Audi Says E-Tron GT Will Outsprint Tesla Model S P100D


Will do so by getting “some genes from Porsche.”

And by adding “a lot of Audi genes.”

Audi says the E-tron GT will outsprint the Tesla Model S P100D thanks to a secret weapon in the form of Porsche.

Still not due until 2020, the E-tron GT will boast range on par with the E-tron SUV (248 miles WLTP) but be “focused more towards power,” according to Audi’s powertrain boss.

In order to beat the Tesla Model S P100D, Audi would need to make the E-tron GT zip from 0 to 60 MPH in well under 2.5 seconds. The P100D officially hits 60 MPH in 2.5 seconds, but timed results are closer to 2.3 seconds.

Audi says the E-Tron GT will use a Tesla-like skateboard platform that borrows lots of bits from the Porsche Taycan.

The E-tron GT concept will make its official debut at the Los Angeles Motor Show in November and we’ll be on site for the reveal.

Audi e-tron Vision Gran Turismo, GT Sport

Source: Autocar

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Do it.

Talk is cheap – I hope Porsche and Audi make good on their promises.

Porsche never settles for being second-best, ever, as proven over and over and over again, all these years. That’s the reason Porsche exists – to be the top dog. Porsche does not believe in cheap talk – never has.

I wonder how long they will exist.

So do you really think they will go out of business because they haven’t switched their entire car production to EVs (currently under 2% of the market)? Are you that out of touch with reality???? They see potential in the technology and are investing in it. As the original poster said, Porsche won’t settle for second best. And keep in mind they are turning a healthy profit, something that Tesla has yet to do…

I couldn´t find any quote in your source (Autocar) where Audi said that. In my understandning, Autocar implied that and just wrote that.
I also doubt that Audi (Premium brand of VW Group) will have a faster car in a simliar segment than Porsche (Sportscar maker of VW Group).

They post a lot of crap about othwr carmakers and say somedy from there said it. Especially when you read here articles made by Tesla partners, it is easy to realize this site is only made for bashing Musk’s competition.

Gudmundur Thor Reynisson

So in 2 years time [at least] Audi will have a car that will be faster than a Tesla from 2 years ago. For the sake of Audi we must hope that Tesla does not do anything in the meantime:-)

Like what, the 2020 Roadster? This article made me laugh. I think that’s why I keep coming here. German engineering, racing heritage, second only to a company with no prior automotive pedigree in Silicon Valley. It’s like the disclaimer on the Dodge Demon.

You have a very strange idea of what constitutes racing, or you’re very ignorant of what the performance of Tesla and Audi is like. A lot of cars that take twice as long as a P100DL to get to sixty still annihilates it around a track.

That’s why there’s a separate EV lap record at tracks, and why the gap to the “any power train” record at Laguna Seca is half a MINUTE. In racing, a second a lap is considered a significant advantage at the same track, and different classes of vehicles may be five to ten seconds per lap apart. In other words, if the fastest ICE was division 1, the fastest EV would be somewhere from division four to seven.

But I guess you really really want to believe that Tesla is the fastest car.

I think Tesla makes some amazing cars offering a mix of practicality, style, futurism, economy, and even performance (for real world driving) that nobody else is even close to. But in no way does that mean they are fastest.

Then why this hubris from Audi centeroking on 0-60mph? The subject of this article seemmis to ju be claims from Audi challenging Tesla 0-60mph in a couple if years time. I agree the premise is stupid. How quick to highway speed is too quick for human physical limitations? Racing and building transportation vehicles are two completely different subjects. One is supposed to advance the other over time as affordable ways to implement improvements in safety and performance trickle down from learning had by pitting cars against one another in contests of speed and durability. Drag racing is a sport and a type of racing. Pitting stock car model vs. stock car model (cars that can be purchased by the public and legal/factory warrantable for street use) – Teslas have no match. Formula e is advancing quickly with new gen cars in their 5th racing season cspable of a complete race without stopping due to heat buildup or lack of fuel. EV sedan racing is at it’s birth stage and attempting to overcome EV challenges. Think how far how swiftly EV racing has advanced. The NIO EP9 held the production car lap record at the Nurburgring for a few weeks! This… Read more »

Audi has a lot of cars that are much faster than any Tesla already. But none that beat it in the narrow discipline of straight line acceleration at relatively low speeds.

This publication contributes to the misapprehension that Teslas are very fast by writing stories about lap time records, but consistently “forgets” (neglects) to mention that they are EV records – and that the real lap records (regardless of power train technology) are MUCH lower. At Laguna Seca, for example, the gap is over half a minute!

I’m a huge proponent of EVs. But I’m an even bigger fan of truth. For the real world, EVs are lightyears ahead of ICE all things considered. But ICE is lightyears ahead of EVs on any demanding race track.

You are comparing the Audi R10 race car to a $70k production car driven by it’s owner? Do you know what an Audi R10 tdi is?

The days of the 19th century explode and bang dominance on racetracks are numbered.

Look back to only 7 years ago when an egg-shaped quasi golf cart called the iMiev was THE electric car on our roads. EVs have come a long way in a very very short span of time.

In fact, for several weeks last year, an electric car held the production car lap record around the daunting Nurburgring. The NIO EP9. Contrast that with 110 years of Indianapolis 500s, 24 Hours Of Le Mans and Grand Prix/ Formula 1 progress. The record for the fastest time of ANY type of car to the top of Pike’s Peak? Held by a Volkswagen EV, not effected by thin air at altitude.

EVs are coming. FAST! One look at Formula e now in it’s 5th season is proof positive. New beautiful car. No more car swap halfway through a race. Faster. Companies like Jaguar, Audi, Mercedes and Nissan in the mix.
Audi dumped it’s Le Mans program and is now deeply committed to F e.

A new day is coming on tracks near and far. The writing is on the wall

Tesla can just bolt Space X rockets to a P100DL and omit the driver completely with Autopilot v. 12.0.

This kind of braggadacio is pointless as is some insane race to 60mph in .5 seconds. Will G suits be needed to proclaim bragging rights?

Why can’t Audi just build a competitive car to Models S, X, 3 and Y? This war of words with absolutely nothing to show is pathetic. Audi is really scared.

Rockets to a car. . Reminds me of the Darwin memorial price some years back. A guy mounted a solid fuel rocket to his car.
Once started, it does not stop and can not be reguleres. . . So full speed and straight into a mountain.
Good Teslas rockets can be regulated. On the other hand. . I doubt it would be legal.

Calm down. They are not rockets, they are thrusters. Just air jets. They are used for attitude adjustments in space flight.

Don’t you mean bolt several P100DL to a Space X rocket? The rocket has a vastly higher payload capacity and it has always been able to drive itself.

Cars accelerate plenty fast already. Wish this energy spent on p***s measuring contest was redirected towards reducing cost instead.

Electric cars are quick enough already. Why don’t they concentrate on producing the equivalent of electric Audi A4?

They cost to much and has to low profit margin. Batteries are hard to source in required volumes and they have sotck holders that require dividend payed. So they go for the high end first. Like Tesla.

In 2019 Audi will launch the E-tron Sportback, like a hatchback A4.

Now the imbeciles at Audi tell the world how fast the Taycan can go. I liked the understatement of less than 3.5 second for the 0-100 km/h and less than 12 seconds for 0-200 km/h better.
This is now just stupid bragging with peak performance under unrealistic conditions like pre warmed and fully charged battery.

Awesome! But then all Audi will be able to claim is that their electric sports car beat an electric family sedan. They’ll have the Roadster 2.0 to contend with around then. The more EVs the merrier though!

A five year old family sedan.

It has been 6 years and still no Tesla car has been able to beat Audis EV lap time on Nürburgring Nordschleife.

foersom (dot) org/ElecVehicle/NurburgringNordEV.html

Enough of the press releases and boasts, come out with the product.If they do their ICE Halo cars sales will suffer., EVs rules!

I don’t get how they could only target 248 miles on WLTP in 2020, with a GT, probably costing 100,000 € at least. I accept that the 2018 SUV E-tron only manages that but not a probably more pricey and performance oriented 2020 GT. It should be far lighter, have a better Cx, a smaller surface resisting the wind, and even a better battery technology.

I really hope they are underestimating this car autonomy.

it will have to create massive amounts of drag at higher speeds if you want it to be able of doing high speed cornering. Or you use cold gas thrusters.

Another Euro point of view

I don’t get the point of that competition around or above 1G acceleration force, I just don’t. Why don’t they put a 20 lbs TNT package at the back of the car for a 0-60 MPH in 0.01 sec. while they are at it ? Plus that would entertain the kids in area where fireworks are forbidden.


a sports car (that doesn’t exist yet) outrunning a family sedan (that has been selling for a few years)… Wow. And the fact that they are not even embarrassed to get into such comparisons tells a lot.

How about you pick on S in terms of price, or at least volume, guys. Or better yet, M3/MY. And infrastructure availability.

Everything else is of absolutely no consequence to me and 99.9% of my 300M compatriots.

(BTW, by 2020 they’d probably have to pick on roadster 2.0, not on S in that specific department they are talking about.)

Right, if that design did 0-60 in 5 seconds but cost less than $30,000 to buy it would sell like hot cakes. I like fast speed to merge with traffic, but I am willing to have a little less speed if the price is right.

Hi Audi,
Good luck against the roadster 2.
Or are you REALLY comparing against a 7 seater sedan?

Audi did not, that is something the InsideEV writer added. Better read the source article at Autocar.

Audi E-Tron CONcepts can promise to accelerate to infinity and beyond. Let’s see where Audi starts, with actual delivered customer EVs.

Then we will see what Tesla is deliEVring, in the same Future Super Flux Capacitor time frame.

The 2016 P100D?

Never too late, lol. I’m tired of hearing Audi talk about electric card. I want to see them driving around town.

How ’bout we call me the wordy James and you the brief comment James? 😀

How is both if us having the exact same handle NOT confusing?

These Guys Just Won’t Stop ! AUDI , That’s The Point In All This Vaporware ? It Will Never Come To Fruition … Give It a Rest Until You Have Something Real To Show For It !

Their first e-tron long-range EV is in production TODAY, deliveries in Europe late this year or Jan 2019.

Audi Sportback coming 2019, GT (see this article) coming 2020.

In addition, a compact EV from Audi (likely based on MEB from parent VW) is also coming around 2020.

Keep shouting “vaporware” and ignore the facts.

Audi (alone) will have more EV models on sale than Tesla within 5 years!

Is there a long range version of the e-tron? Can you provide us a link?

Still Vaporware…. And they assume the Tesla performance will remain static….

Please Audi, do not do that!
“Our not released GT will be better than the P100D in 2020.” is just embarrasing.
Just develop your cars and get them on the road.

Probably hinting at the battery. We just learned Porsche claims a peak charging speed of 1500 km/h, which implies nearly double the power density of the Tesla 100 kWh pack (assuming both max it out).

It’s fun, but also very silly. We’re beyond the point where accelerating faster makes a car sportier. If they keep going in this direction, the cars will accelerate so fast we literally won’t have time to enjoy it, it’ll just be a violent kick in the back before you have to let off again..!

It’s not doubling the fundamental cell’s power density (that would be nearly a Nobel Prize miracle), it’s from a 800V pack vs typical 400V.

So the external charging system, whose costs and limitations scale with current more than voltage, can deliver more power proportionally.

It’s a good idea, though it may also mean that the charging stations that can do 800V have to connect directly to medium voltage distribution lines from utilities (often 12-13 kV AC) vs typical 480V 3phase which is a typical standard for commercial power.

My Model 3P gets going so fast so fast you hardly have any time to enjoy it before you’re doing 80 onto the freeway

concept concept concept
bla bla bla ….

It’s not just that, car is confirmed for production like the two first EVs from Porsche.

Factories being retooled, billions already invested, these aren’t just concepts.

First Audi e-tron EV already in production since September 2018, see my comment above for details.

The Tesla also has 5 seats (or 7 seats if you get that option). And two trunks.

The new Roadster is going to be a 2+2.

This Audi is obviously a clear two-seater and I bet you they don’t offer much cargo space.

Better read the source article at Autocar. InsideEV wrongly used a CGI from computer game of an Audi Vision GT race car. The actual E-tron GT will have 4/5 seats and is an Audi variant of Porsche Taycan.

Now I see where the confusion is…

As reported by Autocar: “In the most powerful boost mode, the E-tron has a claimed 0-60mph time of 5.5sec, with a top speed of 124mph. By comparison, the rival Tesla Model S P100D has a 0-62mph time of 4.3sec and a 155mph top speed. It is understood that Audi will endeavour to make the E-tron GT beat those figures.”

The P100D offers 0-60 in 2.5 seconds with a speed limited 155 mph. Audi beating a 4.3 sec 0-62 time won’t get anywhere close to the actual P100D sprint to 60. The entry 75D has a 0-60 at 4.2 sec which might be what Audi is actually targeting.

But Audi or Porsche are better off not mentioning Tesla in any of their EV marketing, and should just focus on actually building and EV they can sell that can stand on it’s own. Coming to the EV game 10 years late and trying to beat the leader just shows Audi’s engineering desperation and how overwhelmed they are by Tesla’s engineering accomplishments that just keep coming.

Either Who Cares or Bull Crap.

And again we have another “so what” moment from vaporware inc.

Funny how the GT Audi has full on racing seats etc, whereas the Tesla P100D is still a regular Joe Smith 9-5 lounge on wheels.

Audi and Porche are still measuring performance on an ICEV basis. They will get the shock of their lives when Tesla releases its next-generation vehicles.

The E-tron GT will not have those seats and interior. InsideEV wrongly used a CGI from computer game of an Audi Vision GT race car. The actual E-tron GT will be an Audi variant of Porsche Taycan.

Also, the e-Tron will squarely beat the 2018 Nissan Leaf in the EPA range competition, and any electric scooter in the “number of wheels” category.

With this 2 year-ahead announcement, they’ve just Osborned themselves. Tesla will release a 2.2 sec 0-60 Model S an month before the Audi arrives. Lol

Where do I find a site with real EV fans?

Follow Björn Nyland! He recently showed that you can drive a TESLA P100D on the autobahn at 200 km/h for at least an hour, without heating up he battery! Much more useful to know than 0 to 60 mph in zero+ seconds. Curious to know how all promised VaporWare products will hold up in such a test.

Try Electrive for news.

Talk is cheap


Its funny how non-Tesla car makers talk about how their EVs will be better, someday, than Tesla’s are today. What about tomorrow’s Teslas?