The Relentlessly Negative Tesla Smear Campaign Is Accelerating

AUG 1 2018 BY EVANNEX 149


In recent months, all of us who follow Tesla have noticed a dramatic increase in what Elon Musk characterized as “relentlessly negative” news, rumors, and innuendo concerning Tesla and its vehicle lineup.  You’ll find damaging Tesla stories and commentary on obscure blogs and twitter feeds, across mainstream news sites and aggregators, and in national web sources and publications.

*This article comes to us courtesy of EVANNEX (which also makes aftermarket Tesla accessories). Authored by Roger Pressman. The opinions expressed in these articles are not necessarily our own at InsideEVs.

Above: Tesla’s Model S (Image: Teslarati)

A few years ago Tesla and Elon were the darlings of the media—eco-friendly, tech-savvy, hyper-innovative—the wave of the future. Now, if you were to believe the conventional wisdom as reported by the media, things have changed. Sure, there are still staunch defenders of the company, but the tsunami of news presented with a distinctly negative spin often drowns them out.

The big question is why, and the answers I’ve seen are a little naïve and often overly-simplistic.

Defenders of the company—and there are many—blame “the shorts” (investors who bet large sums on shorting TSLA in the hope that stock prices will fall) or  “big oil” or “big auto”, recognizing that Tesla’s success represents a significant long-term threat to all of those constituencies.

But they almost never talk about the mechanism that I believe is responsible for the negative news tsunami we’re seeing—a mechanism that CBS journalist, Sharyl Attkisson calls, “The Smear.” In her book, Attkisson describes a smear this way: “In simple terms, it’s an effort to manipulate opinion by promulgating an overblown, scandalous and damaging narrative … Paid forces devise clever, covert ways to shape the information landscape in ways you can’t imagine.”

Attkisson is writing about a long-time practice of shady political operatives (on both sides of the aisle) working to manipulate the news. Yet regardless of politics, political beliefs, or controversy surrounding the book, it’s clear her comments are equally germane in the case of Tesla. I suspect that the smear we’re witnessing is a disinformation campaign conducted by professional smear shops who are experts at manipulating friendly members of the media and through them, the general public. And behind the smear shops, hidden from view, are paying clients who desire anonymity.

But what are the explicit characteristics of a “smear,” and how can you learn to recognize them? As important, how do the shadowy figures who operate professional smear shops do their work?

The Smear

The best smears are always based on a grain of truth. Let’s consider a few Tesla-specific examples:

  • Tesla was in “production hell” as Model 3 ramped (factually true), so with that reality, the smear emphasizes production line failures, overworked employees, unsafe working conditions, and the like.
  • Early Model 3 vehicles did have fit and finish issues (factually true), so the smear suggests that all Models 3s continue to have quality issues and that maintenance costs will skyrocket for consumers.
  • Lots of major auto companies have announced EVs that are supposedly competitive with Tesla vehicles (factually true), so it’s possible to spin those industry press releases into a smear that suggest that a “Tesla-Killer” lies ahead and that it represents an existential threat to Tesla.
  • Capital outlays for the production ramp and the Gigafactory have been significant (factually true), so with that reality, it’s possible to spin hundreds of stories into a smear that suggests a cash burn that will lead to Tesla’s financial Armageddon.

Professional smear shops hire enthusiastic young college grads and plenty of unpaid interns who follow the target of the smear—Tesla—24/7. Every news story, every social media post, every rumor no matter how insignificant or untrue, is logged. Every tweet and every public comment made by Elon Musk is dissected to find a way to spin it negatively, preferably questioning Musk’s mental stability, his character, and his honesty. This stream of information goes to copywriters who formulate releases that are passed on to “friendly journalists” who, as Attkisson notes, gain something for promoting them.

Much of this can be accomplished using social media as a driver.  In fact, professional smear shops increasingly use a combination of bots and boiler rooms of paid employees to troll social media in ways that amplify the smear.

Attkisson notes that the targets of the smear—in this case Tesla and Elon Musk—are chosen because “because that person [or entity] is seen as damaging to the interests of the people that are perpetuating [and paying for] the smear.” The smear also ramps up when the target is about to accomplish something that threatens those who pay for the smear. It’s no coincidence that the launch of Model 3 and the tsunami of negative press occurred in the same time period.

But when a smear is in play, it doesn’t stop with negative news stories. If smear professionals are at work (and I believe they are in this case) they go beyond negative stories to attack any person or story that presents a positive spin. A recent example is the story of automotive journalist, Dan Neil of The Wall Street Journal. Neil was viciously attacked by Twitter trolls who questioned his ethics after a glowing review of the new Tesla Model 3 Dual Motor Performance Model. It’s important to note that personal attacks and character assassination are hallmarks of a coordinated smear campaign.

In fact, there’s even more to it than that. In a professionally coordinated smear, the attacks against journalists like Neil and others become the story and drown out the positive news that was originally published. If Neil’s ethics are questioned over and over again by trolls who claim bias or worse, those who coordinate the smear know that the positive elements of the original review that Neil wrote will be discounted by many.

As ugly and dishonest as it is, the smear works … and whether we like it or not, it’s now working against Tesla.

The Smear Shop and Its Strategy

Attkisson describes smear professionals in the following way: “The smear business is interminable and eminently profitable. It’s silently turned into one of the largest white-collar industries in Washington, D.C. [and elsewhere]. It’s making thousands of people rich. It’s becoming one of our biggest global exports.”

As I’ve already mentioned, the smear business works with sophisticated and moneyed clients who almost always hide behind large law firms who themselves use cutouts to make it extremely difficult to determine who is behind the smear. The client remains invisible while the goal is always the same—to use every means available to cripple the reputation and impugn the product of an adversary.

And when the paying client or the smear shop is confronted with circumstantial evidence of involvement in the smear, Attkisson describes their response: “Admit nothing. Deny everything. Demand proof. Make counter allegations. Discredit the accuser.” And therein lies the problem—it’s extremely difficult to prove that a smear is happening, even when every shred of evidence indicates that it is.

And who is behind all of this? Who are the “clients”? The obvious suspects are the same ones I mentioned at the top of this post—the shorts, big oil, and specific companies within big auto (luxury car brands come to mind, since Tesla has eroded their market share). But other possibilities could be entities that are threatened by Tesla’s business model (e.g., automobile dealer associations) or Tesla’s leadership in autonomous vehicles. The structure of the smear industry makes them all invisible, and that’s a major part of its allure.

Fighting Back

So… is there anything that Tesla can do about this? Elon and his supporters fight back—hard—but the smear is “interminable.” The only real defense requires the following actions:

  1. State that a coordinated smear is happening; that it isn’t coincidence or grassroots commentary; that professionals are involved, and that the proof is in the similarity and intensity of the negative stories.
  2. Provide examples of negative stories that are provably untrue or misleading.
  3. Emphasize that a double standard is in play—do other automobile companies get the same treatment when, say, one of their vehicles is involved in a car fire?
  4. Note the coincidental timing of the smear and Tesla’s accomplishments—in this case, the release of a revolutionary EV (the Model 3).
  5. Note further that many entities are justifiably threatened by Tesla’s many accomplishments and imply that there is reason to believe that one or more of them are funding the smear (even better, apply investigative resources to prove it!).
  6. Recommend that readers exhibit strong skepticism when they encounter negative press about Tesla, asking whether the stories omit facts, lack context, or are purposely misleading.
  7. Refute all blatantly false reporting or claims.

At the end of the day, the smear is all about the weaponization of social and mainstream media in a blatant effort to annihilate an opponent. The sad reality is that it often works. Let’s hope that’s not the case for Tesla.


Written by: Roger Pressman

*Editor’s Note: EVANNEX, which also sells aftermarket gear for Teslas, has kindly allowed us to share some of its content with our readers, free of charge. Our thanks go out to EVANNEX. Check out the site here.

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(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

That’s a lot of words just to say there’s a lot of Tesla negative “Fake News”.

“Fake News” = Market Manipulation that the SEC should be investigating.
Criminal liers belong in Jail.

Exactly – it is my opinion that every “professional financial journalist” should face the same SEC scrutiny as a companies SEC filings and public statements.

Sorry Corps. are people and can lie all they like. Free speech n’all.

Politicians and federal reserve manipulate the market all the time and have access to inside info. You think the SEC is going to investigate their bosses?

Not fake news but exaggerated news. I would like to point out my 2017 model S still has fit and finish issues

And our ’17 Model S 100D doesn’t. I’d like to point out neither data point is meaningful to anyone but ourselves.

It is fake news, look at the top stories on google news, here is a headline from CNN:

“Tesla reported the biggest loss in its history. But could’ve been worse”

That is factually wrong. Tesla had larger loss previous quarter, but that didn’t stop them for making up obviously false statements.

“Tesla had larger loss previous quarter”

Q2 loss attributable to common shareholders was 718m in Q2 vs 710m in Q1.

I’d like to point out my Nissan Leaf has fit and finish issues. I guess that’s ok though because it’s not a Tesla.
I haven’t met a car I couldn’t find some fault with.

Mine too 🙂

My leaf has extremely poor fit & finish on the dashboard and internal plastic panels.
Also there’s heavy rust attacks where aluminum is in contact with steel, e.g. inside the charging bay – looks like a design fail to me….

That’s true my 2016 Leaf SL has big gaps on the hood but I didn’t complain about it CONNECT THE DOTS ON CLEAN AIR WAKE UP FOLKS THANKS CO2.EARTH

It’s funny (and sad) to see on this page, the minions trying to minimize the smear …

Average JLR luxury vehicle has three defects. requiring remediation.

Jaydee, have you ever seen a 2012 Signature Model S? Get over your fit and finish concerns, it’s not a Bentley.

Substitute Tesla with Trump and the story almost sounds the same. Tesla/Elon same approach. Fake news. Media is the enemy. Conspiracy. Legal action. False claims. Loyal following regardless of facts.

LOL. But, the difference is the shorts LIE. Tesla has built Multi-Billion Dollar in Hard Asset companies. That’s not a Conspiracy, that’s Reality.

Predictable: “Admit nothing. Deny everything. Demand proof. Make counter allegations. Discredit the accuser.”

You missed projections of ones own flaws on ones “enemies”.

Big global corporations (like GM and Ford) are the problem. They don’t like Tesla and they don’t like Trump — both of whom are a threat.

GM and Ford spend ‘HUGE $’ on conventional advertising/media (the same media that pumps out fake news), while Tesla spends a sum total of “ZERO $” on conventional advertising — not too hard to see a connection here.

Why no mention of the “big global corporations” BMW, VW, Merc, Audi, Toyota, Honda,….? Interesting.

Come on let’s not compare Musk with Trump. One is a genius and like Rex Tillerson said Trump is a ++++++ Moron

The ones comparing Musk to Trumps are the ones paid by the smear campaign promoters.

Yup. It’s the anti-Tesla FUDsters who seem to be following The Orange One’s playbook, using smear campaigns, ignoring actual facts in favor of their “alternative facts” and conspiracy theories, repeating Big Lies, and never, ever admitting they’re wrong.

Comparing Elon Musk to The Orange One is definitely FUD.

Tesla negative sentiment may be accelerating, or maybe not. All I know is I won’t get the real story from Pravda, er, EVANNEX.

Why don’t you fess up who pays you?

The difference is that it is Trump that produces the fake news and the rest need to stop his trolling. In the Tesla case it is the other way around.

You think that’s exclusive to Trump and Democrats never do this?

Well, you know, both sides! But actually in this case, no. Democrats have nothing to do with any of this.

Of course it’s not exclusive to Trump. Adolph Hitler was the first to master the technique, and Putin and the Russian Troll farms are using it in a more sophisticated manner on social media.

But no, as a rule, Democrats simply don’t do this. I think only a supporter of The Orange One would suggest such false equivalency.

Wrong about Hitler. The Communists in Russia preceded Hitler (1917 vs 1933). They were masters of propaganda. Hitler expressed admiration for their propaganda techniques and copied many of them. Wrong about democrats. The evidence is endless. Just google. This is nothing new. It’s what political parties do.

Trump kept Nuremberg speeches on his nightstand for quite awhile according to testimony in first divorce.

Your point? FDR dismissed Joseph Kennedy (yes that Kennedy) as ambassador to Ireland because he was pro-Nazi. Prescott Bush (yes that Bush) did business with the Nazis as did IBM. We whisked away Nazi scientists after WWII to help with our space/weapons programs. We brought SS officers into the fold because of their intel of the Soviet Union. My point? Politics is a dirty game.

You are the typical Russian troll, Elon is a better person than you, what have you done besides spread hate? You don’t like Tesla, go and buy whatever you like, people like you are becoming the cancer of western societies, fortunately we, the good people are the majority. Elon has the intention to make the world a better place, something that you Russian and the fake leader you elected will never do.

Guess what your God Elon Musk was discovered contributing to the GOP. You really think a billionaire industrialist really supports liberalism? Sure he’d like the world to be a better place but it seems he disagrees with you as to how to achieve that.

He also donated to the Democrats too. Just like GM and Google, and lots of major companies donate to both parties

Are you just now figuring out that if you run a major company in the US that if you want politicians to pick up the phone when you call, that you donate to them when they call for donations? It is the reality of the post Citizen’s United world. Tesla didn’t create that reality.

Don’t hate the player, hate the game.

You’re making my point. Some would have you believe Musk is some benevolent God who can do no wrong and never gets his hands dirty. Then he goes and contributes to the GOP and it sends them into the corner crying.

“Don’t hate the player, hate the game” lololol you sound stupid

Thanks for providing a real-world example of the sort of smear campaign comment the article is talking about.

Wait a minute, Trump said that you need photo ID to buy food lol and Elon makes incorrect production goals, I really don’t see any similarities between Trump and Elon. GO TESLA GO DESTROY DIRTY GAS GUZZLERS AND DIESELS LOL CONNECT THE DOTS ON CLEAN AIR WAKE UP FOLKS thanks

Musk can do no wrong in their eyes lol but you have to quit with the WAKEUP CONNECT DOTS stuff

Sadly one doesn’t have to look further than this blog’s comment section to see the smear shops at work. Every Tesla topic the same screen names show up biting people into negative discussions about Tesla. The goal is clearly not to convince (that never works on internet forums anyway..), the negativity itself and associating negativity with Tesla appears to be the goal.

It’s like the article says: “Paid forces devise clever, covert ways to shape the information landscape in ways you can’t imagine.”

I wonder why insideEVs even continuous to host these trolls, one would expect it to be part of the solution rather than the problem.

The thing I noticed today is that there are new names casting FUD at Tesla today. Probably not new posters, but they seem to be using names I haven’t noticed in use here before. Not sure if my impression is accurate.

We don’t host them. We have an open forum for anyone that chooses to visit and comment. However, if it gets out of hand and threatening or profane, we put a stop to it immediately. There is much debate from both sides no matter what we do. It’s the nature of the beast. If you saw the trolls that we banned and moderated, and the blatant, degrading, terrible comments that we delete every day, you might be shocked. What you see here that gets through is nothing in comparison to the horror that I get to read and moderate.

Well, you can keep on mopping the floor or avoid it gets dirty in the first place I suppose. Negativity breeds negativity and in the end the trolls win.

“Hosting”doesn’t mean endorsing BTW, just allowing to post but it’s just odd that people who have rarely anything other to contribute than negative stuff about Tesla have such a dominant presence on your forum these days.

Sound like a ultra liberal. If you know they are wrong then try to correct them or express the facts. You don’t have to ban or censor them that how totalitarian regimes are created

You seen to be a very confused young person, Will. Censorship is not a liberal thing, never was. I see the media games are getting to you.

You haven’t been paying attention. Those whose agenda is to spread a smear campaign don’t care about facts. Correcting them does nothing. They just keep repeating their Big Lies.

No, the only solution is to ban them permanently. They’re not here to contribute to the discussion. They’re just here to spread their smear campaigns and disrupt meaningful discussion.

I for one concur with Steven.
I have seen the evidence of the crap he has to deal with and I’m very appreciative of the job he does to weed out the worst of the worst here and provide the rest of us with the ability to engage in reasonable discussions and even disagreements about the topics.

Thanks, sir!

Here is an idea that may be old school. Post your piece and don’t allow comments or voting. After all publication have been doing this long before the internet existed. Just display how many times the post was clicked.

Volt#671 + BoltEV + Model 3

I second this!

No they will leave. It’s a incentive to read the article.

Thank you. This site be open and have a honest and open discussion. So people don’t want that

I always wonder why you don’t ban those pests. They are damaging EVs acceptance. I guess it’s because of the clicks they bring with the controversy… Can’t find no other reason for tolerating the undermining of Tesla and electrics.

It’s a slippery slope. A double-edged sword. If we banned anyone that is simply sharing opinions and against a certain company, we’d have to ban the other side. Pretty soon there would be few people left. If we banned those who undermine Tesla, we’d have to ban the Tesla fans that mock GM and Nissan. This starts to become impossible. If people are civil, don’t cuss, don’t harass and attack, they are welcome to debate and have opinions. We don’t receive any extra clicks for any controversy. Our commenters comprise about less than half of one percent of our total visitors. If you want to see some real controversy, extreme nastiness, foul language, terrible bullying, and outright absurd behavior that’s not moderated, visit some of our competitors’ site comments. I’m truly appalled by what is allowed elsewhere. We do the best we can to have an open forum that is clean and attracts people to the conversation. The nice thing is that you can read the articles and avoid the comment section like the plague if you choose. That’s what the other 99.5% of our readers do.

People who show up just to undermine GM or Nissan isn’t really a thing though, is it?

It’s Tesla that is specifically targeted like this article explains so the slippery slope argument strikes me as hypocritical.

You know very well that this isn’t about people sharing opinions against some company or other, it’s about trolls that systematically target specific companies. So if this isn’t about clicks like you suggest what reason do you have for hosting such individuals?

We don’t “host” them. We moderate this comment section like crazy. There are a lot of comments that don’t make it through, along with 100s of people that are completely banned and another several hundred people that have every comment go to moderation for approval (and most, if not all of those comments are trashed rather than approved). Every known Tesla shorter out there has multiple usernames on this site and they are continually added to the banned list by username, IP address, email address, and message context. Like I said before, if you could only see the comments that don’t make it through, you may better understand. We can’t spend the entire day 24/7 deleting every comment that isn’t positive. We work very hard and lose significant writing and publishing time just staying on top of all of it. If you’re not happy with the comment section, you don’t have to read it, but please don’t continue to criticize until you’ve been in our shoes. You have no idea what comes in on this end and the work we do to keep it clean. With all of the being said, it’s still an open forum and we won’t and… Read more »

I guess you keep missing my point. It’s great that you keep mopping the floor (appreciate your hard work indeed!), but why are people like Bro1999 (let’s give a specific example so we know what we are talking about)that clearly specialize in anti tesla fud carpet bombing techniques allowed to run rampant on this forum. That’s what creates the atmosphere that forces you to wasting your time picking up the eyeballs from the floor. “David Green” would be another example. I suppose these operators keep it polite but they are very effective in stirring up the negativity regardless.

It’s also the sort of phenomenon this article is referring to I imagine, so why even allow it?

Lol! Gm and Nissan don’t need to be mocked by commentators, the numbers in the sales scorecard does it!

But seriously, you know as well as we do, regular readers, that some commentators are OBVIOUSLY paid to systematically undermine the green efforts. Each day for years… what else could motivate their hate, spending hours spewing falsehoods and lies. Even people with no life wouldn’t care to write like they do.

Come on, you will never tell us it’s about the clicks, but I suggests you ban those suckers for a month to see what happens.

I wish I get paid to express my opinions

You are, don’t try to hide… and it’s not your opinion, it’s the guidelines you are told to follow and the subject you have to trash.

Nope sir just a retail worker from Ohio

Not with your grasp of the english language you’re not.

The smart innovate, the lazy lie.
Amazing too, the critics of Musk are so burned that there can be so much innovation from one company, it’s almost as if Musk shatters their self image as successes.

Jealousy of Musk’s many spectacular successes certainly seems to be one thing motivating some of those helping spread the smear campaigns. But hard to know if that’s genuinely felt jealousy, or if the FUDsters are just trying to motivate jealousy in those reading their fake news social media posts as part of their strategy to create anger in the reader.

We really should stop thinking about it in terms of just negative posting or trolling. What it is, is information warfare used to create anger and discord. This isn’t just an attack on Tesla; it’s an attack on the very social fabric of the United States and other western countries. Even where the smear campaigns originate with domestic media manipulation companies rather than Russian troll farms, the result is the same because their strategy and tactics are the same.

What truly amazes me is how many Americans that are willing to literally sell out their own country for money, or at least one of the most significant new companies in the history of America.
Now obviously the Russian or Saudi, or Chinese trolls have no such compunctions about this since they are not Americans to begin with.

Indeed. There is a word missing from too many people’s vocabulary today, and that word is “treason”. Selling out the core democratic principles the United States was founded on, just to earn some money running or working at what this article calls “professional smear shops”, is treasonous when it’s Americans who are attacking the very social fabric of America.

That‘s what happens when you get popular (and hated) and any news with your name creates alot of clicks. The same thing has been happening with Apple since the iPhone was released.
If the news is controversial, it gets even more clicks.

At least noone will forget about Tesla 😉

In my opinion, if you’re interested in the stock.
1) Check that the price is below the 200 day moving average: That’s a buying opportunity.
2) Track the daily volume, if you see a large spike of sell orders, that drives the price down, and you can pick up a BARGAIN then too.

Like this morning, some FOOL sold off a large chunk of Tesla stock just at market open, giving us a Bargain Price to buy at a discount. Don’t miss these sales.

It’s crazy how many people want Tesla to fail. Tesla might not have perfect execution but the Model 3 is a hit. Elon has already stated there will be no more bet the company situations for subsequent models so the company should be entering a period of relative stability.

I’m not so sure that people actually spend a lot of time coordinating an anti-Tesla smear campaign, as this article suggests. I think what the anti-Tesla FUDsters do is just post their latest FUD and/or conspiracy theories to the stock investor’s website called “Seeking Alpha”, and that those with a similar motive for attacking Tesla — whatever that motive might be — just visit SA often, and copy the FUD they see their for their own posts.

That’s been going on for years. The recent uptick might suggest some Russian troll farms have become involved, or it might suggest that Tesla has become enough of a threat to Big Oil and/or the Detroit auto makers that they have hired some smear shops as described above.

In other words, I’m suggesting that the level of coordination indicated in this article isn’t necessary to explain what we’re seeing. Professional trolls don’t need to do that much coordinating; they just copy each other’s posts, which they see on social media, and spread them around.

I think there is some coordination but far, far more simple and un-original cut and paste attacks going on which is of course rather lazy.

For instance, one of our latest trolls–David “Green”s FUD almost mirrors exactly that of professional gambler with other people’s money (hedge fund operator) David Einhorn of Greenlight Capital who has lost a TON of money this year shorting Tesla with other peoples money.

Yea, David “green” admitted to simply regurgitating a known “Montana Skeptic” serial retweeter for his numbers. He embarrassingly had to admit that relying on the groupthink of the shorter circle left as if their information were facts, was a big fail.

Yeah, reading that Einhorn piece I too was reminded of certain regular posters here: spelling doom for Tesla, casually mixing in some (probably made up) anecdotes of shortcomings they purportedly experienced with Tesla’s vehicles…

Don’t underestimate the stakes. Entire economies are under siege with Germany having the most to lose. It’s trivial for them to spend tens of millions on a disinformation campaign.

I wouldn’t say the article suggests much explicit coordination. That’s not needed for a smear campaign.

They are tightly coordinated every day by emails with guidelines and subjects to attack, even sometimes precise wording is suggested. Look at “Outfoxed” on Youtube.

You’re talking about the “Talking points” memos from the political Hard Right think tanks, aren’t you? Not those attacking Tesla.

One source of smear not mentioned is the person who was asleep while Tesla stock climbed and now regrets not buying any when the price was relatively affordable. Perhaps a solution for that is a “Stock Split”. A 4 for 1 split would bring the stock back below $100 making it more affordable and giving it more room to grow.

Volt#671 + BoltEV + Model 3

This is a great idea.
But, you’d think these Tesla shorts would be stock market history buffs.
Just take a look at Amazon’s stock performance since 2000. That’s a ROCKET LAUNCH.
You’ve really to to have so insane ego to think that’s a bubble, and not a Historic Revolution in Sales.

Again, the short’s may have a mental issue.

“There is no better revenge than success” – hope that Tesla becomes profitable in Q4 and proves all detractors wrong.

Well, the fact that Tesla sold a lot more plug-ins last month in the US than all of its competitors combined indicates that it’s still going strong despite the tsunami of FUD that’s being unleashed.

I agree, Tesla is going strong but profitability is critical to Tesla’s continued success.

There are a lot of negative news articles from respected sources (CNBC, CNN, Bloomberg) that focus on Tesla’s cash burn rate and potential financial crisis. If Tesla delivers a profit, that will help turn back the tide of negativity.

Well, stories that Read Tesla doing fine for the foreseeable future, don’t get many clicks.

It is like the spate of stories about people running the battery dead a few years ago. There were no clicks in testing an electric car and saying you tested it for a month and plugged it in every night and drove everywhere you wanted without ever getting anywhere near running out of battery. So we didn’t get a bunch of those stories. Just a bunch of running EV batteries dead stories.

Thank god those stories drew enough backlash that news writers were shamed into no longer story-boarding concocted scenarios where they would run out of battery just so they could sell stories.

The shocking level of negative bias towards Tesla seen on CNBC has made that a rather less than respected news vendor, in my opinion. Bloomberg does have some stories showing equally negative bias, but they also run positive stories about Tesla. In that way, Bloomberg is a lot more balanced than CNBC towards Tesla.

CNBC has been historically anti-EV going back to when the Volt and Leaf debuted.

Trolls will always find a way to pour negatively all over a positive Tesla news. Even if Tesla becomes profitable right now, they’ll spin a negative tune to it. All the trolls are hibernating today.

What about articles that state “It seems that Tesla needs a long and hard overhaul of their sales tactics.” How many times will this be quoted out of context and refer to prominent Insideevs?

I haven’t seen any particularly negative news regarding Tesla – in fact I thought most of the news has been pretty positive due to the number of model 3 final deliveries to customers.

Of all places “Ars Technica” has been shilling some amazing bull about Tesla lately, along with trying to shill some SAD OIL gas guzzlers as some kind of high tech to admire. Clearly: 1: Some old V8 design isn’t a tech product. 2: They’re taking MONEY to Shill this garbage to their audience.

3: They’re NOT Labelling this bull as the INFOMERCIAL it is.
It’s clear product placement from a dying industry.
Not labeled an Infomercial, it’s a LIE to their audience.

Arse Technica has really gone downhill the past few years

But, then you don’t get out much.

“I haven’t seen any particularly negative news regarding Tesla…”

Then you don’t do a Google news check on Tesla very often. Just because InsideEVs (thankfully!) ignores a lot of the Tesla smear campaign articles doesn’t mean they aren’t seen, or that they’re not circulating on social media.

Waiting for the blasting Bill will get for this comment…
I just put my blinkers on, sort the trash from the good and make my own opinion.
Guess what? I wish I had bought Tesla stock, and I’m still intending to buy one when they become available in my country.
Shorts keep shorting, smear campaigns keep going, doesn’t matter to me, I’m not a Musk fan boy, but I know a good thing when I see it. I love my Leaf, and I bet I’ll love my Tesla as well.
Which company has got the 200,000EV mark in the US and now into reduced incentives mode? It’s not Nissan. It’s not VW. It’s not GM. That’s right, it’s Tesla. That’s telling you something right their and no smear campaign can change that fact!

Well you guys are all rather ‘one trick ponies’ since you don’t buy evs (or haven’t yet), and so can’t talk about the cars themselves really, but you can come up with names to yell at each other.

I’m still waiting for PUSHI to explain how “He’s embarrassed himself over the supercharger issue, but he can’t see it!”.

I’ve given him 5 times to do so, but I’m just trying to get him to act like an ADULT and EXPLAIN his accusation, to see if there is something really there instead of juvenile kindergarten style mud slinging.

As I say, he’s not good at much else, but he’s good at calling people names, since he doesn’t drive any car period, and has only rarely (once or twice) ridden in a Tesla or had dealings with the company’s employee. Since he’s only talked to one ever. He’s never mentioned any other company other than his generic Steelerships, which is unfair to the honest ones out there. And of course he’ll never really support ANY ev since he’ll never purchase anything, not even something used and easily affordable.

What you meant to say was “former CBS journalist Sharyl Attkisson” who for years promoted the false belief that vaccines may be the cause of autism.

Yes, and as CDC whistleblowers have shown, Autism IS caused by Thimerosal in a subset of the population, and they have the studies to prove it.

Correlation is NOT Causation.

But maternal fever during pregnancy does appear to have a strong correlation to Autism Spectrum Disorder

Also, why are you bringing this up on a discussion about Tesla?

The “evidence” you offer for support of your anti-vaxxer conspiracy theory is a link to

You really need to adjust your tinfoil hat. It’s cutting off the flow of blood to your brain.

REXisKing that is like trying to tell the earth is round back when the “Settled Science” was that the earth was flat and was being carried around by a big turtle. That is too complex a subject to broach here.

Of course, you would think that the INCREDIBLE increase in the rate of Autism would be explained by something, but THAT little issue is dealt with by saying Mothers were too dumb to notice it and it was always really this bad.

Hummmm, sounds like anyone who would accept THAT tripe (of knowing their child better than their own mother) is easily convinced by turtles.

As Mark Twain stated, its much easier to fool people than to convince them they’ve been fooled. Now even that objective statement is borderline too complicated.

The figures that will be released this evening – are these “FUD” or “smear” ?
They are a desaster for anyone who can read business figures. A serious problem.
No need for conspiracy theories here.

“for anyone who can read business figures” That excludes you…

The reality is that anybody reading the latest report that can properly project into the future based on that data can see that Tesla’s 15% and 20% Model 3 margins in Q3 and Q4, and 25% in 2019 can see there is no problem.

This is exactly as the Tesla “secret plan” explained. That revenues from early generations will pay for later generations on the way to mass market sales.

gagaga is one of them.

Doesn’t it scare you to try and analyze a company like Tesla when you have no tech/engineering background?

You just assume others can match Tesla, but you really don’t know anything whatsoever about manufacturing, software, AI or vehicle design.

You can’t even seem to grasp a simple mathematical concept like exponential growth.

They can grasp it. It’s just deliberate ignorance. They consciously want Tesla to fail. Elon keeps proving them wrong.

The hard-core TSLA investors in the “Investors roundtable” discussion on the Tesla Motors Club forum (link below) think this evening was about as far away from a “desaster” as it’s possible for any business to get! More than one of them said “Best conference call ever”.

Tesla’s stock price is up 9-10% in after hours trading. So I think it’s safe to say that any “desaster” — er, disaster — exists only in your head.


gaggagme is almost certainly one of these misinformers as he only comes here periodically to post his largely retread financial FUD against Tesla. What a loser!

The new trendy wording such as “Fake News”, “Negative News” or “Trolling” are nothing more than tried and true PROPAGANDA that has existed for decades, but is now applied in new ways & through new channels such as Social media. The fact that any smearing negative story provides no facts of any kind or in some cases badly outdated facts (usually only one sided) and is used and applied in the same way as the old Tabacco, Oil, Coal & Government (1st Iraq, 911, 2nd Iraq ect., ect.) just proves that the Same PR companies that were in use by the mentioned culprits are doing it again for “new” customers. In the end when you follow the money and find who stands to benefit from these type of campaigns, you will have the answer.

Trolling doesn’t belong in this list. While it’s a tactic to derail supporters of a cause, and thus can be considered a form of info war, it’s not really a form of propaganda.

It is a part of it when the trolls are paid to do it for the P.R. agencies.

You need to look up the term “Russian troll farm”. It may be inaccurate to label someone paid to spread a smear campaign a mere “troll”, because a troll’s purpose is only to incite anger, get undeserved attention, and disrupt meaningful conversation. He doesn’t have any financial motive.

But a lot of the smear campaign workers, such as those working for the Russian troll farms, use the same tactics as trolls, inciting anger and disrupting meaningful conversation.

Actually, nothing in the definition of a troll precludes a financial motive. Professional trolls are a thing. (Russian or otherwise…)

However, disrupting conversations and diverting attention does not qualify as propaganda.

(Although it might be used as a supporting measure along with actual propaganda in a smear campaign…)

That’s about the size of it, and why not. The rise of Tesla will probably lead to greatest losses of all time for legacy manufacturer’s, oil companies, and parts suppliers specific to ice. That’s some pretty rough company to be up against and make no mistake some could be out of business or have greatly reduced revenues in the near future 5-10 years.

Include state and city tax revenue and local economies

I would say so as well. There is so much of this FUD that it has rendered Tesla forums unusable.

This article comes to us courtesy of EVANNEX (which also makes aftermarket Tesla accessories)

Yeah Evannex – Tesla State news at it again. Nikki from Transport Electric( YouTube) and greencarreport did great articles and videos on this topic

Should we get ev news from Forbes instead?

Rather odd that you’d make this complaint in response to an article as important, relevant and timely as this one. There have been a lot of Tesla “cheerleader” fluff pieces from Evannex. This isn’t one of them. This is very far from being a fluff piece!

It’s seem like there was nothing wrong with Tesla. You yourself have suggested that tesla needs to change if they are willing to survive

Same group think people in the comments.

I’ve little doubt within 5 years we’ll learn Germany played a large role in the disinformation campaign against Tesla. After all the auto industry IS the German economy. You’re talking 100s of billions or trillions of dollars depending on the time frame and hundreds of thousands if not millions of jobs.

Don’t look so far. The worst enemies of the environment are within the boundary of this country.

nope that’s China

Rocketman now that’s a good point:

The fact that VW and Daimler both, in the former case, released the BUZZ with a stockbroker’s dashboard of video screens ‘so that you could adjust the temperature of your home fridge’, and was wildly overpriced, as well as the latter releasing roadsters for $600,000 that go a measly 160 miles are obviously meant to give the general public the idea in their heads that EV’s are ‘FAR IN THE FUTURE’, and only the very rich can afford them.

Musk’s Roadster 2 plays into their hands in this and that’s another reason why I believe it was a strategic mistake.

Is it any wonder I don’t trust the “news” anymore? They have long since abandoned reporting in favor of advocacy (and this is just as true for Tesla as it is for politics).

This is truly unfortunate because the bias is clear and it makes people tune out, so that when the news is REALLY needed for a true scandal, war, or major event…either no one is watching or no one trusts what they see.

Yeah, it’s almost shocking to watch BBC News these days, and get reminded of what a real news report should be; one that doesn’t mix opinion in with actual, factual news reports. No “infotainment” there!

As far as TV news in the U.S. market goes, I think BBC news (including BBC America news) and the PBS News Hour are the only sources left that are real news reports. So sad to see CNN slide from real news to “infotainment” over the years. 🙁

PBS I love. They tell the news without injecting thier opinions and beliefs

I have a bridge to sell you

Yelp it started in the Bush Era

lol BBC and PBS are both state propaganda. You’re naive.

Yeah as a for instance NOVA used to be a REALLY GOOD program. Now its just flash and special effects and they don’t worry too much about factual information – as a for instance their program on ‘absolute zero’ obviously didn’t know how refrigeration actually happens, except in the most general sense. Whenever they got specific was when they got in trouble with the facts.

Wars shouldn’t be needed, period. The USA desperately needs to reform their long running Permanent War Economy before the world finally sees lasting peace.

In truth the “news” has never really been this pure, unbiased source of information that some romantically believe. It always has served the interests of some government.

Well now Trump supporters have another tactic to fight against MSM and what they call the Deep State. QAnon I never heard about it until a few hours ago but they attended a Trump rally in Tampa Bay. These nuts are really into science fiction conspiracy theories. It’s hard to believe intelligent people would believe any if the BS they say.

Intelligent people tend to be highly skeptical both sides of the news media machine. They are not so different in their tactics or motivations, they just peddle to different audiences. Same can be said of the Democrats and Republicans.

The name may be different but that’s it. Deep State, Military-Industrial complex, …whatever if this is the first you’ve heard of it you must have just been born or are willfully ignorant. Same gang of criminals that dealt drugs for the KMT after their defeat in China, assassinated heads of state, trained and armed muslim terrorists,…the list is endless


All of this is very well documented on the DeSMOGblog. Check it out, they have an entire database of people and organizations enlisted in the misinformation campaign to promote fossil fuels and destroy all life on earth.

desmogblog dot com

There is definitely a smear campaign going on to attack Tesla, and the media outlets are in on it. Take the new headlines of Tesla having record losses, yet Tesla has lost ~40M less than previous quarter. They can’t even get basic facts right!

When you disrupt the status quo, and start to scale a business model, that challenges the existing order of established energy delivery paradigms, and their coveted profit margins, YES, the competition takes notice.

The Big 5 publicly traded Oil Corps, need to hold all the cards in their bought and paid for Oil and Gas industry. Affordable liquid fossil fuel delivery is their distinctive profit advantage, at current price levels. This price advantage may not be around into the next decade, as battery prices drop, and new battery technology becomes a viable business proposition, that’s available to EV and ICE vehicle manufacturers alike.

No you’re wrong. they can get basic facts right… as a matter of fact, they have the accurate facts and figures. they deliberately chose to lie. it’s a campaign against Tesla and the truth won’t help their negative course.

I saw it intensify a lot when the Falcon Heavy made History in March.

Besides the trolls, there’s a lot of subtle stuff in the media. Print media in Australia, essentially Murdoch has a noticeable habit of bending facts like it’s official editorial policy. When I told a journalist Tesla batteries are down 5% at 80,000 kms, the vetted article printed as 80% down after 50k. She didn’t write that,- the editor changed it!! Everything positive I said was omitted. And on the subject of trolls, our Aussie ABC news feed had to shut down comments on opinion pieces due to relentless abuse, nonsense and vitriolic responses, far too frequent to be grassroots. Basically office blocks full of people paid to sit -denying, accusing, rubbishing anything to do with the environment, health, education, science, humanity…. Sound familiar?

One question, conspiracy gang: Is it market manipulation if you pretend there’s no such thing as bad news — and threaten people who report it — to make Tesla stock GO UP? Or does it only work the other way.

HAHAHA! They don’t have to do that much lately – After all since they ONLY lost 3/4 of a $Billion the stock went up 12% !

This article is beneath this site. I don’t really care if you post this (you just deleted a harmless comment I made saying the same thing). I just want you to know anyone with a brain will see this undermining your credibility.
One important point missing: General Motors made an affordable, well-reviewed EV; Tesla has not. Tesla is a luxury car maker that so far has failed to bring EVs to the masses.
Please start any and all “They hate Tesla innovation!” discussions there.

Well new username troll, Steven Loveday posted up above that:
“Every known Tesla shorter out there has multiple usernames on this site….”
So if that is not evidence of a concerted effort by at least these individuals trying to manipulate then I don’t know what is.

Question is, do you?

It’s telling that you avoid every point and keep going with the conspiracy theme.
Musk’s own goal was: Mass-market EV. I was into it, repeated it, supported it, believed in it, and reserved one.
But he’s failed on that. And it’s odd/humiliating apparently that GM did it first.
At this point, I could care less about both. Honda Clarity PHEV is the best green car on the market now imo.
Just keep whining away about stocks, y’all. Really important to car consumers who actually want to buy an EV.