Watch Tesla Model S P100D Race Porsche 911 Turbo S In 1/2-Mile


Let’s see just how well the Tesla Model S P100D fares when it’s a more lengthy, half-mile challenge.

Generally, most of the races we find and share are of the quarter-mile variety, which makes sense since that’s really a standard metric, like zero-to-60-mph times. One big complaint from many is that an electric car with huge initial torque may perform well in a short race, but not so much in the long run. Of course, the other battle comes down to how well would these Tesla’s do on a winding track, but that’s another story, right?

Check This Out: Tesla Model S P100D Race Modded Porsche 911 Turbo S

Hopefully, you like Linkin Park, but there’s always the mute button. You may not want to deal with the sound of the Porsche anyhow …

Let’s have a closer look at the cars’ specs:

2015 Porsche 911 Turbo S (camera car) :

  • GIAC/Champion Tune/bolt ons
  • Dyno results: 667 wheel horsepower, 600 wheel torque
  • ~750 crank horsepower
  • Street tires

Tesla Model S P100D:

  • Stock with Ludicrous
  • Dyno results: 588 wheel horsepower, 920 wheel torque
  • Rated at 762 horsepower

Some of you may be surprised at the results … some, not so much. It’s important to keep in mind that as you shop for your next car, while quarter-mile and half-mile times are great, and cars that impress in those areas are “King” in many outlets, unless you’re breaking the law or beating your car up at the drag strip, zero-to-30-mph and zero-to-60-mph metrics are really all we might utilize and experience in real-world, public-road driving.

We can only hope for at least a plug-in Porsche 911 sooner rather than later! Sadly, it seems that an electric 911 is far off …

Video Description via longboarder949 on YouTube:

Longboarder’s 2015 Porsche 911 Turbo S takes on a Tesla Model S P100D “Ludicrous Mode” at OmegaMotorsports NoFlyZone California April 7, 2018.

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(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

Another race………..meh.

Metric measurements would be nice for those outside of the USA.

Another redundant comment…. meh..

First to comment, you can’t WAIT for the racing articles..

Even a quarter mile is a vast straight, to safely try and find, and then use this way.

And if it were an actual road course, the Porsche would destroy the Tesla just as bad.
I know Longboarder (Adam), I used to be heavily into drag racing and performance tuning my 600HP BMW. We used to test cars together and go to racing events together. Here is a pic of when we last went to a race track together in Bakersfield. I went up in the Silver GTR. Adam’s silver Porsche back then did low 10’s as did the GTR we drove up to Bakersfield in. Unfortunately he blew his clutch that day. FYI: a 2 second difference, or even a 10mph difference in a half mile race is huge.

Here is a pic I took from the drivers seat of his Turbo S

That porsche cost 240k euros. Needs to compete with the new Tesla Roadster

Yeah, and the Roadster destroys it.

Wake me up when it’s available 😴

That Porsche destroyed it.

Fake news (race)

Yeah, they’re comparing a two-seat sports car to a 5-7 passenger sedan. Even the new Roadster is a 2+2.

It took serious tuning and modification on the 911 to be able to beat the stock Tesla.

The 911 rear seats say “hi!”

How did you post a picture?

I enter the picture code as I’m moderating. If you put a picture link in and I catch it, I try to add the code.


Look. The sedan vs. sports car argument goes both ways.

I don’t know how many times I’ve seen vids of the Model S beat other 2 seater cars and people are yelling… “It beat the sports car *AND* it’s a sedan that can seat 7 passengers! Whoopdeedoo!”

And now that the Model S has lost, you’re saying “oh, it’s because their comparing a sports car to a 7 passenger car… UNFAIR!”.

Suck it up.

Yep. Tesla fanbois always going to find a way to weasel out.

No need. It is competitive, costs less and burns no gas. It is an amazing achievement.


(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

I say Meh to all these drags……….meh.

That’s pretty lame logic by you guys.

If LeBron won a footrace against Chris Paul, it would be impressive he outsprinted an elite athlete weighing 50 lbs less, but how stupid would someone look if they pointed out that LeBron would lose to Justin Gatlin or other sprinters?

The impressive thing about LeBron’s physique is how athletic and quick he is for his size. Same with the P100D Teslas.

It is amazing when a stock family sedan can beat a modded sports car and when the stock family sedan looses to a modded sports car it is ok, that is what is expected to happen lol

Wait! First time that there are comments such as Model S would carry 7 people and gets way lower cost per mile!

Something is up with this race. The Porsche beat the Tesla off the line which never happens, even against he most “super” of super cars in the world. I’m not surprised the Porsche won since its top end power is more than the Tesla. However, the margin of victory is a little extreme, and the Tesla shouldn’t get beat over the first 1/8 mile assuming a normal start.

Launch Control

And the Porsche has agressive gearing. Tesla has 1 gear.

That Porsche is AWD as well and is extremely quick out of the gate. They always have been.

Yes, AWD is awesome for worry free quick take-offs. As long as the pavement is dry, it’s pretty much just stomp on the gas, pay attention, and steer. No worrying about wheel spin, skidding, etc.

Yes, I thought the same, but both cars would be 0-60 in mid 2.5sec. you can see they are actually evenly matched for the first 3sec, then the Porsche pulls away. That makes sense as the Tesla fades out very quickly after that 0-60 sprint but the Porsche can gear up and keep applying power. Top speed in the Porsche would be more then the Tesla.
If you saw the finish line angle it might not be as bad as what these dash cams present, maybe 2sec tops.

The something that is wrong is the Porsche in this video has almost 200 more horsepower than stock.

Won’t see this video on Electrek.

That is why you’re here… Hahaha

Oh jeez. Yeah you will. I’d like to see how TRC’s lightened P100d would do, at least until the ‘switch to the front motor'(90-100 mph) part.

The Porsche has the advantage being lighter, and having a much higher top speed. I’d like to see a Model S do a lap or two on a real track against a Panamera Turbo S e-hybrid.

On actual race tracks with narrower corners Performance Teslas even get beaten by Golf GTIs and stuff like that. I doubt that they would have a chance against any Porsche, especially on the long run, where cooling gets an issue. And Teslas simply do not have the best handling.

Come on let’s have a real test. Let’s put both cars in my garage with an empty tank and a discharged battery and leave them there overnight then drive them both 200 miles the next day without any stops. 🙂

And then?


Or we could talk about sewing or chess. This article is about racing, not how EV’s don’t use gas.

Neither the Tesla perma-bears or fanbois seem to acknowledge reality.

Some Tesla fans act this way. To say all donmakes you look no better.

Tesla wins 😎

Tesla’s 0-60 times is simply a matter of marketing. It’s deliberately unbalanced in favor of a quick 1/4 mile for fanboys to drool over Youtube videos. That sells cars but it does not make it a race car.

It is a real difference between electric powertrain and fossil powertrain. Huge torque is much more easily/cheaply available from electric motors, and it is available from 0 RPM. A typical ICE doesn’t even produce sufficient torque to turn the engine itself, nevermind accelerate a car, until it turns at hundreds of revolutions per minute.

The 0-60 times of Tesla aren’t pure marketing, they’ve been confirmed by many independent sources like drag times and motor trend. Often, they find that better times than those quoted by Tesla are easily achievable.

Racing is irrelevant to how a car actually performs in actual roads. But it matters in the sport car segment, in the same way street cred matters with many other products. People who use sneakers to walk around in the mall don’t need them to be amazing running shoes, but if Husein Bolt uses a particular brand it’s going to sell more and at a premium price point…

Let’s not kid ourselves here. Ludicrous acceleration, like high speed, is not something that can be enjoyed responsibly in normal traffic (with other cars and especially pedestrians around). Whether it’s with a Porsche 911 or a Tesla, one expects the driver to show restraint in the way they enjoy their car’s performance on regular roads.

Not yet available Tesla sports car would be a more comparable test. 1/2 mile race is meaningless in the real world, especially with a non stock Porsce.
Boneheads with fat checkbooks have been overpaying for weenie extender Porsches forever.
P100D Ludicrous Teslas routinely produce under 2.3 seconds 0-60 times, are much safer, and much more comfortable.

This test is as valid as the Roadster prototype racing the Porsche. Why don’t they put the stock 911 Turbo S against the P100D and see what happens? I think the Porsche would still win but it would have to come from the back and pull ahead after the quarter.

not to mention how much gas it used, and that the Porsche costs almost twice as much, yeah, a “real mat ch up alright, hah!

I agree with commenters who called BS on the launch. The P100D in the video was beaten at every point. There are numerous drag videos of 675 hp 911s on YouTube racing P100Ds and beating them, but not easily… This race was staged, most def. The 911 is still epic, though.

I can assure you this race was not staged. I have a similar set up on a 2014 Turbo S and regularly beat pocket rockets (and Telsas), and pretty much everything else in quarter mile races. His 0-60 is roughly 2.3 and likely sub 10 quarter mile (depending on traction) in this video. Each car brings specific qualities to the driving experience. One is not better than the other, it simply depends on what one wants out of there vehicle. Both are exceptional cars.

Did I miss something or is the driver not wearing a seat belt?

Porsche “destroyed it”?. WHAT DO YOU EXPECT! The Porsche is a two seater sports car that weighs no more than 3500lbs. The Model S is a luxury 4 door sedan that weighs close to 5000lbs. “…Destroyed it?” SUCH BS!!!!

Nonsense. Try a real match-up.

The Model S is a luxury 4 door sedan that weighs close to 5000lbs.

P100D is slow af.