Audi E-Tron Reservations Soar To 20,000: Deliveries Delayed Again

FEB 14 2019 BY MARK KANE 53

The delay of customer deliveries extends to March

Audi recently demonstrated the e-tron to Winfried Kretschmann, Minister-President of Germany’s federal state of Baden-Württemberg, who said “I am very pleased that the e-tron is now the first purely battery-electric Audi to go into series production and that I can now test drive it. This vehicle is an excellent example of sustainable mobility,”.

By the way of presentations of the e-tron, the German manufacturer said that the customer deliveries in Europe will start in March, which is another delay from previously announced February, and already several months behind the original schedule. In the U.S., first e-trons are expected in the second quarter.

Despite the delay, Audi has good news that more than 20,000 reservations were placed globally, which is two times more than the official number in September 2018.

“The first deliveries to European customers will start in March; more than 20,000 customers worldwide have already made advance reservations for the model.”

As of the end of January, in Germany alone, the number of Audi e-tron registered exceeds 1,000, which gives hopes that when deliveries will finally begin, it will be substantial.

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Wonder if and when the German media reports about these details. Tesla always made the headlines!

The delay to a March 2019 delivery date for the EU countries was known for weeks in the German press. See for example:

Published a full month ago.

The Q2 2019 window for US deliveries didn’t change since the presentation back in 2018 afaik.

It’s here the headline, it’s on electrek, Yahoo news, greencarsreports, … Basically it’s all over the news.

“As of the end of January, in Germany alone, the number of Audi e-tron registered exceeds 1,000 …”, I would have imagined a stronger reservation response from Audi’s homeland. 1,000 seems almost a token response – or is this just me?

The way it’s worded, this would not refer to customer orders, but to the official registrations with the german KBA (DMV-equivalent). So basically cars that drive around in germany with official german numberplates and everything. This would be Audis fleet for different purposes (Davos, show cars, test cars etc.). The way they might have gotten the 1000 car number would be the 407 registrations from january 2019 plus the 528 (dec) and 220 (nov) electric cars registered last year. The latter were at that point not named “E-TRON” in the official files, so some of them might also be other cars (i.e. test vehicles of the next EV), but I think it’s a fair assumption that most of them are e-trons and they would add up to a bit over 1000.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

Where are all those goofs that always say about Tesla and their delays….

“They don’t have enough experience making cars like the big boys so their inexperience shows with delays.”

Or words to that effect………..LMAO

I agree, Audi screwed up. They should have done a better job.

Yep, those smug remarks were not great. However we are speaking of a quarter delay here not like a year or more.

So, a car company 10x bigger… Only a delay of 10% as long as Tesla… OK!
/S 😁

I really challenge you to name the Tesla vehicle that was ten times as delayed as the Audi e-tron.

I can’t tell if you mean Tesla or Audi since the e-tron was supposed to come out in early 2018 if you go by the 2015 concept announcement.

For the record, Tesla said that the Model S would enter mass production in 2012 during its 2009 reveal and it was. Tesla said the Model 3 would debut by the end of 2017 in its 2015 reveal and it debuted in summer 2017. The Model X was supposed to debut in 2014 as announced in 2012, but was indeed delayed to 2015 though so I guess that’s 1 ding on Tesla.

ETron was scheduled to launch in 2018 back in 2015. They didn’t say early as far as I see. If they don’t specify that usually means late. It was pretty much ready at the end of 2018, so right on schedule. Now it is late, but not more than a couple months.

Model 3 didn’t start mass production until almost 2018, and wasn’t even really available for sale until last week of 2017. Remember the NDAs, employees only, and not able to resell those models “bought” most of 2017? Production was rough through most of 1H2018.

Naturally, Tesla received more attention as delays nearly bankrupted the company. Delays in the E-Tron aren’t a big deal. They will annoy a small number of Audi customers.

“Audi will present an electric SUV in early 2018. The e-tron quattro concept provides a concrete foretaste of this,” confirmed Hackenberg, before later revealing, “We will use this car to introduce this technology to a bigger number of customers in the market. We’ll fill one factory [with production].” When asked of the scale of the plant he said, “I won’t tell you about the size of the factory but it’s a lot. It’s not a small one.”

The link only stated that the car will be presented. The launch of a car does not constitute that delivery has begun. Many European manufacturers launch a new car at an auto show with deliveries starting a few months later. It’s common practice for them. Audi was a little late on the launch party and delivery is impacted slightly.

Tesla promised Model 3 deliveries would begin at the end of 2017 and by the end of 2017, over a thousand were delivered. If you want to claim that Tesla didn’t deliver Model 3’s until H2 2018 because only 60,000 or so were delivered, that’s a disingenuous argument. The Model 3 has been the best selling electric vehicle in the US since January 2018. That’s just a single month after they promised to begin deliveries in the reveal. There is no math where that can be called “over a year late.”

If we were using the same standard for the word “delay” as what you just proposed, every single electric vehicle has been “delayed” beyond February 2019 since there aren’t any others that are produced in the same volume that Tesla produced in H1 2018.

The Model 3 hit the market exactly when it was announced to, if not earlier. That’s a fact.

Actually – in late 2016, they said the etron SUV would be in production in 2018 so at least a year late

In production. Etron was started to be produced in summer 2018

This car will be an eye opener for Audi.

When that Cashew dislodges, and it comes popping out, that Audi EV “eye opener”, will be a good thing!

Welcome Home Audi!

Yeah, sadly in a negative way.

Absolutely no negative can come out of this.

And still mainstream media claim there is «no» market for BEVs.. I wonder what impact this will have on e.g Q5 sales?

I don’t expect Audi to push the E-torn too hard. It competes mainly against its more profitable ice siblings. So the dealers will be nudging customers away from the etron.
Let’s hope customers buy all the etron’s and leave the Ice Audi’s unwanted on lots!

That combination would cause some boardroom panic, if e-Tron sales are small, due to production rate, but the ICE versions in large quantities end up not selling! It basically means, no Demand for ICE cars, if that happens!

I don’t think we, the car buying Public, are at that point, yet! But, interesting postulation, in any case!

Agree, but it is still a lose – lose – lose situation for them: if they sell a lot of EVs they don’t make as much profit and kill their ICE sales – if they focus on ICE they will be left behind and lose market share – if they do nothing they automatically lose out.

At least the marketing push they have done in Europe has been extensive. It gives more hope that they will be serious about production and sales too.

I keep getting served ads for it too. I don’t even understand why, if it won’t be on sale in the United States until summer, and most likely starting in CARB states, so it won’t be available in Pennsylvania until September. Do they just want to get me into the local Audi showroom and sell me a Q5 through car salesman jujitsu?

Production hell.

Nope. They have been produced for a while. They had a software issue, hence the delay by a quarter.

So, they have revised their line based on retro engineering a 3 and now they are delayed by software issues? Good job “Tesla Slayer” not so much.

I don’t think your statement is correct. There was an article a few days ago, claiming that the PPE platform was being reviewed based on analyzing the Model 3 cost structure. The source article for this is flimsy and the PPE platform has nothing to do with the etron. The software issue lead to a delay in model registration with authorities.

What I don’t understand with these articles about the Model 3 influencing the PPE platform is why now ?

The Model 3 exists since 18 months. They weren’t able to get one in Europe until now ?

Yes, hence my doubts about the source article

The TM-3 analysis is influencing the PPE platform which will be released in 2022. The current E-Tron-55 is a different platform and was delayed for “software issues” e.g. changes which need to be approved from the German authorities, which is now more difficult after various ‘Diesel-Gate’ software manipulations.

Software is part of production. In fact software is going to be a larger and larger part of vehicles going forward.

software is a part of development not production.

Semantics … You cannot produce a vehicle without a software needed to run the vehicle, can you?

Yes, but you can deliver beta software and fix it later (see Tesla in some areas), you can’t to this if the wheels are missing. To my understanding Audi could have delivered, but the quality was too low to pass their standards (reputation damage could be huge) and they pulled it. As soon as it effects registration relevant areas, it needs to go through regulators again for approval

Are they all sitting in some parking lot somewhere?

Yeah – similar news for another unnamed brand would bring out all of the shorties and haters with their rants.

I think you have enough haters in the comments above. Shorters is a tough one, Audi’s VW AG stock hardly moves on etron news.

Instead all the other shorties and haters are coming out of the woodwork instead. 😉

A few clarifications to put this article into context: The March date was announced more than a month ago, making the headline a bit sensational. Maybe it should be noted that customers are actually placing orders. The reservation holders and non holders can do this in Germany, UK, France, etc (see link below). The 1000 registrations refer to actual cars getting a license plate in Germany for media, testing, dealerships, etc. It likely does not say much about demand in any direction.

Well, 20k is a nice number, but considering that Tesla had over 100k reservations globally in less than ONE DAY, it’s kinda sad, really. I was hoping for better demand.

Those people were hoping for a 35k USD car, and are still largely waiting for it. The etron ist sold at 80k Euros. The comparable Model X sold 100k units in 3 year.

In 2017 they sold 50K and 2018 50K so that would be 100K in 2 years, not 3 years.

Correct, but in the first year post launch only some 15k Model X were sold (source wikipedia). The etron is a newly launched vehicle

How many EVs did Audi sell that first year the model X came out?

The comparable Model X also had 20,000 Reservations, by the time Deliveries began! And back then the big anti Tesla line was: “After those 20,000 are delivered, they won’t sell any more!” Did not work out that way for Tesla, likely won’t for Audi, too! The Marketplace is pretty Big, and not everyone has the same timing!

What! Wait the only inefficient car company with deliveries is Tesla as per haters/shorters

I knew the deliveries will start in March for a long time. I didn’t hear anyone saying February.

Do Not Read Between The Lines


Let’s compare delays. The standard range M3 and the E-Tron.
I was looking to get the SR Model 3, but for almost a year now, Tesla’s website has been advertising that it will be available in 4 to 6 months. The site still says that now.
The E-Tron’s delay. Well we don’t know just how long yet.