2015 Chevrolet Volt Lease Deal – Update: Now $149 Per Month


2015 Chevy Volt Lease Deal

2015 Chevy Volt Lease Deal

Looking for a killer deal on a 2015 Chevy Volt?  You need look no further than Rydell Chevrolet’s $169 per month lease.

Rydell Chevrolet is located in Los Angeles, California, but the dealership is willing to ship to anywhere in the mainland U.S.

Rydell claims to be the nation’s highest volume Chevy Volt dealer and with deals like this one, why should we doubt that claim.

If interested in leasing or buying a Chevy Volt from Rydell, hit up the dealership’s website here.



Editor’s Note/Update (via GM-Volt.com forums):  Rydell is now offering the following deal (below) through the year’s end:

Rydell Chevrolet Wants To Sell You A Chevy Volt (click to better read fine print)

Rydell Chevrolet Wants To Sell You A Chevy Volt (click to better read fine print)

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That’s really about $263/mo (not including the future value of the cash due at signing). Still not bad, and close to a “free car” if your gas savings offset the monthly lease cost.

Agreed. I did the math and came to the same number you did. I with these people offering leases would not trick people into thinking they have to put down such a large amount of money. All leases should be zero down.

If your gas savings offsets the cost of this lease, then you’re probably going over the 10,000 miles per year allowance.

Depending on the agreed residual value, it could be good for someone who wants to buy a Volt but can’t afford it.

This would allow financing over a longer than standard term, letting the gas savings cover the additional interest paid over the life of the lease and the buyout loan.

Except the residual tends to be very high on Volts. The residual on mine is $26,000 yet I can go out and buy a used Volt exactly like it for $7,000 less than that. So at the end of my lease, they can have it back!

My guess is when your lease is over, they will offer you a discount if you want to buy the car outright.

And the fact that the 2016 model is “better in every way” will increase the discount they offer


Would the residential value for existing models fall once the 2016 is unveiled?

California is a big place.

Rydell Chevrolet is located in suburban Los Angeles.


2014 Focus Electric is also $169/mo with $2,229 Down or $5,000 Cash Back.

I’m pretty sure the residuals will differ

Ford (at least according to my C-Max Energi lease contract) treats the federal tax credit as a capital cost reduction (i.e. discount). Ally (not sure about US Bank) tacks on the credit to the residual, which is why the residuals for Volts are so high.

That really sucks. That basically rules out the Volt for me. My intent was to lease and then buy out the lease, that way I get the benefit of grabbing the $7500 even though I don’t have $7500 of tax obligations.