Watch This Drive Of A Tesla-Powered VW Electric Van


This couple’s amazing Tesla-powered Volkswagen van project hits the road!

It’s really uplifting to see this couple’s contentment and tears of joy when their major EV conversion project has finally come to fruition. They’ve been working for six months to convert a Volkswagen T3 van to a fully electric vehicle. The van was purchased a year and a half ago. Then, plans were made to electrify it after watching another YouTuber’s (Jehu Garciaelectric car conversion videos.

YouTubers Electric Vehicle World Tour (Alexandra the architect and Remi the engineer) purchased their conversion parts and Tesla battery modules from California-based EV West. They’ve been documenting their unique and challenging project every step of the way. The couple plans to take the van around the world to promote sustainable energy, all while meeting plenty of people that share the same mindset. In addition, they are making plans to visit schools and meet with media outlets. Now that “Nano” is up and running, they are well on the way to making their dream a reality.

About a year ago, Alexandra and Remi started their YouTube channel to document and share their story. Check out the video below for more information:

Video Description via Electric Vehicle World Tour on YouTube:

DRIVING our TESLA powered VW T3 Electric van (#EVWT 32)

We did it! It’s working!!! A year and a half after the purchase of the van and after 6 months of conversion into electric drive, it is a well-deserved result!

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Tres bien!!
Bring your conversion to my city and you’ve got a place to stay as well as meet our EV Club.
G2 in Victoria BC.

Thought I was watching a van conversion, but it is so much more. Yum

So what was tesla about this ? The Panasonic battery? Didn’t see any cooling system detail.

It seems the video itself was an important part of the whole project. Didn’t see much info otherwise.

Finally! An electric Volkswagen.

I might have gotten a 2018 eGolf instead of my new Leaf if such a thing still existed. 24kWh was too little for me but I could get by with 36.

Well done, 1st reliable VW Van!

The first VW vans was reliable, with no need for radiators and stuff like that. Super simple. Not much to go wrong.

Don’t call it a electric vehicle world tour. Cox there no electricity readily available in most parts of the world.

So the solar panels on top of that van don’t work in most parts of the world?

Alternative facts guy.

Great stuff! Now if only a car maker offered a family van type EV already! Not everyone has the money and time to build such a project, never mind the questionable road safety…

quite sad how conservative the major car makers are, really

when I was coming out of college there were cool Supras, RX-7s, 3000GT-VRs, NSXs, vans, Broncos, Blazers . . . but 8 years later they were all gone!

now we only have big pickups and toddler haulers in the sub-$50,000 segment.

VW E-Crafter and Renault Master will probably be among the first minibus/family vans. Maybe even a MAN van.

wanna do this to a Promaster, instant AWD

I thought it was cool until I realized they were planning to drive it around the world. Maybe we needed that ten years ago, but now it just seems self-indulgent.

Goin after that sweet yt $$$ train

Congratulations! I was so excited for you I got tears in my eyes too!

Amazing. I would love to see more electric van conversions in the UK. Great work. Maybe you could give us some tips.