2018 Outlander PHEV Now Listed On Mitsubishi’s U.S. Site – Build Your Own


Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV U.S.

The Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV is coming to the U.S. soon.

Yes, we’ve all heard that statement multiple times in the past (we count about ~seven times) and have grown hesitant to believe it, but now it seems like it is really happening.

Just the other day, Mitsubishi’s U.S. website listed the Outlander PHEV among its offerings. This critical step that comes before selling the vehicle has never happened in the past, so perhaps we are to believe it’s actually coming this time around.

Previously we reported on U.S. pricing for the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV:

“The world’s first plug-in hybrid crossover and the best-selling PHEV in Europe is coming to America. The all-new 2018 Mitsubishi Outlander Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV) will arrive in dealerships in December 2017 starting at the MSRP of $34,595.”

But now there’s more info available based on trim:

Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV U.S.

We maxed out (build your own here) an Outlander PHEV and it still checks in at a reasonable price of $47,855:

Maxed Out Outlander PHEV

We’ve gathered a whole slew of screen grabs from the Outlander PHEV U.S. page for your enjoyment and for proof it’s listed (you know, just in case it vanishes in the next couple of days).

Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV U.S.

Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV U.S.

Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV U.S.

While there’s still no official EPA data on the vehicle, we’re hopeful that gets released soon. If it does, then this time Mitsubishi will actually make good on it’s promise from almost half a decade ago.

Here are EPA estimates, though they are just that…estimates, provided by the automaker.

Hat to to ericonline!

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Great News! This may very well be my next vehicle purchase as it is much cheaper than the Volvo XC60 PHEV and would seem to have more electric range and get better gas mileage when burning dead dinosaurs. Gotta test drive one, but I’m pretty hopeful.

And without further,further,further,further adue.

MItsu web page unresponsive.
That’s how you sell them.

It’s a nice offering, but their MPG once the battery is depleted is a bummer. The Subaru Forester, in contrast, gets around 32MPG highway.

Still, at 25 miles EV range this can displace a ton of gasoline. I hope they sell well!

For some reason the Mitsubishi New Zealand rated the outlander plug in really low for towing at 750kg un-braked /braked.

Other countries (like Australia, and the UK have 750kg un-braked / 1500kg Breaked.

The USA will almost certainty get the full 1500kg rating.

Hi Scott, yes you are correct due to New Zealand’s hilly country side you must engage the tow option sooner to tow the 1500kg limit. On flat land it is still 750kg unbraked and 1500kg braked.

Wow. The Outlander PHEV may finally show up.
Does this mean EEStor might deliver as well?

If EEstor was available in the U.K., for the last many years like the Outlander PHEV, then there would be a silver lining to your hilarious EEstory!

William, don’t tell me that you believe that there is a real world outside the States? It is well known that the world ends a few miles into the Atlantic Ocean!
Seriously, though, I see your point.
But waiting for the Outlander here in the US has been kind of like waiting for Godot.

we had a European-Spec model at our plug-in owners meeting on Thursday. It’s really nice… a true GM killer… too bad nothing became of the lead they had with Volt.

And here I thought you were always pro Toyota, when in fact you’re also anti-GM.

That explains a lot.

Pointing out “over promise” is not anti-GM. It’s setting realistic expectations. Allowing others to enable that misleading is not acceptable. Why no comment about what was actually posted?

Where is that plug-in SUV everyone has been hoping for from GM for so many years?

Hey, at least he admitted that GM had a lead with the Volt. The only problem is that he probably won’t admit that the car that beat the Volt was also from GM, the Bolt. It may be popular to believe that the Prime is besting the Volt, but you have to ask if that would still be true if there were no Bolt.

OTOH, GM would be making more of a killing now if they had beaten Mitsubishi to market with a AWD voltec SUV. Something like a traverse or equinox. Mitsubishi certainly gave them plenty of chances. Sadly, GM didn’t take it. Too bad since I’d have been more inclined to get a voltec SUV than the Outlander, since it’d have been superior. Oh well, c’est la vie.

Finally, at long last!
The US gets to actually drive this large spacious affordable plugin vehicle, after only how many years, of watching the U.K. get to enjoy this quality ride?

Did you actually use quality and Mitsubishi in the same sentence?? That has got to be a first. I think you must have this mistaken for another Japanese company.

Ok, found FORD CEO James Hackett.
Don’t be jelly.

But, what about the long warranty period?

That, and all of the actual U.K. testimonials of cheeky satisfied Outlander PHEV customers?

It’s hard to actually argue your point (well taken), with my rhetorical questions. Oh well.

From what I’ve read, Mitsubishi mostly broke its low quality image with the Outlander PHEV in the UK, European and Australian markets. Still, we’ll see how it goes here since North American folks are a bit more fickle over quality.

Could it be? Is it finally happening? Flying pigs are ice skating in hell right now!

Lol, that is how I feel too. This was my planned vehicle after my LEAF lease was ending ( 3.5 yeas ago).

Too close to Model 3 now and my wife gave up on having one.

No kidding right? Yeah, it was one of the ones on my list a few years ago when I first started looking… along with the Rav 4 EV. But I had no access to either of them!

The Spark EV held me over until I got the Bolt. It has filled my needs far better than either of those cars would have anyways.

But I’m stoked that the outlander is finally coming. 😀

EPA data are buried in the specs, under fuel economy:
22 mile ev range, 310 mile total range, 74 MPGe, 25 MPG


That could well be the ultimate numbers on range, but the “EPA estimate” disclaimer is still there…the actual data has yet to be officially released.

I’m seriously hoping for a surprise bump in both range and Hybrid mode mpg. That mpg rating is only slightly better than what we get in the Toyota Highlander that we frequently rent when we need something bigger. I expected range in the 20s but I figured on mpg on par with the Pacifica.

I think 22 miles is essentially what we were expecting all along. I was sort of hoping that after all of these years maybe they would have moved to a newer battery cell like everyone else, and thus maybe able to push it up to at least 30 miles? However, even 22 miles easily beats the other PHEV SUVs out there.

A real step-forward in plug-in options. Towing capacity!

Anyone know what 12 kWh computes to for the Tax Credit? ~$5k I think.

$5836 according to the first image.

looks like thats up to 5836 with both state and fed tax breaks. We dont have one in FL. I’d like to know what just the Fed tax break is…

“, the credit is equal to $2,500 plus, for a vehicle which draws propulsion energy from a battery with at least 5 kilowatt hours of capacity, $417, plus an additional $417 for each kilowatt hour of battery capacity in excess of 5 kilowatt hours.”

$2500 + (7kWh x $417) = $5419

$5419 + $417 = $5836 fed tax credit.

Your calculated amount is exactly what’s shown on fueleconomy.gov


But what are the chances of getting one of these delivered by the end of the month? If the current tax bill becomes law, won’t the federal tax credit dissappear at midnight on 12/32/17?


Chances of getting one prior to end of year are probably 0 for almost everyone in the US.

I’ve lost track of whether the tax credit is included or removed from the latest “draft”. Hopefully, automakers will prevail and congress will keep the tax credit.

Last I heard the credit was still in the senate version but who knows if it will survive reconciliation. Also at question is the implementation. One bill takes effect for the 2018 tax year, while the other takes effect for the 2019 tax year.

If $7,500 caps out at 16 kWh then I estimated $5,625 for 12 kWh


This is great news. Now let’s hope Mitsubishi actually manufactures enough to meet demand across the entire USA and not just in compliance States.

The Pacifica Hybrid seems more compelling to me.


And a sunroof option on the Outlander too!

Pacifica has a panoramic sunroof option.

That’s the only reason why I’m even seriously considering the Outlander. That and the fact the the Pacifica is a Chrysler.

Frankly, I’m not impressed. This design is several years old already. 25 MPG on ICE and 22 miles on battery is not very good for a vehicle like this. If this vehicle was available in 2014 I would own one already. I’ve waited this long and I’ll wait a little longer for something newer and better.

Me neither. What’s the big deal? A whopping 22 miles of electric driving, then 25 mpg? Pretty lame IMO. If you buy this, you’re buying old tech, but I guess that doesn’t matter much since it seems most are now locked into the perpetual car payment for life leasing schemes. Rent the Outlander now and when the lease is up, maybe the Model Y will be trickling out by then.

Or better yet, do what I did when I couldn’t wait any more. Buy a RAV4 Hybrid. It tows more, has more cargo room, 35 MPG, and my 2016 has many of the features of the 40k outlander. MSRP on the 18’s are $27,xxx

How is that the same? You drive a gasser, this can be driven on electric. It would cover my entire commute and at least half for most people. Sure they could have updated the battery a bit but we have no cheap options at this time in this segment so this is welcomed.

If it works for you, fine. RAV4 Hybrid works better for me with a 70 mile commute. With either vehicle I’d be using 2 gallons a day. With the Outlander I’d have the added expense of plugging in. RAV4 costs 8k less. Even figuring tax credit it’s still 2-3k less. Adding to the equation is more towing, more cargo room with rear seats up, Toyota’s reputation for quality and resale value. Like I said, if the Outlander was available here in 2014 I would have purchased one. The vehicle has had only minor improvements in 4 years and I think there are better options on the horizon.

It impressively beats Toyota and Honda’s in the same class.

22miles on battery is BS. I just own one and my battery says 2miles left. While just driving and coasting that car drove 10miles more and it still says 2 miles left. The motor charge from time to time plus regenerative breaking. I did not drop the miles of my gas too.

Anyone know why the towing capacity of the US model is so much lower than the UK? The UK lists towing at 1500kg, while the US is only 1500lb. That’s about half the towing capacity.

I was wondering about this too.
Any explanation?

Different regulations. Similarly a Honda Covic has a 1000lb rowing capacity in Europe but no towing capacity in the states.

Ahhh, Ok. This is the first time I’ve ever compared vehicles across regions (been waiting years for this PHEV, so been obsessing over the UK specs).
After your comment, I found this article which gives some science to the tow regulations: https://oppositelock.kinja.com/tow-me-down-1609112611/1609771499/+ballaban

Thanks, Clarkson!

Yep, this kills it for me. 🙁

Looks like I need to keep putting miles on my ICE van when towing. Very disappointing.

That kills it for me. Needed 1500kg towing. Pacifica would be better except they don’t allow towing at all.

Earlier InsideEVs article reported it as 1500kg.

Very disappointing. Looks like the only electric tow vehicle available in the US is the model x with its 5000 lb tow rating. Tesla is the only maker not afraid to benefit from electric torque and make a good tow vehicle.

10 year/100k mile power train but also a 5/year, 60k bumper to bumper warranty…Wonder what the lease deals will be along with lease mileage cap…

i agree RAV4 HYBRID, yet i like 1500 watt ac power outlet. i have a 2017 kia soul ev. its great also have a kia soul ice. makes no sense to have 2 cars yet at $ 188 a month for the ev i drive it for free plus insurance. lease an ev only way to do it. no residual to be concern about. give it back in 3 yrs and do it again !

Yes, finally an automaker provided an offering that matches the EV Extend kit available for the Volt!

Hopefully more follow suit.

I got a chance to see the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV at a private event this week in Minnesota from a dealer who was doing some extended testing. It is, honestly, a fine PHEV. I also feel it is affordable, and it has a couple features I appreciate, such as the ability to pre-heat the vehicle through the power cable and its advanced steering functions which are pretty good for an ICE. The presentation was exceptionally thorough. It truly was a spectacular event with dealer sales reps from Chevrolet and Mitsubishi, and someone very special from Tesla.

Anyone can attend those meetings… https://www.pluginconnect.com/mnpevowners.html

It will be interesting to see how they grow as the variety of plug-in choices widen. 2018 is setting up to be quite a year for that too.

Minneapolis Autoshow will be quite remarkable for plug-in promotion. The room we have will likely be very popular and the drive-event an eye-opener for those seeing plug-ins for the first time.

True that, you were there, I sat right next to you! It wasn’t open to the news media, or I would have called it public.

At least with older models that preheating with external power is not exactly true. It will use battery power and as the SoC lowers it begins to charge the battery.
This means when you start your drive without giving it some time after the preheating ends your SoC will be a bit lower than 100%.

It was called out and discussed in specific. The presenter has been testing the vehicle for weeks.

Too late. I bought a fusion phev. Got tired of waiting.

Not a fan of Ford but that car does look pretty good.

carefull of what you wish for …

the outlander is more of an extended range EV (like an i3 or volt) than a plug-in hybrid (lexus, X5 or Volvo xc90)

for us Europeans, with our high tax fuel prices, and a few government incentives, it is so much cheaper in running costs than a traditional fossil car


but it can lead to funny urges, and wanting things that can even further and faster, and on electric only ….

after two and a half years of dirt cheap, go anywhere motoring, I had a week moment and I have ordered a model X

Thanks for the feedback on the Outlander PHEV and Congrats on the Model X!

Mine is supposedly arriving at the dealership in NY on January 1st.. I heard from someone in CA that they had the same delivery date as well.