Spectacular Aerial Image Shows 4,000 Teslas Ready For Europe

FEB 20 2019 BY MARK KANE 12

Army of electric cars

Elon Musk shared a photo of approximately 4,000 Tesla cars. These cars are loading up in San Francisco with a destination of Europe. We assume that most of those cars are Model 3.

Tesla already shipped some 1,400 Model 3 and 350 Model S to Europe, according to enthusiasts who were at the port of Zeebrugge in Belgium. At this point, we don’t know how many other ships already sent with Model 3 to Europe and to China, but it seems that deliveries are progressing.

We can only imagine that in the very near future, Model 3 sales in Europe will begin to be reported in big volumes. However, the long delays caused by loading and unloading ships and the time spent at sea means that a lot of cars are in transit at any given time now. It’s just not possible to deliver to Europe as quickly as here in the U.S., so we expect overall Model 3 sales to actually decline even if production is increasing.

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Just imagine how efficient the new factories in China and Nevada will be.

Would be fun to see them loading/unloading themselves. One can dream right? 🙂

When Musk was at the port that had 300 charging stations he said that there were 3 ships on route to Europe. I think he also said that each ship would be carrying 3,000 vehicles.

yesterday there was a new ship entering Zeebrugge. they pass every day, with trucks full of m3 on my route to work.

For allegedly circling the bowl any day now, Tesla sure does a good job of projecting the opposite.

I don’t expect q1 sales to be lower. Tesla is focusing on getting cars on ships to Europe, which must pass through the Panama canal, in the first part of the quarter. Tesla will focus on shipping cars to China during the middle of the quarter and then focus on North American deliveries in the last part of the quarter.

Still don’t get why not send it through rail in us then shipped across the Atlantic. It will be much faster

Not faster and more expensive.

Loading and unloading cost more than shipping.

Can you get them from Fremont to the dock in SF without Loading and Unloading? I don’t know railroad track layout and speeds, but would think several days transit time could be eliminated by loading them onto a ship in Houston or New York.
If the long rail trip is not as good as I suspect; rather then transporting them 200 miles north to SF, then ship south past LA, why not transport them straight to Long Beach?

Fremont plant is “around the corner” from the SF dock.

I think people lose sight of or just don’t get how historic Tesla’s production of EV’s is. No one else has yet to make this many of them at high volume and profitably, not even legacy auto who would have to compete with their own ICE sales to seriously compete in the EV space. Images like this really drive it home for me.