Tesla Semi Spied Inside & Out: Plus See Its Motors


Tesla Semi sightings in Colorado abound!

Once the word gets out that the Tesla Semi is nearby, people flock to check it out. Our friend Sean Mitchell sent us a late-night message over the holiday weekend after he surprised his family by taking a trip to get an up-close look at the all-electric behemoth. We’re not sure if his friend Erik Strait tipped him off about semi’s location, but Erik has been following the truck and set off on his own trip to see the hauler earlier that same day (video below). Nonetheless, these two newest videos join our growing collection of Tesla Semi footage.

While it will be a while before Tesla’s semi heads into production and even longer before we see it in the possession of various companies and in service on public roads, Tesla is making no effort to hide the prototype. In fact, the automaker is out touring and testing with the electric tractor-trailer and allowing onlookers to ask questions, take pictures and video, and even hop inside for a closer look and/or a test ride.

These two videos are a bit different, however, since Sean and Erik tracked down the Tesla Semi “after hours” and away from the crowds to get a more intimate look.

Have you seen the Tesla Semi? What are your thoughts about the fact that Tesla is showcasing it in public so far ahead of production? Will it become a viable option for companies in the near future?

Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.

Video Description via Sean Mitchell on YouTube:

We ran into the Tesla Semi today

Video Description via DAErik on YouTube:

We Found The Tesla Semi Truck!

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From article: “…the holiday weekend after he [Sean Mitchell] surprised his family by taking a trip to get an up-close look at the all-electric behemoth…”

Hey kids… change in plans this Labor Day weekend… instead of Disney Land we taking a road trip to see Tesla Semi!

Great job Sean Mitchell and Erik Strait getting us more Tesla Semi intel video!

Tesla Semi has already started to disrupt diesel semi truck makers by Tesla driving the Tesla Semi demo rig to semi reservation holders to let their employees poke around an actual working rig… you know some of those employees then talk to their contacts at their existing diesel semi truck supplier with the news of the Tesla visit. You can bet traditional semi customer account managers are starting to get nervous because they (the smart ones) know their own semi EV program is years behind what Tesla will be soon bringing to production.

I’m thinking Tesla will be hugely successful with Tesla Semi because commercial trucking is a highly competitive industry and net TCO rules over all other semi purchasing considerations.

Same as Tesla consumer EVs, Tesla will put in place a fast charge Tesla Semi infrastructure needed to support Tesla Semi… same as consumer EVs the traditional semi makers that have an active semi EV program will put access to a fast charge network low on their get-done list.

He probably saved a boatload as well…

… or a truckload.

Thank God for super dorks- while they stalk Tesla stuff and camp out with their ice-cream, I can still get the information while not having to wait for hours in empty parking lots.

Semi trucks are easy stalking, child’s play. Elon’s cross country road trip, or the Drive Electric rally, that took skills and grit! Camp out in a parking lot in 10F weather. Not an ice-cream night!

On the contrary………………….ice-cream is loaded so if you have some in cold weather you get dairy fat, body heat, warmth. It is k-RAYZEE to consume ice-cream in summer – not only false news but false myth that it is cooling in hot weather………………nice to eat in hot weather but actually increases your body heat.

You are assuming these “sightings” aren’t pushed by Tesla themselves?

I don’t know and actually don’t really care.

Definitely not in this instance. I know a good source. 😜

Why didn’t he get out of the car and a get a closer look?

With the YouTube advertising compensation, some of these videos just seem to be designed to attract eyeballs yet provide no real info.

This Video was rather like those ‘Elevator and Escalator’ Vids where teenagers take pictures of themselves riding up and down in them, and only a precious few show the elevator penthouse – filmed by those oh so few mechanically inclined.

What info were you hoping for? Perhaps I can help.

I wish my late father in law was still alive and trucking to experience driving one of these. Not having to double clutch through 18 gears would have been such a treat for him. I do think it will help recruit people to long haul trucking. And I am in the autonomous vehicles are further away than most people think camp.

Until Tesla shows a sleeper/bunk option design and how they are going to address incab cooling and heating for both 10 hr breaks and 34 hr restarts in addition to normal things like a fridge and microwave. Tesla isn’t even remotely addressing long haul trucking so I honestly do not understand your post.

There is definately a huge market for the short haul market they have designed their daycabs for, you can’t legally log line 2 in a daycab.

As it is, it’s obvious they are using multiple drivers to do their cross country trek, no doubt riding along in the support vans. But thumbs up they are keeping it moving !