Watch Dodge Demon Melt Tires In Race Against Tesla Model S P100D


The mighty Dodge Demon is a stand out on the race track, but can it match the Tesla Model S P100D?

***UPDATE – DragTimes has removed this video from its YouTube account.

To find out, DragTimes pitted the two against each other on an open road.

In the first of two races, the Model S P100D makes the Demon look like its a Toyota Corolla or some other similarly weak car. It’s simply no contest.

In the second race, the result is basically the same.

The Dodge Demon simply lacks the necessary grip to compete with the dual-motor, AWD Model S.

Tests show that the Tesla model S P100D can accelerate from 0 to 60 MPH in just 2.28 seconds, while the Demon can, in theory, do that dash in 2.3 seconds, or even 2.1, depending on how its measured.

In the real world though, it’s not easy to lay down those numbers without the added traction of AWD, which the Demon lacks. As Motor Trend previously stated of the P100D version of the S:

“Launching a Model S P100D (weighing 5,062 with gear and driver) in full-on Ludicrous Easter-egg mode snaps your body in a manner that is utterly impossible to replicate in any other street-legal production car on normal tires and dry asphalt at a mid-$100,000 price point. We regard 0–30-mph acceleration times as the benchmark for how hard a car launches, and this new Tesla gets there 0.05 second ahead of the next quickest (aforementioned) 0.92-second 911 Turbo S.”


Video description:

“We test out a real world scenario with a Dodge Demon going up against a Tesla Model S P100D Ludicrous on the street. Can the front tire lifting monster horsepower Demon perform on the street like it does at drag strip?”

***Editor’s note: Street racing is illegal, unsafe and not advised.

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30 Comments on "Watch Dodge Demon Melt Tires In Race Against Tesla Model S P100D"

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Lemme get this straight- so if you spend more money for the Demon, all you need is 1) race gas, 2) lowest altitude possible, 3) best tires (not sure which kind, because evidently racing slicks aren’t it), 4) proper inflation of the undetermined best tires, 5) dry conditions, and 6) perfectly timed launch, then you may be able to beat the P100D, every so often.. Heck, even a basic Model S 60 appears like it would do okay against the Demon. Gee, sounds like a great purchase.

A demon is less than the Tesla

Actually, not true. MSRP and actual price are two separate things. When you include the gently used market, you can find a P100D for $100k. No dice for the Demon.

But thanks.

Agreed. FAR, FAR LESS! The tesla is an ‘ordinary’ family car with no pretensions to being ‘Demonic’.

I would not call the Tesla P100DL an ‘ordinary’ family car.
Great car but maybe the Model S 75D and 100D are more ‘ordinary’ family cars.

You forgot that you need to change to the skinny front tires also…

Yes but the electric car is boring and quiet. If you ever go to a top fuel drag race you will forget about electric car racing.

I hate engine noise!

So for you a car doesn’t have to be faster, or better, just louder.

OK- provided you have the intellect of a gnat…
5-7 years top fuel will be obsolete.

You think they would know better than to race track tires on the street, and to warm them up on gravel. The guys are like, pieces of tire are hitting us in the face. Oh well. It, the Demon, did ok in the roll race, but superior technology is not going to be beaten by the best ICE has to offer, and certainly not when it’s so badly mishandled.

the demon would have done better at the drag strip. Still, the demon, as cool as it may be is not practical at all on the street.


Bet the demon sounded better.

“Better” has different meanings depending on the parameters used. Better to sensible people is EV-
1. Quiet
2. Non-polluting
3. Far lower running costs
5. More reliable
6. Simpler to build
7. When mass-produced, cheaper to buy.

I can purchase a Demon in every state in the US. I can’t purchase a Tesla in every state. Also, let’s compare apples to apples, here. Disable the front drivetrain on the Tesla. Oh, and one other thing, drive both cars, coast to coast, at posted speed limits, and see which one gets there first…

‘I can purchase a Demon in every state in the US. I can’t purchase a Tesla in every state.’

Ever hear of internet purchase dipsh!t?

‘Also, let’s compare apples to apples, here.’

Not possible because the other cars runs on petrol anyway, old inferior technology.

But you’re right. It was unfair to put old legacy tech against even older legacy tech called electricity.

‘Oh, and one other thing, drive both cars, coast to coast, at posted speed limits, and see which one gets there first…’

Boy that would really teach everyone how much more pollution the Dodge spews out wouldn’t it smart boy.

Get a read on. Electric car was almost 30 years before any ICE car. So stop talking about NEW technology. Also I live in Eastern Europe (FYI EU). Local Tesla will gladly sell me a base model S at 120 000 USD or even p100D at 210 000 USD but it will only supply me with a home charger as they don’t “feel like it” to build any superchargers HERE… That means I can travel to around 150 miles before going back home just to make it back home. So sorry, will have to stick to the OLD technology for the time being… So not everything is that simple…

It’s the battery and electronics that are the new technology, dip ____, not the motors.

There are many other options for you than Tesla that would better match your needs…

… and it would cost how much in gas to get across the country in a Demon? I’m almost afraid to imagine.

Tesla would cost $0 using SuperChargers.

If you are thinking about such a road trip then dont forget that in the tesla you and your girlfriend could take shifts in driving, but in the Dodge Lemon you would have to drive alone and wait for your girlfriend taking the bus, cause its a one seater…

Please stop that 2.28 secs bs. It’s 2.3 secs.

Gotta be embarrassing for a top end muscle car to get the smack down like that from a family sedan. Just brutal. Imagine when the Roadster 2.0 starts destroying ICE cars on the track.

I can hardly wait until Tesla make a good looking car. I love the electric car, but would be ashamed to be seen in one of those butt-ugly Tesla’s. The Porsche e car looks far better.
Good old hydrocarbon powered American Muscle is always a joy.

The Porcha “e car” makes me want to puke. Porcha eats Tesla’s imaginary exhaust.

“Good old hydrocarbon powered American Muscle is always a joy”
Oh yeah! IF you’re a dim bulb butthead.

This is Proof that , POWER IS USELESS IF IT CANNOT BE APPLIED Properly ..BTW I suggest they use Hydrogen in the tires instead of compressed air., so that the tire pressure stays constant…

Correction….That should be “NITROGEN” & Not Hydrogen ,,,, A slip of the tongue there…

So the Chrysler 95k car that is only made for straight line speed, sucks at straight line speed…Go it! But hey it can make donuts and smoke tires…