Video: Audi e-tron Driven, Reviewed By Tesla Model S Owner


What does an owner of a Tesla Model S think of Audi’s electric SUV?

Our friend Alex from E For Electric was in Spain last week with Audi for an e-tron press drive. Alex is a current Tesla Model S owner and also a reservation holder for the e-tron. He was happy to finally get some extended time behind the wheel of the upcoming electric offering from Audi, and share his thoughts with his followers.

Audi arranged an extensive off-road course for the press drive, and Alex expresses his approval of the e-tron’s off road capabilities. There was also some track time for the participants, and Alex has some video of that too.

Uniquely, there are very few video test drives of the Audi e-tron and, of course, even fewer by an electric car owner. Add in that this review comes from a Model S owner and you can sense the level of rarity here.

Check out the video for the full report on the Audi e-tron.

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Won’t even watch it. Alex has big issues with Tesla and is biased IMO.

Alex loves his Tesla but hate the service

There has been a marked change in his attitude and his reporting on Tesla over the years, much less conciliatory and more aggressive and derogatory.
Meanwhile his views of other evs has been elevated, along with his thoughts on coming, but still non existent vehicles, such as Fisker, Nio, and others.
I don’t find his views particularly informative or knowledgeable, though he is upbeat and energetic.

I might add that his attitude towards those vehicles/companies he currently favors may fall out of favor, and may change dramatically. Dramatics is what he’s all about. Just look at his you tube promo pics, most have him holding his head, or his mouth wide open, or his face and body in some other exclamatory characterization. He is rather a mercurial character and doesn’t take developments with much aplomb, just the opposite. Everything is a tempest, just imo, it’s in a teapot. Also if you are nice to Fisker, Audi, etc… they talk to you, invite you to things, etc…If he were to bad mouth them, right out of the box, he would be like me, sitting at home typing, and never getting invited anywhere. But they want candy, not salt. The Auid e-Tron is ok, not great. In the end though it tends to color his opinions, it’s difficult for him to be critical to the up and comers, and with Tesla he can just lay into them on any little thing that happens. They actually have cars driving around. I think his view of Tesla is like that of a jilted lover, and he had some service difficulties.… Read more »

I would think it’s much easier to be critical with something you have hands-on experience with. How many miles have you driven in the Audi e-tron to just declare it okay?

Yeah you know. The Falcon Heavy is ok.

Long ICE hood. Incredibly cluttered, busy, switch and button and screen-laden interior. Big car, but no three rows of useable seats. Go ahead and abuse your $100,000 EV over goat trails – 97.5% of us would never do that. The car over promises on range AND efficiency. Pay to ship and house and feed 150 journalists (and apparently their ex-girlfriend assistants) for several days in Spain and expect unbiased reporting. I know the camera mirrors won’t make it to the U.S. market, but Audi’s application of them is horrible. Too low too small, too gimmicky and frustratingly complex. So far, Jaguar, Audi and Mercedes are embarrassing themelves with these big expensive two row station wagon beasts. Remember when Audi made news by hanging a sign depicting e-Tron over their facility emblazoned with the words: “Musk Have”? Slower, less practical for 90% of us, less of a value and substantially less efficient than Teslas that have equal or more passenger room. Fake grilles and boring design. I believe our European friends are still vexed by the challenge of building a viable, competitive electric car. I find it most amusing. After all, we have been told from birth that these people are… Read more »

I find it funny that you conclude that faster and more practical go together as if the e-tron is in obviously fast enough and what we need is more and more suburbanites bigger and bigger SUVs going 0 to 60 in 4 seconds as that obviously read in the practicality immensely. Some of us aren’t frightened and offended buy a few buttons and actually prefer a few rather than one giant screen.

You find it funny because you’re being deliberately obtuse.

In the same sentence he mentioned performance, practicality, value, and efficiency. Why do you connect the first two together?

Practicality has to do with three rows of seats, cargo room, charging network, range, etc.

Nonetheless, I’ll agree that your other points have merit. Some people like the things that are different in the Audi compared to the X.

So get a minivan. Obviously there are plenty of people who don’t want 3 rows. Get a cargo van as bigger is better eh? Exactly his criticism if the aesthetics is purely subjective.

The youtube promo pics are the current trend in how to attract views. To claim this says anything about him other than his good business acumen is just daft.

Compare to other EV channels, his data gathering seems to be just shallow.
His insights are also just meh….

How dare he be critical about Tesla?

Everyone is biased. For example, you essentially state that you are biased against Alex, because of his supposedly “big issues” with Tesla. I am, admittedly, biased against people’s opinions that are based on uneducated, poorly though-out speculations, etc. So, why not just watch and make one’s opinion, based on the merits of the case vs. someone’s person?

Haven’t watched, yet (NSFW), but what’s up with Audi loaning eTrons out in deserts and off-road? Is “How’s it off-road” a common EV question? I’m biased toward the regular road, where Bjorn’s review was pretty good.

Even when they did the press event in “the desert” there was plenty of road driving. Check the Autogefuhl review. What the youtubers choose to show in their edits is really up to them.

I think he is Ok, if you want really a person with issues watch Transport Evolved channel. It is the typical case of a person that says I love Tesla and then says the harshers lies against the brand. At least Alex is honest based in his own opinions and has no tricks as that woman.

People like you are why I look for faults with Tesla even though I own a Model S. I can’t stand the Tesla Cult. Tesla has issues with quality control, customer service and time to repair just deal with the facts

One of the highest word-to-information-content ratios I’ve seen in a video in a long time.

Seriously, what did anyone here learn about the e-tron?

I learned never to watch his videos again.

It is pretty bad and I skipped much of it, but I did actually learn a couple things. 1. It is seriously good off road which is probably not expected. 2. It is seriously good on the track….which I suppose is expected. Audi doesn’t make poor handling vehicles. But the track part was interesting.

I could have turned off the sound to the video and skipped first 3 minutes and sped up the video 4x and would have gotten the gist.

That’s very close to what I did.

How about the fact that it can use the front camera to show you what is directly in front of the vehicle (when broaching the hill off-road)
That is a seriously awesome feature I would love to have!
And using the all-around camera in drive (forward). Also very cool.
So yes, I did learn something.

The BMW X vehicles have that camera system and control features too. I got to drive one around their off-road test track in Spartanburg SC and it was impressive. I am personally of the opinion that most SUVs are basically rebadged mini-vans but those Bimmers were really serious about doing the off-roading stuff. Hopefully the BEV version comes soon.

If Alex does end up trading his Tesla for an Audi EV it will be interesting to see how he feels about the change a year out… I predict there will be more things he misses about his Tesla and things he better likes about this Audi EV.

Typo: should read:
“… I predict there will be more things he misses about his Tesla *than* things he better likes about this Audi EV.”

Damn, you fixed it wrong. Let me try:
“… I predict there will be things he misses about his Tesla and things he likes better about the Audi.”

It’s pretty arrogant to “fix” his prediction like that. If you disagree with his prediction, you are free to make your own prediction. No need to be a jerk about it.

More arrogant than predicting that Alex will determine the Tesla is better?

That was my prediction. If you don’t like it, make your own one, instead of just complaining about me.

At least I was constructive.

Charging network is the only thing that springs to mind

As everyone knows, that is such an important advantage for so many. I make trips in my Model 3 all the time and have put 22K miles on it over the last year. That would not be possible without a lot of planning and time in any other EV. In the Model 3 its effortless. Also, its a 310 mile EV, no way would I want a 220 mile EV after owning a 310 mile EV. Alex must just need a city car.

As everyone knows comparing Model 3 to e-tron is silly. (compact vs. large SUV)

Model X would have the same advantage. Alex is changing from a Model S to e-tron, so he will have less range and no well established charging network. I will watch some of his video’s to better understand all the problems he has had with his S.

Large SUV? Like 3 rows of seating?

Sedán d and d suv

As long as he’s not a bias Tesla worshipper, I’m open.

It’s not that we’re cult members, it’s just that we now have the bar set pretty high. Tesla has created the best cars in the world — if someone’s going to take that crown, then their cars have to be even better.

Got a problem with high standards?

They may be the best electric cars, but compared to a Ferrari 812 or even the I Pace, they are very bland looking cars.

I like the looks of the Model S more than when it was new. The I-Pace, while I liked it at first is now looking dated compared to the E -Tron and Model S.

Jaguar F has nice lines. I-Pace is not a good looking Jaguar, it seems like it borrowed it’s looks from a Toyota Venza. I was thoroughly disappointed in what they revealed, especially for $80,000+

Yes, the ferrari and ipace are very bland looking. I agree with you. Trash cars as well.

No. But I have a problem with stated ignorance and closed minds. A non-trivial proportion of the Tesla cult do EVs a disservice. And the first comment in this article is a perfect example.

Yawn, don’t you guys ever give up. The only cult is you Fudsters. Until you have a morally ethic Legacy car manufacturers producing ev’s at 100,000/yr with a proper charging network and decent looking cars you guys all end up sounding the same.

Is there any EV that can go across US worry-free besides a Tesla?

Actually no – good point.

Requires an asterisk. *North Dakota does not count….nobody crosses North Dakota without worry.

Look at all these new short-handle IEV users: Jolu, Tom and other mysterious supporters of the idea Tesla is a cult.

I wonder how supporting higher range EVs, and better charging infrastructure, makes a company’s consumers part of a CULT???

Definitely happening pj although I think a lot of the new usernames that just magically appear to spread anti-Tesla FUD are merely existing trolls who register new usernames.

As Tesla becomes more and more successful, it leads to more trolling against it due to being disrupted and otherwise losing money because of Tesla and I think there are a sizable number of Germans/Europeans in this boat now.

Also there are more than a few anti-EV trollsfor ideological reasons too although Insideevs staff does a great job moderating and removing these clowns.

Yes I noticed as you said, some of the trolls coming back with different user names after they had been flushed out. Same vocabulary, syntax, and delivery style just a different user name.

I like the ‘new’ statement as it is a dead give away regarding the veracity of the claim.

What is new here? people from and other Tesla users have reviewed it long time ago also in Spain

That was only two weeks or so ago in Marbella.


LOL. Audi: “Jaguar did they’re media test in Portugal. We’ll do our test in Spain!”

Agree with him about the side-view mirror monitor locations: both should require minimal eye movement and almost no head movement. Perhaps incorporate monitors next to that HUD?

Amen. I can understand they wanted to simulate mirrors for their legacy customers, but I would really hope they are more ambitious next time. There is no practical reason to place the screens on the doors, and it would be so lovely to be able to have a full view of the vehicle surrounds in one central location without craning ones neck around.

Too many people are making their living from their Tesla fan channels. This business guy, who has 0 content in his talks trying his luck to be the first US Q6 E-tron Youtuber/”infulencer”. If he can make a lot of viewers it will pay off for him well. I’m happy to see people like him leaving the Tesla community. No loss.

Why would they eliminate the side mirrors but still keep the camera and turn signal on the stalk? For crying out loud….put the camera elsewhere and eliminate the thing all together. I like the idea of digital mirrors but this is the worst way to do it.

So far, I’ve made 2 comments on IEVs today and both said they were under review and disappeared.

Thus, I won’t waste too much energy on my comment as Audi sure wasted lots of money and energy shipping 150 journalists and YouTubers across the world to prove their e-Tron has quite a ways to go to catch up to Tesla.

I approved both of them. Just took me a bit to catch them. I have no idea why the bot moderated them. It happens more often with those longer comments. Sorry.

Can someone expoain why this guy finds it necessary/useful/professional/appropriate or informative to mention several times that his assistant is his “ex” or “my ex girlfriend”?

This guy has no professional polish and his report is all over the place. He doesn’t present much insight here and admits Audi paid him to be there. Slow news day, indeed.

the 70s called Alex – they want their white trousers back

This guy is so bad he has put me off buying an e-tron!

It pays to be a Youtuber.

I owned the PHEV etron A3 since it’s the only wagon/CUV that was electric in late ’16. Audi was horrible to deal with when (electrical) issues started to surface. Refusing ,like legacy OEM tend to to work with the consumer to resolve problems. Where Tesla is different, many times,it listens to feedback, sends an update where possible.Our Model X was repaired in a timely manner when we had phyiscal issues. Tesla wanted auto makers to go green with them. After they laughed at them, the shipment data for the 3, losing conquest sales ,and more entry trades to the 3. Legacy auto OEM became a bit serious launching some EVs. After the PHEV etron experience, I have no desire to own another Audi,and inform as many people why.

Tesla S Owner- Does the Audi Etron have the same ‘auto pilot’ abilities? IE- Enhanced Autopilot

With Enhanced Autopilot your car will steer, accelerate and brake for you within almost any traffic lane! It will also automatically change lanes on most highways to overtake other cars or navigate to interchanges and exits. And with regular over-the-air software updates, you’ll always have access to our most advanced features and functionality.

Jaguar IPACE claimed they had auto pilot. BUT If you let go of wheel it kept you in lane by playing ping pong off the lane markers. I want ability to stay straight in lane even if I have to touch wheel every 20 seconds or so. Great in traffic as well as highway driving