Tesla Roadster Expected To Get Track Mode Inspired By Model 3

New Tesla Roadster

AUG 20 2018 BY MARK KANE 7

Tesla Roadster is expected to include Track Mode

The new Roadster from Tesla is expected to hit the market in 2020 at the earliest (pending no delays) and just like the first Roadster, it will be an eye-opener for EV doubters.

The unprecedented performance of 0-60 mph in 1.9 seconds and 620 miles (1,000 km) of range using a 200 kWh battery are just the foundation though.

The flavors of the car will be settings like “Track Mode” or “Expert User Mode” that are expected to bring more data and advancements to adjust the car for particular situations.

We believe that there are tons of setting that could be configurable and with over-the-air software updates, such modes will only improve over time.

Elon Musk said:

“Track Mode will open up a lot of settings. You can adjust settings, and it’s kinda like an ‘Expert User Mode.’ You can sort of adjust traction control, adjust battery temperature. You can basically configure a bunch of things, and it will tell you, like ‘Hey, you know if you do this, it’s a bit risky. You’re gonna wear out your brakes sooner; you might blow a circuit.’ But like, it’ll be clear — like, you know, this is the risk you’re taking. It’s kinda like if you have a graphics card in a computer. You can go in there and change the settings and you can overclock things,”

The Tesla Model 3 already received Track Mode in its Performance version, so how it would not make it to the Roadster? It’s only logical, right?

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Another Euro point of view

By the way, what is current situation at Tesla about full self driving capacity and the planned trip across the USA ?Was it not supposed to take place about now ? I remember August 2018 being discussed regarding full autonomous driving.

Musk said unlikely this year.

Another Euro point of view

OK thanks. August 2018 was about the hardware only maybe. With matching software to come later.

With the lane the Europeans are giving Tesla, and slowness of AI, they may as well start eating track lunches.

That doesn’t mean “blowing a circuit” should make the competition worry. To most driving enthusiasts, the word “circuit” means something different. So, it makes sense the recent R&T Model 3P review revealed Musk delegating authority to a former 912 owner. That’s why lift-throttle over-steer, from front regen, is supposed to be a thing.

But, then, I wouldn’t know. The 6X thousand Model 3P, I drove yesterday, didn’t have track mode.

If Model 3 can live up to the cash machine it should be, maybe a “Tesla Motor Sports” can get off the ground and Roadster can dump the cerebral BS of “10,000ft lbs”, and get down to business. I wouldn’t doubt the first bits Porsche is plucking from Rimac are his independent torque-vector settings, and how to embarrass Germany’s mechanical AWD engineers. It has to be easier to put this kind of control in human hands, than fully take it away. But you have to do it (and not with equal power, front/back).

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

I would like that 200kWh pack in a quad cab 4×4 pickup please.

I’d like to see an weight and efficiency tax in the US to make pickups obsolete except for the rare few that actually need them enough to get them anyway.

Roadster is supposed to have Plaid mode? Might as well make Plaid, Track and Ludacris optional on any platform/model