Video: Premium ELR Charger Debuts in Cadillac ELR Charging Demonstration


The Cadillac ELR is as easy to charge as…umm…all of the other plug-in vehicles out there?

We’re not entirely sure why this charging demonstration video even exists, but we do catch a glimpse of what we believe to be that “premium 240v charging station and installation service” that’s included free of charge with every Cadillac ELR Saks Fifth Avenue edition purchase.

We suspect this charger will be an optional extra on regular ELRs, though Cadillac’s build configurator is not yet live for the ELR, so it’s just an educated guess we’re making at this point in time.

What do you think of this Cadillac-branded charger?  Is it the unit that comes with the Saks edition?  Or are we seeing something else here?

ELR Charger

ELR Charger


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10 Comments on "Video: Premium ELR Charger Debuts in Cadillac ELR Charging Demonstration"

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“…included free of charge with every Cadillac ELR Saks Fifth Avenue edition purchase.”

This issue costs $1 more, due to the free CD!!

The buyer is paying for it, he/she just do not have a choice…

It is a slightly modified SPX (Bosch) Powerxpress. I know because I have one!

Good catch!

It may be a rebranding of Bosch power express bollard

Cadillac should offer a wireless charging package for ELR owners at a compelling price.

I think the brunette is cute 🙂

I can’t believe that the actor at time 0:45 did not plug the J1772 back into the ChargePoint holster and instead left it hanging there, open to the elements or for someone to knock it on the ground, run it over, or vandalize it in the countless ways we’ve already seen!

Speaking of charging etiquette, come on!

I’m glad they didn’t use the 2011-2013 Volt charge port covers. The solenoids freeze and lock shut. KISS!

Makes about as much sense as the ELR price.

Did you guys watch the video and see how big they made the pedestal when they converted that little SPX box? It stands as high as the side mirror! How is that a good idea? It also has a very long “extension cord” between the pedestal and the building. It doesn’t have any cord management either.