Tesla Motors Has Sold Over 120,000 Model S/X. North America Still Largest Market

APR 11 2016 BY MARK KANE 9

Tesla Model X

Tesla Model X

The 14,820 deliveries reported by Tesla for the first quarter of 2016 marks it second best quarter to date, just behind the hot end of ear/Q4 2015 season.

The bulk of the sales during the quarter was still via the Model S (12,420), but the 2,400 Model X delivered (mostly in the back half of March), despite production slowdowns due to parts constraints for January and February, indicates that soon Tesla will be delivering 20,000 or more per quarter.

When we look at the U.S. sales estimations for Tesla, we also note that North America represents some 60% of total thanks in part to the arrival of the Model x into the US.

In the near term (at least for Q2) this percentage for NA deliveries will likely only increase, as volume Model X deliveries just began in the second week of March for the US, and the offering will continue to be primarily a US-based release during the quarter, before expanding out to Asia and Europe.

In total, through the end of March 2016, Tesla has delivered just over 122,000 Model S/X electric vehicles (with over 70,000 of those sold in North America):

Tesla Motors electric car sales in - March 2016

Tesla Motors electric car sales in – March 2016

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I believe that Tesla is establishing a new paradigm for how cars are manufactured and sold. The disruptive model. On demand.

No need to produce large numbers of unsold cars which is wasteful and inefficient.
Cut out the middle-man, car dealerships which simply add cost, not value, to the

No need to waste money on advertising with the advent of the later stage internet with its democratization of information. You Tube, Twitter, Facebook.

These developments, combined with the fact that evs are just superior to the old ice and the newer hybrid and phev is what will allow Tesla to flourish, and eventually become one of the leading manufacturers of mass market vehicles, as they have already done in the luxury segment.


Add about 2,500 Roadsters and Tesla Motors already has sold about 125,000 electric cars!

Still not close to Renault-Nissan 300K, but now ahead of General Motors, Toyota and Ford. Not bad for a start up, and now with 325K Model 3 reservations.


Most important question; can Tesla finesse the sales to cross 200k North America AND high production for 6months afterwards of M3 to get people under the cutoff?

That along with prioritization of the queue for owners and 1st day of sale in-store


How many Model X reservations are in the queue, 25K? If so that makes 150K cars plus model S sales in the coming 2 years. They may cross the 200K limit before the Model 3 even ships.


insideevs had a good post on that last week.

Also, bear in mind that the 120k vehicles is global, not solely US sales. The tax credit only applies to US buyers and US deliveries. 60% of 120k is 72k qualifying vehicles sold in the US to date. They are not going to deliver over 120k S and X vehicles to the US market over the next 6+ quarters prior to the first Model 3 deliveries.

If the first Model 3 orders are filled by the end of Q4 2017, then that means that there are “only” 6 quarters of production to consider in the interim: Q2, Q3, Q4 of 2016, and then Q1, Q2 and Q3 of 2017 (and some Q4 production, as well).


Good points.

That means that only the next 60k to 70K Model 3 in the US matters to the incentives.

If we assume 80% of the existing Model S/X owners ordered a Model 3, plus employees of Tesal. That pretty much covered all that volume already…

So, if you are “new” to Tesla, unless you are buying a fully loaded option and living in SF Bay Area, your chance of getting the tax incentives might be pretty much zero.





Think that 120,000 places the Model S as second only to the LEAF as the highest production PEV model globally. A significant achievement.