Tesla Supercharger Network Build Out Detailed By Musk – New Maps


MAY 27 2018 BY MARK KANE 17

Tesla just updated its global map of Supercharging stations, expanding it with new stations planned for installation.

There are currently some 1,229 Supercharger stations in the world, with 9,623 Superchargers stalls. Between January 1 and May 12 of 2018, Tesla added 121 new stations.

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Elon Musk said that there are 1,000s of Superchargers in permitting/construction phases, so let’s look at the global map of Tesla Superchargers here. Maybe there are now some new stations coming to routes near you?

Tesla Supercharging network

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My view is that ev revolution will build more like tidal wave. Everything is quite the sea recedes, falling sales of sedans, people wander to the beach to get to get shells, ev sales are only a small % of overall sales.
Then it starts coming in and just does not stop. You can’t reason with it, explain it away, it has not pity, remorse, and it absolutely will Not Stop, Ever.

Access to a convenient & reliable fast charge network for those occasional long distance trips…

Tesla is currently #1 by a long shot on that important EV feature.

A huge current [pun] EV competitive advantage for Tesla that will take several years for Tesla’s EV competitors to match.

Within next 3 years this will be same for the EV semi truck space and likely will prove to be even more time-compress disruptive to commercial semi trucking than has been for consumer EVs.

One thing is certain tesla will continue to innovate supercharging network so 10 years from now supercharging network will be faster and from CLEAN energy sources. GO TESLA GO DESTROY DIRTY GAS GUZZLERS AND DIESELS LOL CONNECT THE DOTS ON CLEAN AIR WAKE UP FOLKS

Now that Tesla has a route and is running an electric Semi some old school trucking paradigms may die.
Trucks only make money while they are moving. Stopping for diesel is a waste unless combined with a mandatory rest stop. Tesla plans to gets around all this by charging, changing drivers and truck inspection/maintenance at loading and unloading only. Triple win! Back the semi to the loading dock, hook up chargers, call the mechanics.
This will work for some longer hauls. Typical is: load in Oakland, haul doubles to Reno, empty one while charging (back load if you have one) and change drivers, head to Fresno, empty second one while charging (back load if you have one) and change drivers for the trip back to Oakland. I know of two companies doing this distribution with diesels now. But neither can fuel while unloading/loading or do maintenance unless they drop/hookup the trailers which takes considerable time.
We may see a LOT of private V3 Superchargers.

Yes. In Poland there is even a talk about highway network by one of gas providers… at 50kWh. Because ofc there are no cars that can do better (apart from maybe dozens of teslas)

It’s very good that there will be many more new Tesla Supercharger Stations.

When will the 2,000th Tesla Supercharger Station be realised?

You sound British…my guess is 2k supercharging stations in 2020

The only thing slowing EV transition is manufacturing of EV and batteries. But considering where we were 10 years ago to where were at today it’s impressive. 10 years from now 25% of vehicles will be electric.

Specifically, nlt 2028 at least 25% of all new vehicles built will be all electric(bev)

Prediction that I saw was 100% new EVs in 2025. Who will sell new ICE when the value goes to 0?

Love the new map, and Love the rapidly expanding Supercharger network. This is absolutely one of the main reasons I am looking at a Model 3 instead of a Jaguar iPace or Audi eTron right now. One thing that concerns me however is the Service Center Map. When you select Service Centers it appears Tesla does not have the ability to service thousands of new TM3s nationwide. The only one coming soon is in New Orleans. I’m sure Tesla has good data on where reservation holders live so they can stay ahead of the growth, but from an outsider’s perspective this is concerning.

“When you select Service Centers it appears Tesla does not have the ability to service thousands of new TM3s nationwide. ”

350 service vans averaging 4 calls per day over a year would be a bit over 500,000 service calls per year.

76 service centers averaging 10-20 cars per day would be 270,000 to 550,000 cars per year. No?

Insecurity levels tend to be personal. If you’re not comfortable you’re not comfortable. What would it take to make you comfortable?

Guess it will take time. Perhaps I wasn’t specific enough. I am quite concerned about proximity of the service centers to, well, all of America (which is huge). I live in Atlanta, so I’m good, but there are huge gaps in service coverage when you look at the map. And yes I know Tesla has mobile service vans but you can’t get all services needed from a van. Not to mention many people may not be comfortable with it. Again, time will tell.

How many calls will be handled through software from some control room… Tesla says service a Smartphone click away soon. Will problems be self detected and fixed automatically?

“Will problems be self detected and fixed automatically?”

Some can be. In some cases dignostics can be run remotely and analyzed remotely. Some issues can be addressed via SW updates. If nothing else issues calls can be routed and assigned to service personnel in the area.

Most of the sites say coming soon 2018. I don’t believe half of those would make it in 2018. I’d be happy if all of those that said 2018 were built in 2019. Only the ones that have a side note saying summer 2018 or fall 2018 have a chance in hell of being built in 2018.

“Most of the sites say coming soon 2018”

Those sites were not included in my calculations but pointing out that the service sites will double in the near term should allay the insecurities of many.