Watch Unboxing & Install Of Tesla Model 3 Roof Rack


Make your Model 3 even more versatile with a roof rack.

From ordering to unboxing, to up-close views of the install, this roof rack video has it all.

The Yakima roof rack surely adds tons of storage space to the Tesla Model 3. Yes, it will negatively impact energy efficiency. However, on that rare occasion when cargo carrying is of utmost importance, this roof rack might be just what’s needed.

Being the smallest of all the Teslas, the Model 3 sacrifices some cargo space. It’s still got a massive trunk and that frunk, but sometimes more is better. Hence the roof rack, which makes its appearance in this highly detailed video.

It’s lengthy, at 30 minutes of duration, but well worth the watch if you’re considering a roof rack for your Model 3.

The roof rack is priced at $450 through Tesla, but it’s currently “out of stock.” Check it out here.

Video description with time notes:

Installing the new Tesla Model 3 Roof Rack!

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0:00 – 3:34: background on the rack, ordering, delivery time

3:35 – 9:24: unboxing, checking size of key components

9:25 – 27:00: installing the rack on the car (various closeups of key part installs)

27:00 – 30:11: installing the Yakima roof box (includes commentary on spacing considerations)

30:12 – 32:38: final thoughts Follow up video coming soon on consumption!

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I would rather a tow hitch with a basket.

Hey guys! I did the consumption tests today and plan to have a blog post up by the weekend.

Never installing roof racks on a sedan

That kid is adorable and clever.

I have previously used Yakima racks to carry kayaks but always removed them when not in use because I don’t want the wind noise and efficiency hit from an empty roof rack. Yakima brand racks install and remove in less than a minute with no tools required but from looking at this video it seems like this rack is more intended for semi-permanent installation. Yakima also offers their own racks system for the model 3 but it is $560. For now I am good putting my Oru folding kayak in the trunk.

I was skimming through the headlines then did a double take and had to go back when I thought I read:
“Watch Unboxing & Install of Tesla Model 3”

Come to think of it, someone has done something like this–do a search for:
“Watch James May Unbox an Actual Toyota Yaris”