With 55 Referrals, This Tesla Model S Owner Wins Free Next-Gen Roadster


“Owning a Tesla is just about being better than everyone else…” – Ben Sullins – Tesla parody video

Want a free next-generation Tesla Roadster? You need only refer 55 Tesla buyers and that freebie could be yours.

That’s what we’ve learned from Ben Sullins of Teslanomics fame.

Sullins, a Model S owner, says he’s now referred 55 Tesla buyers, which unlocked a very special freebie for him: a next-generation Tesla Roadster (render below):

Next-Gen Tesla Roadster Render By Jan Preisert

At 5 referrals, Tesla owners unlock a secret level, which reportedly includes the ability to buy a next-gen Roadster at 100% discount with 55 referrals, plus other “amazing adventures money can’t buy.” The actual wording from the secret level reads:

“You’ve unlocked the first secret level. Refer 5 more friends for the ability to purchase a Founder’s Series next gen Roadster at a 10% discount. Unlock new levels with every 5 referrals for an additional 2% off per referral and amazing adventures that money can’t buy.”

Sullins is believed to be the first to hit 55 referrals, so he’ll get first crack at the free next-gen Roadster.

Additionally, Sullins has won other prizes along the way, those include:

  • Opportunity to drive The Boring Company’s tunneling machine
  • Invite to Tesla’s upcoming Semi truck unveiling event

Amazing prizes for sure, but we should point out that Sullins’ 55 referrals have netted Tesla some $5,000,000 in sales, so it’s not like he undeserving. Oh and Sullins puts out some very informative Tesla pieces on YouTube, so there’s that too.

For your viewing pleasure, we’ve posted below a previous Sullins Tesla parody video that will surely make you laugh.

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5 Referrals, just to enter the Club, then 50 more to have ‘Plaid’ for Free (In your New, but yet to really be shown, Tesla Roadster)!

Assuming $100K for new roadster, each referral is worth about $2K. It’s almost like paying a salesman at the dealership (or Tesla store) to sell cars, except you don’t have to pay them so much if they don’t meet the quota.

Tesla was warned by the CA DMV in 2015 that their referral program violated CA law: http://www.sacbee.com/news/business/article39309483.html

Tesla obviously didn’t heed the warning, so the CA DMV is now reviewing a complaint that Tesla violated CA’s bird dogging laws: http://www.autonews.com/article/20170908/OEM/170909790/tesla-referral-programs-draw-new-round-of-complaints-from-calif.

Tesla’s defense to the blatant violations is basically a “…Come on!” and a shrug of the shoulders. Hopefully the DMV will slap them with some tangible sanctions.

btw, if you think a Founder’s edition roadster will only go for $100k, you are smoking crack.

“if you think a Founder’s edition roadster will only go for $100k, you are smoking crack.”


Yes, more like $200k

“Tesla’s defense to the blatant violations is basically a ‘…Come on!’ and a shrug of the shoulders.”

Is that really the best a serial anti-Tesla FUDster can come up with? Seriously, who the f**k cares?

“Hopefully the DMV will slap them with some tangible sanctions.”

Oh, why waste time with that? Just give ’em a rope necktie and string ’em up to the nearest tree! Surely they deserve at least a lynching for wandering into a gray area regarding obscure laws regulating real estate sales! 🙄

P.S. — You must be really fun at parties, Bro1999. 🙄

While I know debating you would be as productive as slamming my head against a wall, I’ll play the game anyways.

Where is the FUD, you troll?
FACT: Tesla was warned by the CA DMV that their referral program violated state laws.
FACT: The DMV is investigating Tesla for complaints the company is still violating state laws with its current referral program.

All you scream is “FUD FUD FUD” like some robot stuck in an infinite loop of stupidity.

There was NO Fear, Uncertainty nor Doubt in sighting actual news stories about dealers.

In Socialist Republic of California, I can see why they’d be all upset at Tesla. But frankly, there’s really nothing wrong with what Tesla’s doing. I wish other carmakers do the same; maybe I’d qualify for free SparkEV, LOL.

California is not “socialist” but nice try at distortion.

If not socialists, why would CA be so upset at Tesla for trying to sell their product the best way they know how? It’s just like dealer networks buying politicians to impede Tesla in other socialist states like MI.

Dealers are fascist all across the country.

Why oh why, fellow EV advocate? The FUD wasn’t the company MAY be violating state law, as is the current complaint, the FUD is YOUR absolute certainty that they have and having thus convicted them, your plaintive hope that they incur some form of sanction!

As I have iterated before, as TMC seem to have some push with Tesla and you comment there from time to time, perhaps you should present your concerns(exactly as worded here) on that forum.

“In his letter to Musk, Frank Alvarez, chief of DMV’s Investigations Division, said the Tesla program “violates California laws.” He described the Tesla offer as “a practice commonly referred to in the vehicle sales industry as offering ‘bird dog fees.’ ” Alvarez goes on to allege specific violations, citing the California Automobile Sales Finance Act, which says it is “unlawful for any seller to induce or attempt to induce any person to enter into a contract subject to this chapter by offering a rebate, discount, commission, or other consideration, contingent upon the happening of a future event, on the condition that the buyer either sells, or gives information or assistance for the purpose leading to a sale by the seller of, the same or related goods.” The letter also alleges multiple Vehicle Code violations, including a person acting as a vehicle salesperson without a valid DMV license or temporary permit. The letter notes: “This is a written warning. The violations must be corrected. Any repetition of the violations may result in an administrative accusation being filed against your corporation’s manufacturer and dealer licenses, and referral of the matter to prosecutors without further warning.” DMV said plain and simple that Tesla… Read more »

Looks pretty dense. Best left to lawyers.

CA believes the law says X, Tesla disagrees. Next up: legal process. 🙂

I Find Zer0 Humor in this Video, Senseless Useless filler. Never thought Ben Was capable of producing such Nonsense…It’s Not You Ben!

I thought Ben’s video was good parody, and I really enjoyed it.

Humor can be a subtle thing, and what is funny to some is not to others.


So much for Tesla stopping the phony YouTube “friends” referrals.

Chárlie Partington Foxes Hayes

I say, you chaps get rather hot under the collar. It’s only a bloody car for gods sake.

And you have too many names, chap

Seems pretty friggin generous. So generous that I would gladly pay someone $1k to use me as their referral 😀

Some person around town has been putting up little card holders with their referral ID.

It will be a Convertible, not a Roadster!

I am just saying!!

Congratulations. This guy is a superb car salesman. He seems to be young enough to wait 10 years for the car to be delivered!!

Don’t ever do stand-up because you are far from funny.

Congrats…..but for the LUVVAGAWD, it is Tesssssssla with an S……NOT TEZLA. There is no Z! Drives me freaking nuts!

Love is not in the air tonight,it’s too bad people don’t know how much effort and time Ben puts in to his show.