2016 Toyota Prius/Prius Prime Crash Test Videos


Toyota Prius Prime

Toyota Prius Prime

While awaiting the Toyota Prius Prime late this year, which could become one of the best selling plug-in hybrids in 2017 with a target of 60,000 annually, we came across these videos from crash tests of the hybrid version, which also are included as part of the Prius Prime safety evaluation (see evaluation labeling below) as they share the same structure.

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety rated the car as Good overall, and it’s the safest Prius ever according to the detailed table.

“Good” rating in all categories translated to the  2016 TOP SAFETY PICK+ from IIHS.

The Prius Prime being slightly heavier, and also reinforced by larger battery, should show up as recommended when the model debuts in the US this Fall.

2016 Toyota Prius - Insurance Institute for Highway Safety rating

2016 Toyota Prius – Insurance Institute for Highway Safety rating

NHTSA on the other hand rated new Prius at five stars, despite not all tests were five stars:

2016 Toyota Prius - NHTSA rating

2016 Toyota Prius – NHTSA rating

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The thing I don’t get about the side impact test is that the sled they use doesn’t seem like it would have as much mass as a regular car.

Steel bars used in susch sleds add up very quickly.

Toyota did a good job on making the Prius a very safe car in a crash. This gives people a good reason to buy a Prius, besides its styling.

I would say in spite of its styling.

Oops, forgot to put the 😉 at the end of my comment to denote sarcasm.

When you see those crash tests you really wonder why the airbags only inflate inside the car since obviously outside airbags would also reduce a lot a of the impact force prior to the obstacle even reaching the car’s steel body.

This is especially true when we consider the enormous volume that is free available in the front bumper where a huge front car protection airbag could be located in order to inflate pre-impact in case the collision detection system notice that a wall comes in to fast to allow the breaks to stop the car on time. A 10 m long cylindrical airbag in front of a car would even allow a safe head on collision at 60 mph.

I think sensing an impact in progress is much easier than sensing one that is about to happen.

That is correct. If an external airbag inflated erroneously, it could cause an accident.

So you want reactive armor on the Prius? Just blow the offending car up 😉