ABB Becomes Main Charging Supplier For IONITY

JUL 9 2018 BY MARK KANE 17

IONITY recently opened an ultra-fast charging station with power of up to 350 kW in Switzerland with six ABB Terra HP chargers.

350 kW ABB chargers at IONITY station in Switzerland

In the first installation in Germany, the chargers were supplied by Tritium, but according to the press release – after the first pilot installations, ABB has been selected as the main technology partner and supplier for charging systems by IONITY. It could mean that we will see more of those high-power ABB units at IONITY stations in the future.

Also in the U.S., ABB grabbed a decent order for the Electrify America network. The Swiss company already delivered some 7,000 DC fast chargers for cars/busses.

The new station in Switzerland is located in Neuenkirch on the A2 motorway. It’s of course equipped with liquid-cooled cables (CCS Combo standard plug). The site was planned, engineered and built by Alpiq.

By 2020, IONITY intends to have a network of 400 ultra-fast charging stations. It’s said that there will be a significant initial roll-out already by the end of 2018.

350 kW ABB chargers at IONITY station in Switzerland

“Michael Hajesch, Managing Director at IONITY, said he is “glad to have a strong and international technology partner with ABB to drive e-Mobility to the next level across Europe”.

Frank Muehlon, Managing Director for electric vehicle charging infrastructure at ABB added: “This is a truly landmark European launch and one which we are honored to have been chosen to support, particularly with the first pilot site opening in ABB’s home country of Switzerland. We already have approximately 7,000 connected, DC fast charging stations installed worldwide and with this launch we are delighted to be partnering with IONITY to bring high-performance, sustainable e-mobility to the masses across Europe.“

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RIP Chademo?

That has been Europe’s intention for quite some time. However, CHAdeMO won’t go away any time soon.

It will have a prosperous future in Japan.

And whatever other markets that Nissan is willing to get a jump into, especially in developing countries.

There will still be more than 100 stations using Tritium as a supplier. I think it is beneficial to have multiple players. After all the prices need to be driven down. I’m confident that charging stations will get really cheap as soon as they are made at scale. At the moment they are nearly 100% assembled by hand.

Well, it’s a small volume product. I don’t think automation can do much for the cost?

I think it can. Surely there is demand of a couple of 1000 of the 350kW CCS chargers. Once they have a couple of longer term contracts in they can start ordering larger amounts of things like the enclosure and other parts. At the moment all these are built like one of’s. There are certainly a lot of parts that can become stamped instead of laser cut and injection molded instead of machined. It is just important that there is pressure on the price and long term future for the product.

My guess is that the cost of the actual chargers is rather small compared to the cost of installing and connecting them?…

Besides from building the parking spaces installing them isn’t any more expensive than putting up street lighting.

It is just with this small scale the enclosure is being made with a manual sheet metal brake and some guy in a spray booth puts the coats on ect.
The wire harnesses are probably being made by some women sitting at a table instead of a robotic manufacturing line ect. If you make a thousand or so of these a year a lot of this gets a lot cheaper.

I don’t know the costs of putting up street lighting; but a powerful charger needs a powerful grid connection, which is undoubtedly much more expensive to install than what street lighting needs…

Nice how they are posing in front of the BP dino juice station… 😛

Another new announcement of 350KW/800V capable chargers and still ZERO end to end demo of a Porsche Tycan/E-Mission mokup charging in 15mn on any of them. What are they hiding here ????

you do realise that the car hasn’t been officially revealed or launched?

I would imagine that IONITY is hiding nothing since it’s Porsche that’s building the car…

Well, ABB is half Swedish acctually! (Angry Swede :p)

should call it ABBA to make it more clear

Headquarters are in Switzerland though, which is what people most commonly go by…