Tesla Roadster To Get Performance-Boosting SpaceX Option Package

Elon Musk


Tesla CEO Elon Musk previously mentioned a special option package for the all-new Roadster and now it will become a reality as a SpaceX Package.

Does this mean it will be able to fly? Of course, there are people out there that have mentioned this and even Musk himself brought it up. The obvious answer is no, however, if by “fly” we mean travel quicker than any production car ever built … that seems like a given since the base model that was shown in the fall already made such claims.

Back in November, Musk reminded that the released specs were for a base version of the Roadster and went on to say that there would be a next-level performance package upgrade. At this week’s 2018 Tesla Annual Shareholder Meeting, the CEO confirmed this SpaceX Package for the upcoming Tesla Roadster.

A white Telsa Roadster was on display at the meeting. Twitter user Dennis Pascual shares some photos from his walkaround:

To put this into perspective, let’s recap the specs of Tesla’s Roadster 2.0. It will achieve a zero-to-60-mph time of 1.9 seconds, tackle a quarter mile in 8.9 seconds, and top out at 250 mph. Not to mention its 620-mile range and 10,000 Nm of torque at the wheels.

Exceeding any of these numbers would surely be a feat that could stomp down multi-million dollar supercars and hypercars. Keep in mind, the Roadster –  without any SpaceX Package – is supposed to be priced at $200,000. So, even with an expensive performance package, this will be drastically less expensive than anything in its class. If it can fly, well that’s a whole other ballgame. We believe the only way that will be true is if Elon sends it into orbit.

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The main important reason to buy the new Tesla Roadster would be the 200 kWh battery pack.

Why not offer the Tesla Model S and the Tesla Model X with a 200 kWh battery pack as well?

Handling dynamics of those models likely can’t handle that kind of power. 100D is freaking fast enough for Tesla passenger vehicles

I wouldn’t be surprised to see 400 plus mile versions of the S/X, will help separate them from the 3. I think Musk eluded to that yesterday.

Thank you for understanding why I would actually want the Model S and the Model X to have a bigger battery pack: “more range”.

I am not that much interested in performance.

But the 600+ miles of range of the new Tesla Roadster is awesome.

That got me thinking. Why can’t the Model S and the Model X have a 400+ miles of range?

You say that Elon Musk eluded to that yesterday. I think that I am not sure which comment of Elon Musk you are pointing to. Would you please tell me which comment of Elon Musk you are pointing to?


When he was discussing the New Supercharger Question, around that time he mentioned the S & X at some point in the future, get larger capacity (Higher Energy Volumetric Density), so as to handle maybe 3-4x as fast as current charging rate, and about 400 miles range, as an extra benefit!

The nearly unbelievable EV-specs of the Semi points to a completely different battery than the S/X with many speculating its solid state…Whatever it is, it could be brought to the S/X to increase the range…It’s going to be an extremely small minority who will benefit from 400 miles (vs 300) especially considering that 99.99% of 400 mile trips will have stops/breaks…Furthermore, the long range S100D is $94K, many financial experts state you income should be at least double your vehicles MSRP which means S100Ds owners would have nearly $200K income…Now we have to ask, if we polled the top 5%ers, who wants to be in their own vehicle for a 400 mile road trip when its “chump change” to fly or even hire a driver?

More range (as a result of a higher kWh battery) also means that you less often have to think/worry about having to charge your EV.

More range is not only about driving long distances.

Having to charge your EV only once a week can be very nice as well.

Convenience is a luxery.

If you can afford a model S 100D you can buy a place to park it and so a charge point. If you are to lazy to plug the car may be you can consider induction. It would be quite cheaper, and the car weight would not become ridiculous…

People who were used to having to tank not that often, might be pleased if they also don’t have to charge that often.


“The nearly unbelievable EV-specs of the Semi points to a completely different battery than the S/X with many speculating its solid state…”

I would have thought the statements Elon made at this week’s stockholder Q&A, regarding expected improvements in battery tech over the next 2-6 years, would have put to rest any speculation that Tesla plans to put solid state batteries into either the Semi Truck or the 2020 Roadster.

The specs for the Tesla Semi Truck are “nearly unbelievable” only for those who don’t realize how rapidly costs are falling at both the cell level and pack level.

My Musk Mars Mission Space X NG Roadster SUP, will hopefully come with some “revolutionary possibilities”, like a Boring Feature as well.

Flying around Mars all the time in a Roadster 2.0, might be a tad bit Boring after all.

If I win the mega lottery next decade, Tesla roadster 2.0 or 3.0 would be my first purchase

In Tesla site writes 1/4 mile 8.8 sec. Why everywhere 8.9sec?

Time Travel Fail?


Bro1999 aka Bob Lutz did you down vote me 8 times LOL CONNECT THE DOTS ON CLEAN AIR WAKE UP FOLKS thanks for caring

No, it is just that your tagline is becoming tedious…

“Tesla Roadster To Get Performance-Boosting SpaceX Option Package”

But won’t bolting twin booster rockets on the back compromise the front/rear weight ratio? 😉

0-60 1.7 sec. and for the nurburgring petrolheads… less than 6 min 10 sec

All day long at an Indy Track, at 250 Mph (24 Hours, including fast charges), should be a way to show a “Hard Core Smack Down” to ICE vehicles, for one! 24 Hours of LeMans, would be Another! There are more ways to compete, besides the “Ring!”

or doing the DC Metro-rings (i495/395/66/95) every week day for 20 years

Various automakers have put their production vehicles on a closed track and run them at 100mph or above for 24 hours. Designed to exhibit durability, the stunts never really get oohs and ahhs from those in the mainstream who are not gearheads.

They have, however, demonstrated how far we have come in internally combusted engine technology. Very impressive when you consider the complexity and safety requirements of a street car.

Naturally, ICE OEMs have had many decades to reach such achievements. EVs will get there eventually. Until then we’ll go through the arduous process of comparing every aspect of explode and bang tech with EV capabilities. Sometimes fun, like watching Bjorn Nyand try to destroy his Model X, but oftimes unnecessary to prove, as who is going to heat cycle his EV at 100 mph for 24 hours anyway?

Electrics are mainly cleaner and more efficient than ICEs. Cooler running batteries will arrive eventually. What then? Promotional stunts wherein a solid state EV runs at 200mph for 48 hours? Who knows. And why must we know? Perhaps its just our human condition.

What’s a “Telsa Roadster”? This site………. smh…

What’s the question?

Small retro-rockets could provide lots of downforce at zero miles per hour. Lots of downforce must be present to effectively tranfer 10,000 Newton-meters of torque from the tires to the pavement even with Tesla’s super effective traction control system. Electrically driven fans sucking the car to the ground could also create huge downforce at zero miles per hour. https://www.roadandtrack.com/new-cars/car-technology/news/a30773/ariel-aero-p-atom/

That makes no sense. If you have ‘small retro rockets’ use them for forward propulsion. They don’t require road traction.