Tesla Uncorks This Model X 100D – HP, 0-60 & 1/4-Mile Tested


Let’s see if uncorking this version of the Model X results in increased acceleration.

This version of the Model X, the 100D, isn’t the quickest available, but still, it’s hard to shy away at the chance of a power bump.

The folks over at DragTimes have owned and tested this Model X multiple times in the past, but just recently decided to have the uncorking process done.

It’s not available over-the-air, as most other Tesla updates are. For this modification, Tesla service either comes to you (next day in this case) or the Tesla is taken in. It’s not complicated though. The work is performed quickly and the results are immediate.

It was back in July of 2017 when Tesla first mentioned this upgrade, but for a large chunk of Model X owners, upping the output on a family-hauling SUV wasn’t really a top priority. Lots of Model S owners jumped at the opportunity, but there’s been just a few such reports of Model X’s getting the update.

According to Tesla, the Model X 100D update drops 0 to 60 MPH times from 5.2 seconds down to 4.7 seconds, but do the tests performed by DragTimes confirm these numbers? You’ll have to watch the video to find out, but here’s a hint – it does 0 to 60 MPH in 4.4 seconds after the update, but 5.2 seconds wasn’t its time prior to the uncorking.

Video description:

Tesla service came out to “uncork” our Model X 100D to add some more power. We test out before and after 0-60 MPH ,1/4 Mile and power.

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On Tesla’s website right now it says the X P100D can do the 0-60 in 2.9 seconds; it keeps getting quicker and quicker which is a good thing…

In this one aspect, they set the bar pretty high (or would that be low (secs)) plus their OTA capability to tweak it seems almost every aspect of the cars. This certainly has generated a lot of discussions within other companies.

My X 100D corked and uncorked kW output difference using ‘Dashboard for Tesla’ to get the data from the car.

‘Uncorked’ is a pretty funny term for something that has no tail pipes or mufflers (or even catalytic converters).

All this drama for 0.3 seconds seems a little much. In the real world of hauling kids, does that really matter?

In the real world for hauling kids, do you really need a 150.000$ SUV?
These things are for fun, while being practical at the same time

>>> see this text <>
uncorked; uncorking; uncorks
transitive verb
1 : to draw a cork from uncork a bottle
2 a : to release from a sealed or >>> pent-up state uncork a surprise <<>> to let go : release uncork a wild pitch <<<

Doesnt matter how fast it is, I still cant get past the looks of it. The Model S looks great, but since then their designs have gone down hill with the Model X having the ugliest exterior and the Model 3 having the ugliest interior.

And you having the ugliest wife.