Here’s Why Grid-Down Preppers Should Buy Electric Cars: Video


Are EVs right for preppers?

The end is near. Will you survive if you own an electric car? For preppers, the end is always right around the corner. Therefore, you should be ready to bug out in the post-collapse world.

Would you better off in an electric car in such a situation. Or is gas the answer? Maybe some other means of transport entirely? Like, say a bicycle.

With the rise of Rivian and its rugged R1T and R1S electric off-roaders, there’s seem to be a new interest in electric vehicles among preppers and for good reason. Most noteworthy, EVs don’t rely on gasoline, which in a grid-down scenario, becomes scarce immediately. Additionally, EVs can be charged by the sun.

Tesla Pickup Expedition (Source: Jest Me Living)

Yes, there are other concerns in regards to an EV without electrical grid support, but the benefits seem to outweigh to downsides. Furthermore, electric cars in cold weather are discussed in the video here too.

Here’s a simple definition of a prepper for those who may not be in the know:

Survivalism is a primarily American movement of individuals or groups (called survivalists or preppers) who actively prepare for emergencies, including possible disruptions in social or political order, on scales from local to international.

Press play in the video above to find out the advantages to owning an electric car if/when the grid-down disaster strikes. Certainly, it’s worth your time, considering what might lie ahead.

Video description:

I discuss some benefits of having an electric vehicle in a grid down disaster scenario and some drawbacks!

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The lady sleeping while driving is NOT good for promoting EVs,
,in Tesla the driver must always hold the steering wheel even on AP !

Btw EV asisted bike might be even better in some situations..

Also if theres not enough sunshine to use solar panels Id recomend this Vertical wind generator which starts charging at much lower speeds making it the most eficient in the world..

Uh…What on wheels?

“Preppers” ? I far prefer Preventers, Preemptors.
It’s Egotist v Altruism. Far more of the latter is urgently required.
We need to do everything in our power to get preventative solutions into the realworld now rather than doing nothing, allowing Armageddon to happen then trying to survive and look after Numero Uno when it’s too friggin late.
Paul G

You do that Paul. Meanwhile, as the world goes to hell in a handbasket, I’ll keep preparing. 😁

‘preppers’ seems to me more like ‘Preppy’ as in went to a Prep-School.
Some of us went to schools that were at the opposite end of the spectrum from a Prep-School.
Can’t we ‘be prepared’ which is of course the Scouts motto?

I’m not against this way of thinking however I believe it’s too far gone and the ones that would come together under this way off thinking are too few and far separated. I’m not against a group either but when you’ve got everyone on this egotistical selfish ignorant mindset it leaves very little to be trusted. Just my opinion

For someone doing a video intended to inform views, he really should have done a little more research, 500 miles? maybe at 30mph. Solar charging is highly viable, average system size in my town is around 5kW AC, so a potential 50kWh in 10 hours.

To be fair 30mph is probablynrealistic in a preppier scenario…you do not want to be barreling down the highway at high speeds hitting burnt our cars, highwayman blockades, and zombie mobs!

Have you even seen the size of those solar panels let alone the cost couple that with the ev cost. Um yea not even


What, did the survivalists get tired of people making fun of them, and decide to re-name themselves? Of course that never works, because changing the label doesn’t change the reality.

Assault and Preppers?

Wouldn’t a PHEV be ideal in this secenario? Hedge you bets in terms of what energy would be available

The artist has omitted to show the trailer containing a 100hp Generator set… (sic) 🙂

I thought of the same thing.

The counterargument is that PHEVs have a lot of onboard equipment to maintain.

Perhaps the breakdown would be that a PHEV would be better for the short term (more fuel types => more options), but worse long term (more difficult to maintain).

What woyld you do then if an EMP bomb or SME strikes… Disabling all electeonics! And ecars!

And pretty much all cars after the 1960s!

Car Talk once took a call from someone whose engine would shut down whenever she drove down a particular road.

Turned out she was driving past a military base with enormous radars which interfered with her ECU.

I haven’t heard of this happening in the last 20 years or so (and she had an old car with EFI St the time of the call), so perhaps newer cars have some shielding built in. Most consumer electronics has some radiation protection in order to deal with x-ray scanners.

The question is: how much protection do these devices have? There’s definitely some protection, I just don’t know how it would stack up compared to an EMP. Probably depends on how cloose you would be to such an event.

Exactly and good luck finding one in decent enough shape and affordable that someone wants to sell even

A robust car with as little electronics as possible, a little generator, some solar cells, something to clean water and hunt, lots of food.

Modern cars will not be any good in these kind of scenarios, especially EVs.
After some time you will have some kind of error and will not be able to fix it on your own.
If you use any Tesla the vampire drain will be higher than the energy you can harvest by solar on your car for most time of the year.

Not if you have a real solar roof with 15-20 kW. Even on cloudy days you will still pull in 20-25 kWhs a day which would give you 100 miles of range. With the latest Model 3 software there is maybe a 2% daily vampire drain in cold weather so maybe 2 kWhs a day. But what you are correct about is that any technology, cars included, have a life expectancy. If civilization really did go south bad enough then all of these discussions are a waste of time anyway since after a couple of decades most will be living on stone age technology to survive. Even parts for a 1950s ICE will be limited and hard to find and will wear out eventually, not to mention gasoline will go stale and unless you have your own hand pumped or donkey powered oil derrick and home refinery lab any car will be worthless in a couple of decades. Then you have stuff like hoses and tires that you won’t be able to make yourself when they wear out in short order. The best solution would be a 1 hp ungulate. Preferably a number of them so you can make more… Read more »
Do Not Read Between The Lines

Gasoline won’t go stale. I saw it on The Walking Dead.

LOL. Or any movie or tv show for that matter.

EMP fries circuits by inducing large voltages and currents. I wonder if there is a vehicle, maybe some kind of electric vehicle, that is designed and built to handle large voltages and currents?

although an electric motorcycle is a good option, i agree that an EMP will render it useless. too bad as i ride one, but an ebike is a much smaller battery AND can be removed and put into a faraday cage. Hell you could set up a place to park the entire ebike that is a faraday cage. That would work, it would charge quickly off minimal solar, and it would be the most convenient option.

Imho definitely the complete opposite way of thinking you should be setting a goal for. Although I’m sure everyone’s got their minds made up as this whole thing has become franchised as a means of consumerism. Congratulations

What about an EMP? Must provide for shielding to prevent system failure if exposed to EMP, whether natural or man-made…