Rivian Releases New R1T Truck & R1S SUV Videos


Two new videos featuring the electric duo from Rivian.

A while ago, the Rivian R1T electric truck and R1S electric SUV ventured out into the backcountry for what seemed to be quite the journey.

We documented much of the adventure here at InsideEVs. It all started in Aspen, Colorado where both the R1T and R1S were displayed. Later, both of the electric vehicles headed off on a journey where few EVs have ventured before. With Rivian dropping hints here and there along the way, it was quite spectacular and helped to introduce us and the world to the capabilities of Rivian’s vehicles.

The journey ended, but new videos have surfaced. The pair of clips featured here come after the longer format video released by Rivian. That video showcased both vehicles at 11,000 feet above sea level. The 3-minute clip is worth watching if you missed it.

The two new videos seen here show both the R1T electric truck and R1S SUV both inside and out. Both clips are very brief, but each provides us with some new looks of the adventure vehicles from Rivian, so grab a quick look and let us know what you think.

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13 Comments on "Rivian Releases New R1T Truck & R1S SUV Videos"

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Take it thru some DEEP snow or MUD already,,and lets see how it does then..

Range Rover best think up a response quick as this hits right at their demographic.

Color me neutral on all this Rivian drooling.

Yes, I really want to see them build and sell these vehicles in large numbers, if only for how quickly it will force the hand of GM, Ford, and FCA to electrify their trucks and SUVs. That would be a major step forward in the rEVolution.

But this far out from production, when we’re talking about a startup? That sounds too much like the weekly Big Battery Breakthrough announcements we keep seeing. Sorry, but I’ll keep the cork in my champagne for a while, as I think it’s premature to predict anything about their eventual success, positive or negative.

It’s not that far out. They already have a factory and deliveries are planned to start within 24 months.

I can do the same in my 10k city car! :-O

I think it cost $100,000.

I never aspire to go to Aspen and like most, I’ll never spend $100,000 or even $70,000 for a pickup truck.

I’ll get excited at about $40,000.

Electric pickup trucks need to be affordable enough to reach the masses. Otherwise this product cuts it’s micro niche up in the clouds.

Have you not seen the price of a pickup truck in 2019? Prepare yourself for the biggest shock of your life….$70k+ is quickly becoming NORMAL in pickup trucks and it is already normal in SUV land. The prices are insane! That’s why it’s such a perfect segment for Rivian, people are already spending that much with these vehicles. Go to ford.com and option up a loaded F150…talk about sticker shock! Then do the same on a Suburban, both are about $80k on the high end.

Looks like a Honda Ridgeline with gaudy light strips……

With very little information, I like them. I hope they do well.

Looks like it goes over plowed roads really well. The SUV looks great, much like a Range Rover.
I drive an old F-150, I’d love to go electric, but it will take some convincing, this is intriguing, but didn’t convince me in the slightest.

Innovative compartment for your snowboard, not sure my hockey sticks or skis will fit across like that, and not sure why you need it when you have a truck bed.

not convinced but optimistic. At the very least it will motivate the big boys. Change is coming. GM / Chevy / Dodge… they’ve always been really slow to change and way behind on innovation. But I do love my Ford, but I’m old school, still have a 5 speed and won’t give it up until my last kid learns to drive it.

I drove my Miata with winter tires thru snow over the hood…
Truck and SUV not required for this video. Lol

I’m with you, people think I’m insane when I tell them I think I want a RWD sports car for my next winter car: 86, Miata, EB Mustang. I drive a mountain pass every day to work in Utah, and it’s FUN! Driving is FUN! People have forgotten that… It’s all about the tires, AWD/4WD is 99.9% unnecessary for a competent driver.
I am seriously lusting over the R1S though…that would fill a nice spectrum of utility in my life with a family of 6!

> Innovative compartment for your snowboard, not sure my hockey sticks or skis will fit across like that, and not sure why you need it when you have a truck bed.

I believe they call it a gear tunnel. Cleaver idea, but I’ve also wondered about it’s dimensions/capacity. Maximum length snow skies; how many pairs of skies, with poles, will fit; will 2 sets of golf clubs fit or just one, etc. IMHO, the gear tunnel provides a safe place to store them (out of site reduces theft – had my skies once upon a time) and less chance of them getting damaged rolling around back in the truck’s bed.