How much time until sold out for first year?

If Audi is serious they will make as many as possible.

Build them and they will sell like hot cakes.

The only real limitation is Audi.

Bring it on Audi !

From 2020 they are forced by the EU to sell low emission cars. Otherwise they would face huge fines. In China, the same.
So they don’t really have a choice in these two huge markets.
I have a feeling that the US will follow soon. California already does it.

Link to how to watch the livestream?

I think it might be this:

or https://www.youtube .com/watch?v=csmhmxA-A0Q if you prefer youtube. 🙂

We’re at the tipping point for the rest of the car industry.

Just slightly ahead of the Tesla Model Y reveal.

Very exciting times ahead.

Go Audi Go !

You have to wonder how much of the base Model 3 and Model Y reveal times have to do with countering vehicles like the Polestar and Audi. I haven’t done any direct comparisons, but the AWD M3 has specs that are pretty similar to the Polestar and the price probably slots in way below any Polestar you could buy before 2021. It will be interesting if Tesla does the same with the Y, though I find that one harder to believe. They have to make money on something and SUVs seem to be the current cash cow for most companies.


Audi deliberately released ahead of Tesla.

The Polistar 2 is going to be late to the party for a newborn car company.

I see it the other way around. The presentation of this Audi in Geneva was decided a long time ago. Tesla could have chosen a later date than March 14th to present the Y. Particularly since Tesla just made a lot announcements just now and is busy with launching the 3 in several continents. Basically imho, Tesla doesn’t need more publicity now. I think it would have been better in a couple of months.

Also I fear the presentation of the Y may lead some in Europe to wait for it for several more years instead of buying a 3 now.

Logically, the “rationalisation” had to come before the launch of the Y.
The Y will (obviously?) Have the new Autopilot/ FSD configuration, so the other models needed to be aligned, avoiding confusion.
Likewise with pricing, there can now be a defined range, with prices across all models in logical sequence.
Plus it was great doing it just before the Audi launch! I’ll bet it messed with their pricing strategy!

Agreed completely. Once they made up their minds on how to name the vehicles and structure the packages (particularly all the variations of AP), then it was time to get that implemented so that the reveal will make sense.

I think the Model Y reveal has been planned for some time. As others have pointed out, 3/14 is also pi day: 3.14 which is a perfectly nerdy kind of thing that Musk would plan for.

You have got things upside down. Polestar and Audi models are simply the best copies they can make of what Tesla is doing. The Model 3 and Y concept of affordable and appealing electric cars, goes back to the early days and the prime mission of Tesla.

The Model3 name was announced in 2014. Model3 specs were announced three years ago and the price of the base model was announced then. Also, the modelY concept was introduced in 2015. In August 2017 it was announced that the Y would have the same platform as the model3. Mid last year, Elon said the Y would be unveiled in mid-March 2019 and the car would go into production in early 2020.

Tesla is not following anyone or timing anything around anyone else.
Everyone else is following Tesla. They have had many years to prepare.

I never said Tesla was following anyone.

The more actual choices the better.

Audi will be more premium.

“the car would go into production in early 2020.”

Good luck with that prediction.

The Y will arrive in late 2020 – if it’s not delayed again.

Plenty of competition by then from the Germans (BMW iX3, Audi Q-4, smaller EQ CUV etc. etc.) and others.

The European BEVs have been having issues coming to market. The I-Pace continues to suffer major software and charging glitches. The Korean competition has shipped in very small numbers, have poor DCFC capability, and offer mediocre driving dynamics.

It is one thing to bring cars to market, it is another to compete toe to toe with Tesla in EV technology and at scale. Even when Tesla is late, they are still ahead of the others.

Since the Model Y has ~75% commonality with the Model 3 and likely doesn’t have the technical difficulties of the Model X over the Model S, there is much less chance of delays. Just sharing the same drive units and battery packs de-risks the Model Y launch significantly.

Let the Germans come. Tesla can compete.


Oh, the old competition meme, it’s always coming, someday.
Talk about telescoping time. First it was 2018, then 2019, now 2020, just wait and see. BS.

LMFO at admitted Tesla shorter TrollFTF who doesn’t even drive an EV and therefore understands nothing here.
He is a nothing more then a financial leech and gambler who creates nothing of value unlike EV makers.

@Richard – absolutely right – I think we found 24 paid Audi trolls 😉

That looks like a really compelling vehicle. Which fast charging network does it use again? What speed does it DC charge at?

Since it is Audi, it will have the best equipment. Like 150 kW or so.

Lets hope its better than the E-tron which has terrible efficiency.

I am sure that it will be more efficient than E-tron because of the MEB platform, which is dedicated electric platform.

Etron is also build on a pure e-platform. This one is build on VW’s MEB, which has 125kW charging speed. The design of the vehicle should make it more efficient

The etron quattro is not built on a pure ev-platform, it’s the modified MLB ICE platform.


I had no idea.

Care to elaborate?

E-tron is based on the modified MLB Evo platform, which is the same underpinning the ICE Q5 – Q8. It is kinda compliance car, but still good.

Q4 E-tron will be on the MEB – pure Electric platform, meaning it could be more efficient than E-tron.

This is not true. Etron used components from MLB, incl suspension, lights, etc, but the drivetrain, structural elements etc are all purpose developed.

of course the drivetrain is all purpose developed, what else should it be

besides that the Etron 55 uses a lot form MLB, has a lot in common with the Q8 and is definitely not a “pure e-plattform” as you described it. Nobody would develop a plattform for just one car. I bet the Etron 55 won’t be produced for more than 2 years. In march 2021 this car ist more than outdated.

CCS and will work with any available charger that uses CCS. I’d expect 150kW minimum as long as the charger supports it…

$35K tesla is impossible to beat.

They can. ID Neo 🙂

which ID Neo, you mean the cartoon or the rendering?

True but this is going up against a $40K+ Tesla Model Y… And in a SAV configuration a lot of people would prefer. I personally will be trading in my Model 3 for something like this or the Model Y.

yes you can do it in (may be) 2021, then wait another 6 to 12 months to fix software problems with Audi virtual reality glasses… “F*ck!! those chinese glasses still not working, how can we convince people they are driving a german EV without virtual reality glasses?” words of VW board… :-))

I guess I will be sticking with Model 3 for some time!

Why? 35k is definitely to beat and it won’t be that hard.

2 minutes and counting…

It is on now! 😀

Looks decent. Short on specs, but I’m sure we will get those eventually.

Just watched it. No new numbers and the presenters couldn’t agree on whether the Q4 e-tron is coming at the end of 2020 or in 2021. Decent looking car all in all, and it should sell like hotcakes, but it probably won’t be the first premium A-segment SUV on the market, as I believe the man claimed. And it looks like it has a goatee.

But serious kudos to Audi for only presenting electrified cars in Geneva! It’s promising that they even have enough models to do that!

Yeah they will lose a lot to Tesla’s Model Y, giving Tesla a year or more lead in that segment.

I heard the same thing… End of 2019 I believe and 2021

It will be 2121 if they don’t get a move on.

Only because Tesla reveals a car (Y) does not mean they are going to deliver any time soon. Let’s see when their launch will be.

Tesla is way ahead of their game!

A year more? I don’t think Tesla will deliver the Y before the end of 2020.

I’d expect Tesla to be producing these early 2020 at GF1 in Sparks NA, even if they have to put a tent up.

You know that the Model 3 is only coming to Europe and China about now ? So more than 18 months after the US. So the year and a half may be true for the US but not in these continents.

The 3 hit Europe almost 3 years after it’s reveal.
The Y might be a little quicker, but I wouldn’t expect Y to be fighing against Audi’ offerings in Europe before 2022.
So Audi has time to lay down some footprint and mindshare there.

Europe will receive Ys from China without haggling re traiffs.

The Model 3 was a completely new platform and a 4x scale increase from where Tesla was in 2016. The Gigafactory was not yet online when the Model 3 was unveiled. The Model Y has 75% parts commonality with the Model 3 and will come to market much, much quicker. By sharing the drive units and battery packs and without risky technical solutions like the falcon wing doors, the Model 3 will probably arrive in Europe in 2020.

The price indicated is close to 40 k€ in Europe. Hard to beat by any non-MEB EV.

And that is including sales tax. It would translate into about 35.000$, American price.

WOW ANOTHER SUPER SENSATIONAL GRAPHIC NOVEL BY VW GROUP!!! do they hire Pixar? It looks like as real as E-Tron, which is just like the very old soviet style limousine ZIL… “for sale but you can’t buy” because not yet available…………………………………

They had one on stage. Production (with minor edits) planned for 2021.

Cw of 0.28.
What a joke, considering Autobahn.

That’s actually a pretty good value for a CUV…

Has the livestream been? The picture at the bottom of the article does nothing when clicked on, and without a hyperlink I’m not sure if there’s any more than the animations on the Audi website such as this one https://www. audi-mediacenter.com/en/audimediatv/video/audi-q4-e-tron-concept-exterior-footage-4520

Well, to update my own post if anyone else is looking for this stuff.
A press pack – https://www. audi-mediacenter.com/en/presskits/geneva-international-motor-show-2019-11213
A recording of the livestream – https://www. youtube.com/watch?v=HQL7AcqlRu4

The Audi Q4 e-tron video said: “… it’s the first electric car in this [luxary SUV] segment…”


Was that meant to say: “it’s the first *Audi* electric car in this [luxary SUV] segment”

Yeah Chinese ones did it first.

Nice!!! I love how tesla really stirred the pot and lit a fire under everyone ars. I’m loving the body design, it will be a smooth transition.

It’s sort of funny that Musk has said all along they want to spark the ev revolution, which they have done, as evidenced by VW group, and Kia, Hyundai, even GM are all coming with evs, and some of them quite respectable. But then Tesla comes out and knocks them down into the mud and stomps on them. Now is that any way to act, sort of like Cronos eating his children.

Tesla isn’t stomping them into the mud, unless you think that Tesla’s offerings are so much better (in some respects, they are). I’m not aware of any recent bad-mouthing by Musk.

Build it and they will buy

Tesla didn’t “spark the EV revolution as evidenced by VW group,” DIESELGATE did. All this sudden EV development from legacy German manufacturers are a direct result of Dieselgate and its attendant criminal punishments which mandated EV production. If it wasn’t for Dieselgate, the Germans would still have a 95/5 ICE/EV portfolio.

Dieselgate is the best thing to happen to the development of the electric car, ever, period. The legacy makers would have been happy to cede the EV market to a low-volume company like Tesla for the foreseeable future if it hadn’t been for Dieselgate. So thank you, you wonderful VW diesel engineer cheats – you’ve changed the world for the better.