Tesla Software Update Holds Cabin Temp For A Long Time When Parked




DreamCase for Tesla Model S – Camper Mode Activated

Tesla’s latest software update adds a few convenience features.

Last month we reported about Tesla’s current over-the-air software update, which re-established automatic emergency braking to cars that had the feature turned off previously for validation. Now we have learned via Electrek that the update also added a few other features. All of the new features should be available fleetwide in the near future. Keep in mind that not everyone’s vehicle updates at precisely the same time. Rather, it’s a gradual process that reaches out to the fleet incrementally.


If this poor guy had a distance setting programmed into his Tesla for his Homelink, perhaps his garage door wouldn’t have accidentally closed on his Model X … or perhaps not!

One such feature establishes a more effective “camper mode”.

Essentially, it will keep the vehicles’ climate control running for a long time while the car is in Park. The other feature gives owners the option to adjust Homelink distance settings. So, you could tell the car to sense and open a garage door or gate from a further/closer distance depending on your needs and the situation.

Tesla continues to release features such as these on a regular basis, and there are still many more to come. In fact, since the cars don’t rely on regular model year updates, every time an update is established and validated, it makes its way into every compatible Tesla vehicle across the globe. This is just another way that the automotive tech company attempts to remain “future-proof”.

Tesla vehicles don’t officially include what some refer to as a “camper mode”. However, we’ve seen people using the cars in this way for years and posting YouTube “how-to” videos explaining how to go about the process. There are even some aftermarket apps that will help you engage the feature in your Tesla vehicle. Now, although the automaker is still not acknowledging any official camping setting, the vehicles should function even better for the task.

Video below:  Bjørn Nyland demos “Camper Mode” back in the day (2014)

Source: Electrek

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“…it will keep the vehicles’ climate control running for a long time while the car is in Park.”

How long is “a long time”? And what is the limit to how far it will drain the battery before shutting down?

Here’s a post which addresses at least part of that question, from the Tesla Motors Club forum:

I once spent the entire 9h night with AC at 20°C and outside temp 4°C and light snow. Used less than 10% for the entire night on an 85kWh battery. So, one or 2 hours you won’t really notice, I guess


Doing the math, on person says the drain is under 1 kWh of battery per hour with an outside temperature near freezing. Subzero may be more.

Could anyone else here measure this more precisely, noting the temperature? Based on that one example, it looks like one can maintain comfort temperature for over 24 hours even on a half a charge. This could happen if someone in a car is “buried” in a sudden snowstorm. (Since 50% – 24% (or less) is >= 26% which is still more than the 20% minimum to keep it going.

If you get buried in a snowstorm, don’t push it over a whole weekend, though. Cabin mode will hit 20% and turn off. You will want to dig yourself out, to look for food and help and relieve yourself. But its good to know you have at least 24 hours on a half-charge.

At a supercharger, of course, you could survive a week in a car buried in the snow!

It will keep it running until battery SOC reaches 20%

I was once stuck in the sand with a pickup in the Atacama desert near the Bolivian border. I tried hard to get the wheel out but when the night came I didn’t see anything anymore. So, I remained inside the vehicle until the morning but at night it became very cold and I had to turn on the engine for heat every 20 minutes so as to have heat but not empty the fuel tank. In the morning I saw mountain lion steps around the pickup, so they had been trying to prey on me during the night. I managed to get out of the sand and went back to Calama.
Of course I didn’t sleep much so a feature like on the Model S would have been great back then in those same circumstances.

Interesting story.
OTR for 20 years I had a flat in -30 degrees F. Took me 45 minutes to change because after a few minutes my fingers would get stiff.
Warmed ’em on the heater in between.
Out in the sticks, no phone, no cars, but no mountain lions either.

That explains why Tesla keeps the LED’s on in camper mode. To scare off the moutain lions and other beasts:-)

No more now the lights can be turned of in real new camper mode.
So take care near mountain lions. 😉