Wild & Crazy: Subaru Parks On Top Of Tesla Model S


What in the heck happened here?

It seems the Subaru driver thought the top of a Tesla Model S was the perfect place to park. Wow!

It’s like a perfect balancing act gone both right and wrong. It’s right because the Subaru seems to be holding steady in place, but wrong because it’s on top of the Tesla.

As the Tweet indicates, the Subaru driver swerved to avoid an animal in the road. The vehicle then somehow ended up in this odd resting place.

Additionally, per the Tweet, the Tesla’s glass even remained intact.

That sure is some wild and crazy going on there.

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Looks totally Photoshopped.

Why would someone photoshop such an odd scene like this?

To prank bloggers.

Thanks to Gary below. That settles the matter.
Beverly Hills Police Dept.

To add clicks or following or re-post to gain publicity which actually gets paid by Twitter.

Russian trolls

Take a look at the reflections of the palms on the Subura. This is most likely real. Otherwise it is an incredible amount of work to get that right.

Looks Photoshopped

Yes it does, but it isn’t IMHO

Since well done photoshopping is pretty much indistinguishable from reality, what does it mean when you say “looks photoshopped”?

Shadows under the Subaru are not present for one…

Shadows are present where the body of the car is close to the ground. Ambient light removes the rest, as it should be. This is real.

Subaru trying sexytime with the MS

Fake. A bad fake at that.

So why even bother to publish it if it’s so obviously a fake? If I was to photoshop some scene, I would never do it in such a weird manner. I would chose something more credible or spectacular. In our era of easy fakes, one can tell some picture or video is genuine by the unlikeliness of imagining it in the first place.

The Tesla doesn’t have any damage no dents scratches nothing. Neither car is damaged in the least.

So from a low resolution picture taken 20+ ft away you can tell something has “no scratches” and not damaged in the least? Amazing. Insurance companies should hire you, yep no damage that I can see, sorry no check for you.

Driver swerved and the vehicle started to roll, it didn’t ride up on the Tesla. It happened, it was real and that you can’t accept it just shows how bad people are at looking things objectively.

Not photoshopped with reflections on hood and roof with palm tree Leafs and Frunks!

Yeah, I noticed that too. If it’s PhotoShopped, they certainly spent a lot of time and effort at it.

Very easy to add tree reflections in Photoshop. See “Screen” mode.

I’m sure someone very skilled at using PhotoShop could do it, if he/she spent enough time at it. But then, he/she would be good enough to make the overall scene more convincing, removing the visual cues that make the casual viewer say “That looks fake”.

But as for “very easy”… I own and use PhotoShop, but I don’t have the slightest idea how to add the convincing reflections seen in this photo. Do you know anyone who would say they can do that “very easily”, Eferg? ‘Cuz I certainly don’t.

Shadows look wrong.

Driver’s door lower trim piece seems to have sunlight reflection, despite the car on top of it.

I would need to see more than just this one picture before taking this seriously.

There’s a picture from the rear also.

Do you take the Beverly Hills Police Department seriously? They have two pictures and they investigated the accident.

From the looks of the front pic the fossil car was giving the Tesla a hug,but the pic from the back the Subaru looks likes a dog having a wet emission.

I really feel this is a fake photo. Bloggers need to guard their reputation and get independent verification before passing this kind of stuff along.

Yes the high journalistic standards of internet bloggers need to be defended.

Gosh yes, the journalistic standards of the average blogger is right up there with the Washington Post, and what the New York Times was before 1999, before they started running some questionable or even fake stories.

“All I know is just what I read in the papers, and that’s an alibi for my ignorance.” — Will Rogers

It came from the Beverly Hills Police Department, you shouldn’t trust your feelings any more than Presidents should trust their guts.

Based on the additional photo showing the cars from the back (see link posted above: pic.twitter.com/WiF4endkzz ), I’m guessing this is real.

I’d love to see how a tow truck driver deals with this situation!

Hook the top car carefully with a chain, lift only an inch or so. then drive the tesla out and carefully lower the subaru.

I’d be afraid to live in Beverly Hills if it were not real. It’s from their Twitter feed.

It’s photoshop. Editors please remove this article. Look say the shadows under neath the subr

It came from the Beverly Hills PD, clearly you can’t distinguish real from fake

Why it’s a fake:

Tesla shows no damage to rear fender. How did tire roll up the Tesla without damaging the fender?

SUV has lights on. Why?

No neighbors gawking at the accident. Why?

Tesla front bumber shows no reflection from SUV headlight. Why?

SUV looks faded and higher noise content than Tesla, as if taken with a different camera.

Ground shadow cast from Tesla is darker than ground shadow cast by SUV.

No skid marks from SUV. If hit at high speed, more damage would have resulted.

Tesla is sitting level, despite weight of SUV.

I am going with fake as well. Any way the car would have climbed the tesla, the subaru bumper would have impacted the back of the Tesla. The Tesla is untouched. No sale.

It didn’t climb the Tesla. It swerved, rolled and came DOWN on the Tesla.

Didn’t actually roll, because there’s no visible damage, but it did come up on two wheels before coming down on the Tesla, apparently pretty gently.

An extremely low-probability accident. But then, if it wasn’t, we wouldn’t be discussing it.

Look at the pattern of reflections and shadows on the hood and roof. zoom in a bit. There are 2 palm trees on the roof (looks like one until you zoom in). Then there are two on the roof (at least) and one on the windshield (which appears to be one of the trees on the roof). The big one on the hood appears to be reflecting the tree directly behind the Subaru but the other one on the hood as well as the ones on the roof appear to be trees from off to the right reflecting across the roof to the left (based the position on what looks like the tops of the trees in the reflection). Then look at the roof racks. Two of them with one shadow each but casted shadow does not seem to reflect the same direction of sunlight as the tree reflections. The antenna stub in center rear appears to cast a shadow to the right indicating sun from the left/rear but if that’s so then there should be a large distinct shadow created by the Subaru on the driver’s side. Anyway the shadows are all messed up.

Or, maybe it’s that the shot was taken when it’s overcast, with diffuse lighting and a lot of reflected light coming from different directions. Note the lack of any sharp-edged shadows anywhere; not under the cars, nor under trees.

The car was already on two wheels went it ended it’s course landing it’s right wheel delicately on the Tesla, this is why there are no damages. There is no significant weight on the Tesla either. There are skid marks from the edges of the tires only. Of course the ground shadows are different from the height of the different masses above them.
There may be no neighbors for many reasons. One could be that the incident made little noise, and the houses are far from the street, dispersed, people are in the back yards or off on holidays…

Correct, but some people can’t accept reality. Moon landing deniers and flat earthers for example.

My guess is that the shot was taken long after the incident occurred, when the neighbors had already lost interest and dispersed.

No gawkers!! That seals it!! There should be 20 more people posting their own cell phone pictures and videos all through the wreckers removing it. LOL!!

There’s one gawker looking out their driveway.

It depends WHEN the pictures were taken too… by the Tesla owner? The Subaru’s passenger? The cold blooded driver? A person passing by?

Posted by police, so quite possibly taken by police, and therefore almost certainly not within a few minutes of the incident actually happening. Police aren’t going to respond to a non-injury accident very quickly.



Look at the front tire of the Subaru. It would be compressed if the weight of the car was on the driver side like that.

The front picture shows it’s resting on its rim.

@bhpd_90210 is the Beverly Hills Police Dept instagram.
They say it’s real.


On their twitter, Dec 30. 9:36 am


I can’t find much else, like with tineye or google images, this subreddit is just comments.

Anybody down in SoCal wanna call Beverly Hills PD come Wednesday?

It looks fake to me because the following:

1. Where is Tesla’s driver side mirror? in that angle, it should either be crushed or folded in and crushed into the window. It doesn’t show either. Maybe the photoshop process added the shadow but took the mirror off.

2. The front passenger tires were tilted slightly to the right, but it doesn’t in the driver side.

3. Both driver sides tires in the Subaru should be more flat due to the weight of the car on its corner/side wall.

4. The shadow of the Palm tree on the hood of the Subaru should show more of its branches with the angle and distance to the tree in the background.

5. The driver side windshield of the Subaru doesn’t match the lighting condition.

The scenario is actually possible, but the photos don’t look real in this case.

The side mirror is folded in, as you would expect, easily seen if you zoom in
Left front wheel is angled to the right
Tire is resting on the rim
What tree should look like is just your speculation
Different angle = different lighting

It’s real and you just show how bad humans are at looking at 2D pictures and figuring out reality from fakery

I think it’s real, but gotta say that MMF is correct: Looks like the driver’s side mirror is missing on the Model S. I pulled the photo into PhotoShop and enlarged it, still don’t see any sign of any mirror, folded or otherwise.

It’s pretty common to find things that you can’t explain if you put something under a microscope. In the real world, unlike TV mystery/cop shows, random odd things happen. That’s how, for example, the JKF assassination conspiracy theory fanatics have been able to keep generating new theories for decades; look at any event closely enough, and you’ll find plenty of things that can’t be explained down to the tiniest detail.

Just a Subaru owner that want to go electric. .

Totally photo shopped ! Tesla side glass is not even shattered ..; * 🙂 *

Why would it be shattered?

Having more experience than any of you with cars, and driving,I think it’s real.

The truth finally comes out. I knew it all along! You are that former NASCAR racer who sells used cars at the Ford dealer in Plano. Well, there you go. Explain how fast the Subaru was going to move the center of gravity up enough to get onto two wheels. Was there a ramp involved? What angle and height would be required of the ramp as well? I think it was real, but only because the BHPD posted it.

George Jetson was parked in Fred Flintstone’s spot.

Could people pls stop swerving for animals?
Just hit the brakes with all you have in you.
It is a mindset you can require just by driving around and imagine the braking.
I once „kissed“ a hind despite emergency breaking, but had I tried to avoid her, a Volvo full of family would have rolled downhill. (Austria).
Mrs. Hind was ok, just a little shocked and shaken.

Fake or not I am not sure how it is news…

Remember how a Model S broke the crushing machine at NHTSA testing, proving it could take the weight of 4 Tesla’s on top of it? Taking one minivan at an oblique angle would of course be no problem.

“Remember how a Model S broke the crushing machine at NHTSA testing, proving it could take the weight of 4 Tesla’s on top of it? ”

This is how facts becomes lies.

A crushing machine broke when testing the Model S. Correlation isn’t causation. In fact, the roof strength of the Tesla Model S (19,271) is actually less than the roof strength of the Mercedes Benz GLE (31,545lbs). 4x is the standard that just about all cars with “good” rating meet today. Model S is “BARELY” meeting that while many other cars such as the GLE in this case reaches as high as 6.5x.

An unstoppable force meets an immovable object.