Audi E-Tron GT Super Bowl Commercial Is Dreamy: Video

FEB 3 2019 BY C SMITH 22

An e-tron GT concept is waiting for us in the afterlife. Sort of, anyway.

Audi teased its upcoming 60-second commercial for Super Bowl LIII, and with just a couple days to go before the big game the ad is now live on YouTube. We knew from the teaser that it was going to feature the company’s electric lineup, but now that the commercial is live, that teaser was a bit misleading. It’s okay though, because we totally love the humorous twist.

We say this because the teaser suggested three electric Audis would share the starring automotive role. In reality, the Super Bowl ad only features the e-tron GT concept car, though in the background there are a couple other vehicles under covers. The teaser photo showed the GT concept with the new e-tron SUV and a third car that resembled the PB 18 e-tron concept. Could Audi have a second commercial in the can that its keeping secret until the big game?

“The biggest night in football offers a national platform to share our commitment to electrification while showcasing the future of electric performance with the Audi e-tron GT concept, which Audi anticipates going into production in two years,” said Loren Angelo, vice president of marketing for Audi of America. “Discerning viewers will also notice a cameo by the e-tron SUV, which is scheduled to hit U.S. showrooms in the 2nd quarter of this year.”

Super Bowl LII airs this Sunday on CBS.

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Good ad

Pure genius! LMAO! One of the best ads I’ve seen in a long, long time!

Genius commercial, can’t wait to see it tonight along with others. There’s also a link in the end that takes you to 12 etron youtube videos.

So many opportunities to pun this one.
“Dream on”, “In your dreams”, etc.
“You’re dead wrong”, “you’ll die before you get one”, plenty along that theme.
He was looking at the e-Tron brochure just prior and “choked on the price”.
I love the fact the poor boob is having a near death experience and then he’s bought back to Earth, to the boring mundane job. His look is priceless, just never going to be able to afford that. The message it sends to me is pretty negative rather than a positive one that anyone can get this.
Great to see these ads even if they seem to send the wrong message.

Curious what else, if any, ev will be advertised during SB…

Bud’s windpower ad was good. Might help change perceptions of renewable energy sources: slowly

Texas and Oklahoma account for a vast chunk of wind energy in the US. Wind has the reverse problem of solar – it is quite popular in red states and has trouble in the more nimby blue states. Bud scored a PR coup by powering the Super Bowl as well as the entire city of Atlanta this week using the carbon credits from their Thunder Ranch wind farm in OK (the one pictured in the ad)

There is no problem with wind in blue states…it just happens for mid country states to have more of it. CA has some in the windy areas near Palm Springs.

There is far more offshore wind potential than what the plains have to offer. Yet, every time a reasonable proposal comes through, it is usually Democrat politicians who summer in cape cod who keep killing it because it will ruin their view.

Part of it, but off shore wind is far too expensive still, it isn’t cost effective at all (one of the worst LCOE of any power source).

Being from WY (lots of wind power) and living in IA (lots more wind power), wind power is still not well perceived by red states.

Did you miss the Clarity ad?

Was there one during the Super Bowl? I didn’t notice, maybe missed it.

I wonder if it was local because in the ad the woman that won one from Honda mentioned the “diamond lane” access…

Another Euro point of view

Beginning of this ad is inspired by film the gladiator, by Ridley Scott.

Great ad!


“..commercial concludes by saying one-third of all new Audis will be electric..”

No, it says “electrified”

A man living in cubicle hell, has a near death vision of an electric heaven.

With an Audi etron GT as an aspirational goal, he asipirates a cashew.

Nah, his audi is taken from him by a harsh reality – most people can relate to that


one third of all Audi models will be electrified in 2025… So 6 more years of propaganda and no car for sale right now. getting more than boring.