Tesla Sold 456 Model 3 In Canada In May

JUL 3 2018 BY MARK KANE 15

Tesla began deliveries of the Model 3 in Canada in May and, as it turns out, hundreds of Model 3 were delivered right away.

According to latest data from Green Car Reports, 456 Model 3 were registered in May, which contributed to an already record month for plug-in electric car sales in Canada – 4,987 registrations at a growth rate of 190% year-over-year.

The best selling model was the Nissan LEAF (906), but many plug-ins noted strong numbers. Part of the reason could be the risk that a new government will drop the $10,645 ($14,000 CAD) rebate in Ontario.

Tesla had its own reason to sell the Model 3 in volume in Canada, as it could be a way to avoid hitting 200,000th sales in U.S. in June, which is important from the federal tax credit perspective.

It’s expected that in June Tesla Model 3 deliveries in Canada exceeded 1,800, so the poor LEAF didn’t hold onto the record too long.

Plug-in electric car registrations in Canada – May 2018

Sales of plug-in cars in Canada really took off.  Market share now is at 2.3% in May!

Plug-in electric car registrations in Canada – May 2018

Source: Green Car Reports

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Yup, the main push for all EV’s in May and June was the pending Ontario Provincial Election, which the Party leading the Polls stated they would eliminate the Cap and Trade Programs, which the EHVIP is part of.

Zoom to present day today, yes that Party won and they just announced today they are scrapping the Cap and Trade Programs. So the $14,000 CAD Rebate from the Ontario Government is almost gone now and we will see a bit of continued flurry of activity for EV buying, but I don’t suspect that will last long.

And I believe the vast majority of Canadian deliveries where in Ontario, with a very small few in BC.

In 2017, Quebec had almost as many EV sales as Ontario (7147 vs 7477), then BC at 3270
The Volt was tops in Canada with 4340 followed by Bolt at 2107
In Q1 2018, there were no Tesla vehicles in the top 5. Clearly that will change for Q2.

A few weeks ago, the PNE parking lot at Gate 9 off of Bridgeway Street was jammed with Model 3 still in their protective plastic wraps. They were being prepped and delivered to owners in a temporary showroom at the Forum Building. Guarded with entry only to reservation holders. I’d estimate at least 200-300 on that day. Tesla was delivering vehicles to customers all that week.

I’m sure that Ford Nation will cheer the collapse of EV sales, ignoring the fact that sales spiked in anticipation of the incentives likely being withdrawn after the election. Ontario sales for 2017 were 148% more than 2016. It is rumuored that Tesla delivered 2,000 Model 3 to Canada. That is more than all EVs sold from Jan-Mar. Almost 20% of Canadian EV sales in 2017

I live in Vancouver and we gloss over the lack of cars available. I have back my Mazda 3 a few months ago and transit was a time waster so I went looking for an EV. Bolt is unavailable for at least a year in Canada. VW E-golf a minimum of 10 month wait. Hyundai Ionic was months out. Lots of Kia soul EV for sale but they want $650/month to lease after the $5k incentive. I might as well make a pile of cash and light it on fire. BMW I3 is way too expensive for the range as well as the new Nissan leaf… All these cars are over $40k after incentives and depreciate like a stone in water. I ended up buying a 2013 Nissan leaf for $14.5k 11 bars left and for the few road trips I take the wife’s Highlander hybrid…. I just cancelled my model 3 order cause I can’t justify $50k CAD for a car… Any car… I can afford it but it’s such a waste of money. No adorable Tesla in sight. I will have to wait years and years for used model 3’s to trickle down. So far I’ve used free… Read more »

“Bolt is unavailable for at least a year in Canada. VW E-golf a minimum of 10 month wait. Hyundai Ionic was months out. “

Another datapoint that proves the incumbents have problems ramping production (for different reasons than Tesla). Lack of batteries is the most likely explanation, which is why GF1 was such a bold but vital move for Tesla.

Nah, the most likely explanation is that the dealerships simply don’t want to sell them. But come on by to the VW Dealership and we’ll sell you a nice, shiny Touareg!

InsideEV’s: are you reporting “sales” or actual deliveries? (eg. of the LEAF?). There is zero availability of the LEAF in Canada, unless you get lucky and get a cancellation (at which point you are paying FULL MSRP or above + dealer fees. Yes, dealers are taking advantage of the situation and offering NO discounts whatsoever if they happen to have a LEAF available from a cancellation). Wait time seems to be 3-4 months, or, if your order was “converted” to a 2019, December. Which is really lame. Bolt is 12 month wait, Volt you can typically get within a month…but overall the EV situation in Canada is basically near zero availability of all models, except for maybe some KIA dealers who got small shipments of a Soul EV, which not everyone wants.

We only report deliveries, which are synonymous with sales. Automakers publish them in their sales report. However, this means the car has been sold and delivered. We don’t report production, deposits, orders, etc. When the automakers release their sales reports, this is only the vehicles that have officially ended up in an owner’s possession.

Thanks for clarifying, maybe stick that info into the sales scorecard to make it clear?

We use both words because we’ve found that if the word delivery and month is in every single sentence it starts to become tough to read. I’ll put a disclaimer in the scorecard and report card to make it very clear. Thanks so much!

That’s only been going on since forever.

When we did “buy” (read: lease) new back in 2013, we took advantage of a year-end sale, and had the car shipped in from somewhere else. That was when they *wanted* to get rid of the excess stock they’d been holding back all through 2012. Year after year, I’ve seen “issues” with availability that have by and large just been ginormous bait-and-switch schemes. They’d claim that the production run was done, and there’d be no more cars shipped to Canada. Yet I’ve still seen the sales numbers come up month after month on Insideevs’ sales scorecard.

You might try instead to go looking for new cars on Craigslist… those are usually dealerships that are actually interested in selling EVs.

Thank you, Mark!

There was a comment posted to IEVs just the other day where someone claimed there had been no Tesla Model 3’s delivered in Canada until last month (June).

I thought that was wrong; nice to see my memory on that point confirmed!


I feel pretty good about getting Soul EV in Canada 6 months ago … 3 year lease costing me the same money (payments) as old ICE I got rid off. With close to zero operational costs and really much better driving experience.

I love the car, even though it’s not perfect. And I would NOT give even KIA a look in my ICE days …. just saying.