2016 Chevrolet Volt Testing On Snowy Track – Video


With the debut of the 2016 Volt now just weeks away, General Motors is ramping up its promotional efforts for the next-generation Chevrolet Volt.

“We put the #NextGenVolt through the ringer on a snowy test track. The results? An unrivaled performance. Watch:”

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Well, at least now I know the Volt can handle winter just fine. Now if only I could say the same thing for other drivers…

There is nothing to see here, the sequences are all cut when it would be interresting to follow the skiddings.
One can take any car and make such a video where the car is rolling on ice…

Yeah, it’s just one big snow job GM is doing here.

I don’t know what you’re talking about. There are several parts in the video where the car completes a full lateral change of direction.

I live in snowy Québec and I can tell you that this kind of handling is acheivable with any car.
It is how a car can be retaken after sliding that matters… and that is where the sequences are cut.
This video is only to impress those who do not live where there is plenty of iced, swowy slotchy roads.

When temps get below -20C traction on ice is almost as good as pavement. The issue is the thin amount of water that happens between tire and ice due to friction melting, the same thing is how ice skates work. Ice skating at -40C is much harder to do than -5C.

If there is an old crust of hardened snow (not ice) and a fresh coat of fluffy on top, handling is almost easy as on a simple secondary road without pavement (the english word for it is eluding me) with the illusion that it is difficult. Snow tires makes also a big difference.

And that is GM seem to have chosen for this lame clip.

Shut down the music and look how it shows better the real speed of the car 🙂

This is a joke, any car can handle snow and ice like that. what is your point GM.

More and more it’s looking like I might buy a Volt instead of the Outlander PHEV

Too bad GM didn’t put do a PHEV AWD. but it really looks like the Volt will be a winner

Please let GM advertise it!

Unless I’m over looking something I don’t see the video or a link to it?!?

Picture in article just poings to a larger picture. Googled and found a link to the video: https://amp.twimg.com/v/93077ce1-5bfd-45db-a7ea-b746b9412dae

Click the picture, it will play (not the top image). There is a play arrow in there, but its obscure a bit by the picture I guess. Also your browser settings could be blocking the entirety of the video/picture below the story ditty, as it is an embed via Chevrolet’s Facebook.

Jay, any idea where this snow and ice test was filmed? Ontario maybe??

The footage is tricky to place, but it appears to be to be GM’s Kapuskasing, ON proving grounds

(which for those not familiar with the remote Canadian landscape is a little more than 500 miles north of Toronto)

It could also be Automotive Enviro Testing in Baudette, Minnesota on the Canadian border.


The new Volt looks pretty good from what can be seen. I get flashes of Dodge Dart looks from it.

those led drl’s suck smh

if it has halogens i will laugh

Driving any car on snow/ice is greatly impacted by drive skill and knowledge.

And tires!

I owned a gen1 volt for 3 colorado winters and it did about as well as any front-drive car with traction and ABS and ant-skid. Not awesome, not terrible. You can’t drive it like a subaru or a jeep, you will get stuck.

That video in no way demonstrates how well any car handles in real snow/slush conditions. The surface was hard packed snow. Try the same on a city street with 6-12 inches of rutted snow and trying to drive along side other vehicles slipping outside their lane.