No 2015 Cadillac ELR – ELR To Return For 2016 With “Engineering Enhancements”


Cadillac ELR

Cadillac ELR

Cadillac ELR

Cadillac ELR

Edmunds presents “Just the Facts” on the 2016 Cadillac ELR:

  • An improved version of the 2016 Cadillac ELR plug-in hybrid is in the works, Cadillac spokesman David Caldwell confirmed for Edmunds on Monday.
  • The 2016 ELR is expected to debut in November at the 2014 Los Angeles Auto Show.
  • Changes include “engineering enhancements,” Caldwell said.

What do those “engineering enhancements” entail?  No clue…and Cadillac isn’t willing to disclose that information at this point in time.  We do believe that the 2016 ELR will get the 2015 Chevy Volt’s 17.1 kWh battery pack (or whatever pack the Volt is utilizing at that time), but beyond that we’re not sure what changes are in store for the 2016 ELR.

But wait…there’s more ELR news.

There will be no 2015 Model Year Cadillac ELR:

Car shoppers will note that there is no 2015 Cadillac ELR. Caldwell explained that this is a “technicality” based on when the car debuted around January 1, 2014.

“The car is still on sale,” he said. “The factory produced most of the cars that would satisfy U.S. distribution.”

ELR production ground to a halt after inventory levels soared.  Recent heavy discounts have cut into inventory, as sales have been improving as of late.  Caldwell adds:

“ELR builds will resume after the first of the year.”

Detroit-Hamtramck Assembly is getting upgraded right now.  Production at the site isn’t expected to resume until late November.

Source: Edmunds

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So ELR will get the new Voltec 2.0 drivetrain and get produced along side the Volt 2.0 for 2016 MY?

I hope they reconsider the ELR price point before next fall.

Because the next gen Volt will be built on a completely new platform, it doesn’t seem likely that we’d see the drivetrain for that vehicle in the ELR. My guess is faster times and some other window dressing that serves as a rationale for a price cut.

Not going to happen IMHO. Price-cutting is not in Johen’s playbook.

Will there be a second gen ELR? Cadillac recently announced that they are moving their base of operations to NYC, and also spinning off from GM as a “separate business unit.” Cadillac is trying to elevate the status of the brand. They will have more autonomy and also more responsibility for its own operations. I don’t think Cadillac will sell a more luxurious and restyled 2nd-gen Volt as the 2nd-gen ELR, since everyone considers the 1st-gen ELR to be just a more luxurious two-door Volt that is way overpriced.

That is only because the pompous @**, Johan de Nysschen, doesn’t want to live in Detroit. Cadillac will be on life support once this journeyman gets done with them.
[ok, take a few breaths]
Maybe this will be a good thing for Caddy to try to be the home town vehicle in a big luxury market. I will be interested to see their new flagship vehicle.

Translation from GM delusion-speak:

“Even though we’ve stacked $20,000 on the hood there’s still 18 months of unsold 2014s, so we’re skipping 2015.”

I expect the “engineering enhancements” to include a re-engineered Monroney sticker and thicker floor mats.

I think those are outdated numbers. According to this websites stats, there are 1167 in inventory. With last month’s sales of 196, that is less than 6 months supply.

The upgrade needs to be a price drop to $49k(before incentives) and a EV range bump to at least 50 miles using the larger battery that should be coming with the next gen Volt.

Otherwise, there is no point is restarting production for 2016 with a years worth of 2014 models still waiting to be sold.

I would imagine it would only make sense to take whatever drivetrain and/or battery improvements the 2nd-generation Chevy Volt has and apply them to the ELR. After all, it would be really sad if the Volt had better specs than the ELR.

Not speaking for the site at all here, just my own 2p on a selfish level.

Personally, unless the 2nd gen Volt comes with a homeless person living the back, I plan on adding one to the ‘family fleet’.

So with that being said, I really hope there is no 2nd gen ELR, as that means that the Volt will in all likelihood be retarded/decontented in an effort to ‘value-add’ on the Caddy.

I disagree with your view of a situation where there is a new ELR.

Cadillac is now a nearly autonomous business unit. That means that it will have the power to ADD features to the ELR 2.0, not remove features from a Volt 2.0.

/banned forever



Add value to the ELR…. remove value from the Volt… Tomato, tomato.

*COUGH* tomato, toMAHto, that is.

Maybe they finally decided to take a leaf (no pun intended) out of Tesla’s book and put the 2.0 improvements in the ELR 1st?

What a concept!

The ELR was a serious miscalculation. Your Grandpa that watches Fox News all day was never a good target market for a plug-in.

It’s a shame that Cadillac did not create a car that could pull a new generation into the brand.

Why is that a good thing? The whole GM business model of designing a car, and then having 5 essentially-identical copies for each of the 5 divisions, with different badges and internal trim was always silly, and eventually was a big part of going bankrupt. Yes, other companies did the same, but not 5x.

I hosted a NDEW event, and the Cadillac dealer brought an ELR. It was surprisingly well received by the general public. We had ballot box for favorite EV and most likely to own, and the Caddy was in the middle third as favorite, but in the bottom third as likely to buy. Probably price point (perceived value) vs the Volt.

I would love to know more details on your ballot.

Can you give the full results? How many people were already EV owners?

Glad to see GM isn’t dropping the ELR. The good thing about Cadilac moving it’s management and marketing to New York is most News Agencies are based there. GM has a problem with the media. If you don’t think so look at yesterday’s Chrysler recall. GM had nothing to do with it, but they were still in most of the headlines.