All-New 2020 Kia Soul Electric Spotted In New Colors


More hues for yous.

When it debuted in LA, the all-new Kia Soul EV was seen in just a color or two, but now we get to see the long-range electric in a plethora of new hues.

These new images, captured at the Kia Irvine site, show us what the Soul EV looks like in colors other than that neon green. There’s a graphite Soul EV with a tan roof. A black version with a red roof and more. Take a peek at the images below and let us know which Soul moves yours.

Here’s some background on the 2020 Soul EV:

The next generation Kia Soul EV celebrated its world premiere at the 2018 Los Angeles Auto Show. One of the most upbeat urban compact crossovers is back with even more appeal & upgrades. The vehicle will be powered by a next-generation, state-of-the-art liquid-cooled lithium-ion polymer 64 kWh battery. That’s the same as what’s found in the Kia Niro EV, which goes some 301 miles per charge (WLTP) or an estimated 260 miles EPA.

Considering that the current Soul EV, with its 30-kWh battery pack, is EPA-rated at 111 miles, we figure this 2020 Soul EV, with 64-kWh on board, will travel close to 240 miles per charge, maybe even more. Sadly, since its Kia, this will be a limited offering in the U.S., so availability will be an issue.

The 2020 Kia Soul EV is set to utilize a 201 horsepower electric motor, delivering 291 lb-ft of torque. However, the new battery is currently being tested to ascertain precise EPA-estimated range. Results are expected early in 2019 and will be announced at a later date.

***Hat tip to Kevin Anderson for providing us with these new Soul EV images!

Kia Soul EV In New Colors

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Kia Soul EV Debut Photos – LA

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This is in stock at a Kia dealer in California?

Probably just press cars. There’s a Kia dealership in Irvine, CA but I’m guessing they’re talking about the Kia Motors America offices also in Irvine, CA.

That makes more sense, thanks.

That boxy shape is not getting 260 EPA miles. e-Niro is getting 258 and Kona EV is getting 239. I’m betting the updated Soul EV is going to land around 220 +/- 5 miles.

In temps of 15 deg C and higher my Soul (30kWh) will do 130 miles so see no reason at more than double the capacity it won’t get around 250 miles.
At freezing I can maybe get 95 miles. So around 200 miles for the new one?

Do we know what the weight of the new Soul is compared to the Kona and Niro? Also although it’s definitely boxier than the other two, we don’t know its drag coefficient is compared to the other two.


Any idea about the drag?

It’s lower to ground vs the high rider siblings, no reason it can’t do that! I disagree! And it’s Alex on Autos choice! There must be a good reason, maybe more inexpensive?

Being lower to the ground probably helps reduce the drag.

I believe you have the ranges reversed on the Niro and Kona. Kona gets 258 miles.

The new Soul will be available in the vampire scheme (black + red)…?

Excuse me while I drool all over my keyboard and try to figure out how to get my wife to replace her Rogue with one of these…

I’ve got the 2017 in Black and red, and might even get it again in 2020

Give your rogue to the aqmd to crush, donate it to charity, or u can always torch it

All I want to know is where are the Hamsters, Soul is a well proven platform and a natural EV….like the blue but where I live eggshell white would be better.

They look half asleep.