Get $10,000 Off BMW i3 Purchase Or $500 Lease Incentive At Costco

BMW i3s and i8 driving


BMW i3 and i3s

BMW i3 and i3s

It seems there’s an influx of these incredible BMW i3 deals, and with this one, you could even opt for one of the automaker’s other plug-ins.

Yes, Costco has joined the ranks of those offering a whopping $10,000 purchase incentive for the BMW i3. Not only can you get the purchase incentive, but it’s also valid with financing deals. If you lease, you’ll receive a $500 incentive. The deals are valid for Costco member residing in California.

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BMW iPerformance NYIAS

BMW iPerformance lineup

It looks as though this offer is good for any configuration of the 2017 or 2018 i3, as long as it’s considered a new vehicle.

If you choose a BMW i8, or any other plug-in Bimmer, Costo is offering a $2,000 purchase incentive, $500 financing incentive, and $500 lease incentive.

This is the first recent deal we’ve seen that provides a discount on models other than the i3. It includes all 2017, 2018, and released 2019 models (except the 2018 M3 CS sedan, which doesn’t have a plug anyhow).

As usual, all deals are combinable with any other rebate that you qualify for, so you can apply the federal EV tax rebate, state rebate, and any other dealer discounts on top of the Costco incentive. However, you can’t use Costco’s $10,000 i3 deal and $2,000 deal to the same purchase.

This deal started on March 8, 2018, and is valid through April 30, 2018.

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Valid for California only…

Driving the i3 is like being on vacation.
Living in California is like being on vacation.
So, checks out.

Would be nice to see some of these deals outside the US.

BMW will offer 44 kWh battery from May, then deals will start getting interesting.

Costco Deal incentives end before May 1st, but a BMW 44 kWh i3 will be interesting indeed!

Source?? Looking at the i3s at the end of the year, however, I don’t want it to be heavier, slower because of the new battery. Ideally they could get more HP out of it. As it is most 30 kWh battery cars such as the eGolf and previous LEAF were nowhere near a 6 second 0-60. So the i3 may be maxing out its current battery size. So with a bigger battery, BMW should be able to increase the HP, but I’m not holding my breath as they don’t seem to do radical changes on updates. Probably to not upset recent purchasers.

Typically there isn’t a weight increase with a battery chemistry change.

Costco couldn’t possibly benefit financially from this unless BMW reimburses them each time. Doesn’t make sense why they would do it otherwise

If you follow the source link above you will see Cosco is in the business of selling cars not just i3s…
So you they do make some money off of it just like with all their other car sales…

Of course it’s from bmw! Same as the SCE and PG&E deal presented last weeks.

BMW, How about some love outside CA?

Exactly, I love the i3s, and $10k off plus credits might be enough to get me to buy one. As it is I am keeping an eye on used models, but obviously S isn’t available used yet.

This same deal is available for some outside of CA depending on who your employer is.

BMW must be trying to clear out inventory for the new model year?

Yes, this is what it takes to get rid of them. However, I believe it is a desperate attempt to retain BMW owners in light of the Model 3. They know they are likely to lose a fair amount of 3 series buyers that work in the California tech industry to the Model 3. With Model 3 delays, they are hoping to hook some of these frustrated buyers and keep them in the fold so to speak. Possibly give them some time to come up with a more competitive electric 3 series.

Is there a loophole that can get those rebates without living in California. Like somebody residence vis a vis. Something anything?

Can you also use the $10,000 PG&E gives you? That will be more than half the cost of the car after you add up everything.

That would be outrageous, but I doubt it since it goes through BMW also.

No, because it’s the same discount coming form bmw not the others.

This same deal is available for some outside of CA depending on who your employer is. It cannot stack with other incentives, but may work with dealer hold backs. I really wish they would do 10k on a lease instead of just $500; I’d be driving one right now.

See if your employer does anything with PerkSpot, PerskAtWork, or other employee discount programs because you might be eligible. has some details on the program. Currently it says the deal expires in next month, but I’ve seen a lot of dealership websites say its good through the end of the year. YMMV.

Yes I have posted about BMW’s Corporate Fleet Program on and you can message me there for more details or a written quote. I’m a BMW Client Advisor at BMW of Murrieta.

That’s a big site, don’t be lazy and post a link.

Or you can just email me directly at

Offer on Oregon dealers websites too.
Great offer on the surface but look at depreciation, could be reaction to a $30k loss of value on lease returns. Really needs to be cheaper to compete. One of those lease returns under $20k doesn’t sound too bad a deal if the value holds.

Why the hell you care about depreciation on a lease?! What is up with this idea stuck in your head?

He’s talking about the resale value of 3-year lease returns in the last few months (as the car started selling in significant numbers in 2014). They’re selling for $15-20k, i.e. $25-30k below purchase price. That’s bigger absolute depreciation than many Model S, which are much more expensive.

Regarding your remark, depreciation is what determines the residual, and hence the cost of the lease.

These low resale values mean BMW is losing of money on each return, so they have to lower the residual to stop those losses. But then the monthly cost goes way up, so the only remaining way to be competitive is to offer discounts.

You know that BS, right? The “depreciation” that evs endure is mostly due to the numerous credits the buyers have access to and very little with tech advances. Dealers always manipulate the RV and other terms of the lease to take advantage of the naive…what’s new under the sun?

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