Watch All-New 2020 Kia Soul EV Get Fully Charged


How the paddles affect regen is especially interesting.

With all the attention the Kia Niro EV (also known as the e-Niro in some markets) and its corporate cousin, the Hyundai Kona Electric,  have been getting, it’s easy to forget there’s a third compelling electric vehicle coming soon from South Korea: the 2020 Kia Soul EV. Well, it recently spent a bit of time in the spotlight at the LA Auto Show. Happily, Fully Charged was there and now reminds us about this awesome electric option.

Host Jonny Smith takes us around the completely updated compact box. Despite being totally refreshed — it will share the same platform as the Niro and Kona — the new design keeps the soul of the Soul. It may sport an updated look and is slightly larger, but it is still easily identifiable.

The driving experience too, in the electric variant at least, should be a huge leap over the version that has sold more than 100,000 copies in each of the last eight years of its ten-year run. With the same 201-horsepower motor as its larger Niro EV stablemate, it will be especially competitive in the traffic light Gran Prix. And, compared with the original Soul EV, its range will be massively improved. That electrified Soul has a 30 kWh battery and is EPA-range rated for 111 miles, while the 2020 edition will sport a 64-kWh pack (a 39-kWh battery option will be available outside of North America) and likely go over 250 miles on a charge. Comfortably!

If you haven’t already, go ahead and hit play on the video above. There are lots of cool details mentioned in the report, which may help you with future buying decisions. Enjoy!

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Often overlooked, the Kia Soul was always an impressive electric car. It looks like this is set to change. The 2019 version with an estimated 280+ (WLTP) range is a massive step change. We’re looking forward to seeing the official WLTP stats from KIA as soon as possible.

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Are they really using NCM 811 as the video says? This would make it the first production car with these chemistry.

Was supposed to come in the e-Niro too, but keeps getting postponed… so i wouldn’t hold my breath.

It appears that Kia intends to limit production for sale in the U.S. just as they have done with the old Soul EV. Selling under 1200 units in the U.S. for 2018 is the very definition of a compliance car.

We can hope that Kia and Hyundai build more of these and not just for CARB EV compliance states. But history suggests that this will not change in the near future.

Kia is rapidly expanding models for broad appeal, even if the cars are all about the same. Niro, Kona, Soul all with the same 64 kWh pack. Not a bad idea. This is what I thought GM was going to do with the Bolt EV, but they aren’t moving fast.

You can find the Kia posted 0 – 62.1 mph speed here ->

It would be amazing if Kia would build at least 100,000 Soul EV per year. I am sure, even if the Soul went all-electric(discontinuing the gas one), demand would stay the same or increase.

Not sure… It’s a bit of a niche design. With all the other interesting options available/coming with broader appeal, 100,000 per year might be a stretch for this one.

Niche design??? The ICE version of the Soul has sold over 100,000 per year in the US alone since 2011. Wouldn’t call that a niche design.

Huh? I thought that was a global figure?…

Here in Germany at least, the Soul is a rare sight. Considering the unusual form factor and weird design, I’m surprised it would see mainstream sales figures anywhere…

And we likely see a few 100 on the road, while driving from Toronto to Orlando! Easy to spot, for sure!

Considering the EV Soul now has 50% More torque than the Performance Turbo – it is really their new Poket Rocket 2 Box car.

Now, if they could make an insert to make it a light weight camper!

Glad that Kia in general is putting very decent 64 kwh batteries in the Soul ev’s. And they’ll probably price it right. GM better watch it that they don’t fall too far behind.