VW Considering Electric Land Rover Rival

JAN 16 2019 BY MARK KANE 26

True off-road capable electric vehicle is on the table

Michael Jost, Head of Strategy at Volkswagen, said in Autobild’s interview that the company is considering an all-electric true off-road capable SUV, which would be similar to the Land Rover Defender.

Jost notes that there are no production models in such segment. The designers were apparently commissioned to draw sketches now.

“He said the car would return to the spirit of the original off-roader aesthetic with simple lines, hard-wearing interior and washable seat covers.”

We must add that off-road ready vehicles will appear on the market in the near-future, as the electric drivetrain is a perfect solution for such driving (provided you can afford a huge battery). Rivian R1S or Bollinger B1 are just examples of what’s coming.

Volkswagen probably will be able to build a big SUV using its general MEB platform in top configuration (over 100 kWh battery and dual motor all-wheel drive drivetrain). Having a universal platform not only enables VW to consider such cars, but even incentives to do it, as the development costs will spread out over more models.

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more smoke

Usually, there is fire where there is smoke. But there is no fire here, just a mirage that looks like smoke.

Looking for Bjorn, I landed here. There may be web site issues.

Could be a very exciting vehicle, the question is if VW is the right VAG brand to have that vehicle.

VW usually doesn’t stand for outdoor ruggedness. But I also cannot think about another brand to have it. Unless they go G-Class, which could work with either Porsche, or Audi.

Kubelwagen and schwimmwagen seemed pretty rugged, but no, nothing recent.

VW: VaporWare

Weird that the “head of strategy” in discussing such a breakthrough design for VW would discuss “washable seat covers” in the first sentence.
That probably tells you more about where they are at than anything else.

Yeah, I found that bizarre too. Really, he’s gonna mention washable seat covers for a concept which hasn’t even reached the stage of an artist’s concept drawing?

Shouldn’t “washable seat covers” be rather far down on the list of what’s important when designing a new car model; something like item #11,500 out of 12,000?

His original quote was that it should be a vehicle you want to clean with a power washer, both on the outside and on the inside. It’s his way of describing what kind of car he imagines. Something that’s robust, rugged, something you actually want to use for work and not something moms in the suburbs are driving their children to school with.

Yes, like the Jeep Wrangler, which has a floor board with drain plugs so that you can hose it down to clean up the dirt and mud.

“return to the spirit of the original off-roader aesthetic with simple lines, hard-wearing interior and washable seat covers.”

Bollinger is already doing that. Of course VW can choose to bring something like that to the market while Bollinger can merely attempt it.

I welcome more utilitarian focused EVs rather than the recent slew of luxury oriented ones.
Bring it!

Time to show dummies in usa hoe to build a EV at right price and works

As usual, 4 years later, hahahaa.

VW is on Elon time.

That is the dumbest idea ever! Where am I going to find a charging station on the Rubicon or on any trails?

Are there gasoline stations in the Rubicon or other trails? The Rubicon trail is only 22 miles long, by the way.

Or they just buy Rivian. Job done.

Just shorten the headline to “VW Considering” and you could use it for all the articles on VW. That’s all they do.

Secret recording leaked of meeting between Head of VW Strategy & VW CEO:

Head of VW Strategy: “What should we do about Rivian & Bollinger soon coming out with rugged EVs?

VW CEO: “You tell me Mr Strategy Man… what do you think we should do?”

Head of VW Strategy: “Get something into production before they do that is better… more rugged… we are VW with more resources and we can clobber them at the start line before they get started. We don’t need another upstart Tesla gaining traction.”

VW CEO: That’s a tad aggressive… I don’t see big demand for rugged off-road EVs. That off-Road crowd drinks black coffe with petro for breakfast… they not Starbucks sipping greenies. It will be a long while before we need worry about Rivian & Bollinger if at all… they likely won’t survive getting to production. Tesla is a one-off cult freak show that won’t survive long term.”

Head of VW Strategy: “So ignore the Rivian & Bollinger noise?”

VW CEO: “Put out press we sketching up rugged EVs… the kind you can play in the mud then wash the seat covers… that should take care of it”

/not real but easily likely

Don’t they already have a concept car like that already?

And why would they badge it as a VW and not audi or Porsche to compete against LR?

Seems like they are just running a random announcement generator, mad libs style.

So many announcement from VW? VW is doing the competition a big favor by announcing their plans for the next 10 years.. LOL. (yeah.. right…)

I feel much of those are just hypes, designed to spin its damaged public image.

So, will Ford now start to do the same with new alliance?

Maybe luxury version of Dune Buggy?

Do you know that VW is considering more luxury than Honda, Toyota, and so in Europe and other countries except USA? Skoda took the place of VW you used to know.

So they want to build a vehicle that makes the least sense to be electrified instead of focusing on improving low range City vehicles / commuters? I mean the real cause of a proper 4×4 should be to go places you wouldn’t be able to recharge for sure and to make journeys you will be most likely dependable on a long range. Don’t get it.