Meet Venere – The 1,000 HP All-Electric Limousine

MAR 8 2018 BY MARK KANE 15

LVCHI Auto, born in 2016 in Shanghai, presents at the Geneva Motor Show its full-electric limousine called Venere.

Venere by LVCHI Auto

The car was designed with the Italian design firm I.DE.A. and could (we doubt it) enter production in 2019, according to the press release.

The company said that Venere is a four-seat limousine, but when you see four electric motors with a total of 740 kW of power and 2.5 secondsย for its 0-62 mph time, it’s more like a sports car that happens to be called a limousine.

The associations with the Tesla Model S based on the specs are obvious, although Venere went the opposite for rear-door openings and styling is quite a bit different.

Quick specs:

  • 0-100 km/h (62 mph) in 2.5 seconds
  • four motors, 185 kW each
  • system output: 740 kW and 1,540 Nm
  • 100 kWh battery pack for up to 652 km (405 miles) of range
  • top speed of 286 km/h (178 mph)
  • 2,100 kg weight
  • fast charging (80%) in 50 minutes

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Venere by LVCHI Auto

Venere by LVCHI Auto

Venere by LVCHI Auto

Venere by LVCHI Auto

Venere by LVCHI Auto

Venere by LVCHI Auto

Venere by LVCHI Auto

Venere by LVCHI Auto

Venere by LVCHI Auto

Venere by LVCHI Auto

Venere by LVCHI Auto

Venere by LVCHI Auto

Press release:

Introducing Venere by LVCHI Auto: the First High-Performance Electric Limousine

Venere by LVCHI Auto

LVCHI Auto has unveiled at the Geneva Motorshow, Venere, the first full-electric limousine ready to go into production in 2019 with amazing and certified performance. Venere has been tested by CSI and the results are astonishing: thanks to its over 1.000 hp, it launches from 0 to 100 km/h in 2,5 seconds and reaches a top speed of 286 km/h. The autonomy range is among the best in class, with over 652 km with a single charge.

Born in 2016 in Shanghai, LVCHI Auto sets to step in the EV market with the aim to become one of its main players. The project of Venere kicked-off in July 2017 together with I.DE.A. Institute, a historical Italian design firm operating on a worldwide level since 1978.

LVCHI Auto would like to develop Venere with the idea of disrupting the EV market with innovative solutions, yet to be seen on such vehicles. The chassis, for example, is made of a composite material, a sandwich of carbon fiber and honeycomb, to meet the torsional and bending stiffness needed by the high performance and the total weight.

Venere by LVCHI Auto

The 5 meters long limousine is moved by 4 electric motors – 2 at the rear and 2 at the front – able to rev up to 13.000 rpm and generating 185 KW each with 1,540 Nm of torque. These, combined with a 100 kWh Lithium-Ion battery pack, allow great capabilities in terms of autonomy and performance.

“We are proud to be here in Geneva presenting Venere, which we believe is a masterpiece of design and engineering, the future of Electric luxury cars. At LVCHI Auto we have a detailed plan to become one of the most recognized EV makers: Venere is how we present ourselves to the world,” declared Xiangyin Wang, president of LVCHI Auto. “Our engineers, together with the ability of their counterparts at I.DE.A Institute, have been able to build a prototype which is ready to enter production in 2019. It is an astonishing result and I hope you will enjoy Venere as much as we did while designing it”.

LVCHI Auto will start producing Venere in Turin. Afterward, a new electric Citycar will be introduced, allowing the brand to be positioned on different market ranges. Between 2020 and 2021, the development plan expects the launch of SUV, MPV platforms and of an electric high performing sedan, Urano, presented in Shanghai last January, 8th.

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That is the worst name of all time. I hope they paid the model very well to stand in front of a car that sounds like an STD.

Lol. Don’t forget that the “S” part of STD is actually a good thing. Venere just means sexualdesire.

…or literally translated to English, “Venus”

Looks nice but isn’t their logo cut and paste from the kids transformers toys?

What makes that a limousine?

It’s about the same length as an A8 L “Long Wheel Base”

They sure couldn’t have called it the

2018 and car makers are still selling woman at Geneva …

Why do you hate women? You want to keep them all home barefoot and pregnant cooking for you all day or something??

Hope they start production. More choise. Will be expensive I guess.

So can me and all my boys or all my girls party in the back while hanging out the moon roof while this thing is in motion?

I agree. How the heck is this thing a “limo”…

Are Maybachs considered limos??

Yes, Maybachs are definitely considered limos. If you’re thinking of *stretched* limos then maybe an stretched Towncar or Hummer is more your thing…

Those curves look great in white!

People here are OBSESSIVE about names- model names or ‘definitions’ [CUV/SUV/WTFUV…].
Who f*cking cares?

‘Shooting Brake’- hahaha! Even that has been disinterred from the dustbin of automotive history.

I like the sleek, clean design, both front and back ๐Ÿ™‚