Tesla Model X Test Drive Causes Unusual Phenomenon

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Daniel Burrus is author of seven books including the best-sellers Flash Foresight and TechnoTrends. The New York Times referred to him as one of the top three business gurus in spectacularly high demand as a speaker. It turns out that Burrus recently decided it was time for a new SUV. Something unusual happened when he decided to take the Tesla Model X on a test drive.

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Above: Driving the Tesla Model X (Image: Tesla)

He recounts that he’d also taken test drives with the newest SUVs from BMW, Mercedes, Porsche, and Cadillac. “However, it was when I drove the Tesla Model X that I felt like I was driving in the future. After that test drive, my view of the other brands was changed. All the others instantly felt like the past,” says Burrus.

“Buying a car has always been both a left-brain and a right-brain experience. On one hand, we would love to buy that just-out-of-reach dream car, the one that our emotional, creative side would love to have. On the other hand, our rational, logical, sensible mind wants the car to be safe, economical and not too expensive. Tesla has found a way to do both,” said Burrus. Granted, the company’s Model X is pricey. Yet Model 3 now offers that Tesla experience at a lower price point.

Above: Inside the Tesla Model X (Image: Tesla)

“Tesla is already offering a wealth of future-oriented features — features that can save lives, features you know we will all have someday — [which] has the power to change how potential customers think,” notes Burrus. He adds, “From a customer experience perspective, that’s a powerful shift. Any time you can make the competition seem like they are offering yesterday’s features and functions, and you are offering tomorrow’s, you can accelerate growth.”

Burrus’ latest book, The Anticipatory Organization: Turn Disruption and Change Into Opportunity and Advantage, is an Amazon #1 Hot New Release for Business. The futurist points to Elon Musk’s Tesla as a prime example of this phenomenon. He writes, “Tesla, like Amazon, is what I call an Anticipatory Organization, one that identifies the Hard Trends that will happen and then uses that knowledge to turn disruption and change into its biggest advantage.”

Left: Daniel Burrus about to step into a Tesla Model X; Right: Burrus’ latest book, The Anticipatory Organization (Image: Burrus Research)

And this advantage extends beyond Tesla’s customers. It’s a recruiting edge as well. Burrus asks, “With all of this in mind, where would the greatest young engineering talent want to work? Ford, General Motors or Tesla? I suspect that Tesla would attract the talent because it is showcasing the future, today.”


Source: Burrus Research

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Article Daniel Burrus said: “… when I drove the Tesla Model X that I felt like I was driving in the future. After that test drive, my view of the other brands was changed. All the others instantly felt like the past..”

I can relate to this 100%.

Currently own a Model S & Model 3 and it’s like living in a world where I’m driving in the future and all those around me (except other Tesla owners) on the road are driving obsolete vehicles but they don’t know it… like a Twilight Zone movie scene.

Yep. In the summer of 2013, a few months after I made the EV switch, my wife and I were walking from our car through the parking lot to a store. We passed an ICEV that was idling and I looked at her and said, “What’s that sound? Oh, I remember — it’s a dinosaur!”

Even now, when I drive an ICEV it feels like a step back in time, like booting a first-gen IBM PC off a floppy disk so I can play Zork. Yikes.

Floppy disk. That was funny. My recent observation was how antiquated my Gen 1 Volt now feels. My daughter drives it now and when she was back from college I took it for a spin. It seem pretty rudimentary now, compared to our Bolt or gen 2 Volt. I can’t imagine how much more old-school it would seem if I had upgraded to an S or X.

Whenever I hear a starter motor, I’m like “Really”, “I mean Really”. LOL.

Or the squeal of a slipping fan belt.

Or the smell of gasoline that’s leaked in a parking lot.

Or the oil slick a visitor’s VW leaves on the driveway.

Upvote for Zork reference.

don’t know if you meant it like a pun “it’s a dinosaur” – yes the sound you are hearing is litterally the combustion of ancient dinosaurs and boimass…. 🙂

Oil is basically plant matter. But I think dinosaur is still a very good word to use, even if it’s not scientifically true!

Got an Audi PHEV 2 years ago and immediately was sold on moving away from ICE cars … We just replaced our Prius by a Model 3 too … the potential of the technology, how it fits into your life, the reduced impact on the environment (plan to also convert our house to solar in the next 2 years) all make me hopeful.

Though it also shows that we need to make it more affordable … We need lower cost EVs with decent range, we need a charging infrastructure that allows also people without their own house to use EVs and we need a new administration that stops promoting coal and gets serious about better ways to make electricity … so let’s not congratulate ourselves yet … we have a long way to go!

I concur 100% Picked up my Model 3 last Saturday and already converted 3 people. It is the future.

But, did he actually BUY the Model X? Just wondering.

I was wondering the same thing.

I bought my last model S in april 2015.
I went in to test drive a 3 last week. Asked the service desk to tell me if I needed any service. They said “You’re due for an annual tune-up.” I asked, “When was the last time I did one?” because, you know, I don’t want to do it more often than needed, so I can save a few bucks. They answered, “Never. You’ve never brought this car in for service.”

Wow. That’s how simple and reliable a BEV can be. Oops. No service in 2.5 years. No biggie.

(caveats: -1- A ranger did come to my house on a few occasions to fix door handles and a window. And I swapped tires at a tire shop. -2- I had a Model S before this one, and I DID take that in for service annually, which is why my memory wasn’t clear about service dates.)

You should get your vehicle booked in for a service. I’m not sure though, In Europe your vehicle has to have an annual safety check beginning with its third year since brand new. I hear America has no such equivalent? The MOT basically checks everything is safe, lights, tyre condition.

Yeah EV’s are more reliable but a check up every now and again is still a good idea in the interests of safety. And unlike an MOT, an actual service can include a full bolt check.

We had that in Colorado for decades. But, found out that it really was not cost effective, so now, limit checks to emissions. In fact, ICEV have to go in.every 2 years, until 20 years old, but the state does checks at on/off-ramps of highways. If you flunk, you have to go in for a check.

Some states have annual safety inspections (PA and VA in particular). You can’t renew your annual registration unless it passes the safety inspection.

Currently, in VA, emissions testing is every two years for certain vehicles, like my 2010 Mercury Mariner hybrid.

Let’s just say all other EV owners are driving futuristic cars; though Tesla is the only way to go now if you want to travel/roadtrip with your car, other EVs share basically the same pros (better acceleration, lower usage cost, less pollution).

Who would you rather work for Blackberry or Apple, or worse Kodak.

I proudly use a BlackBerry Key2. It’s a productivity workhorse. I’m an early adopter, I had a Nokia cell phone, Motorola flip phone, Apple Newton, 1st generation iPad (and none after that), the list goes on. I have yet to find an EV I love. (Tesla design is smooth and curvy, but it’s not pretty). The specs of the car are great, but overall design both inside and outside are not what I’d buy. People buy the car in spite of its design. Pretty sure Steve Jobs would not buy a Tesla because it really is not attractive. Actually, he never bought Teslas. He drove a Mercedes SL AMG. In fact, he buys a new SL every 3 months (he doesn’t like having a licence plate, and in California, your temporary registration is good for 90 days without a license plate).

I beg to disagree. I am a design professional lol (believe it or not). I believe the Tesla Model S is one of the most beautiful vehicles ever produced. It is a nicely resolved, aerodynamic, unique, elegantly designed vehicle. I would put it up there with some of the early Jag cars which are considered some of the most beautifully designed vehicles of all time (by those who know what they are looking at). I am not sure what you are seeing frankly. As far as Puting Teslas up agains MB design-wise – agh yeah…. maybe you are trolling the wrong site my friend.

Do you remember the Model 3 was unveiled and EVERYONE hated the front end design? You can call it an acquired taste, but don’t call it beautiful. Also, the iPad in the middle, again, another “design cue” that people will tolerate. I mean, why would you not want your speedometer in front of you? And finally, a Tesla Model S looks like an Aston Martin Rapide. So if you want to say the Model S is pretty on the outside, I guess you can say they copied a beautiful design.

As for the Steve Jobs reference, fair point, he was dead by the time Model S came out. But still not beautiful.

Sorry, I loved the screen and the simple clean internal lines from the get go. I much prefer the central location. I can see the speed no matter where the steering wheel is. I love the design especially at night. Completely dark in front of me and I turn the screen down to 8% and no glare at all but I can still read the screen completely.

“Do you remember the Model 3 was unveiled and EVERYONE hated the front end design?”

No, we don’t “remember” things that happened only in the alternate world of Earth-2, where serial Tesla bashers live.

Here on Earth-1, the shark’s nose of the Model 3 received initial “mixed reviews”, with some loving it, others disliking it, and a lot of opinions in between. A lot of people now say the style has grown on them.

The same can’t be said for serial Tesla bashing; that’s just as unpopular as ever. 🙄

Wow. So, you are claiming that Tesla has time travel skills? Because the rapide was shown AFTER MS was shown. Yes, Aston came to market before, but MS still designed and showed before.

Part 2 of reply to SansIce, this is “InsideEV” , not “InsideTesla” . But all I see is a lot of bashing if it’s not a Tesla EV. Maybe this is why I don’t want to be associated with Tesla owners. As I’ve said before, I’m waiting for an EV I like. Something that doesn’t scream “I drive a Tesla. Stereotype me!”

There is a good reason why there is a lot of bashing unless it is Tesla. Right now, other than Tesla, all of the EVs on the market are junk. Purposely. They are designed and built to under perform. That is why, an expensive Model S and X outsell all other EVs except M3. That is about to change. Finally. Ppl who back legacy car makers and are backing vehicles like taycon are not getting grief except for the fact, that the vehicle is not here.

I’m glad you know the inner workings of “people”. I’d love to have that insight.

Not sure what you are getting at – elucidate please. As far as parameters of design and “inner workings”, Most people are on the same page when comparing a Pontiac Aztek and a Jaguar “e” type. There are senses of proportion like the “golden section” which are sensibilities that are impeded into our DNA and social lens; common perceptions of what is beautiful and what is ugly. Is that what you are talking about?
Vehicle beauty is tricky because Utility is part of the equation – pickup and trucks can be beautiful in their utility.
It is all a matter of taste and desire but ultimately some shapes can have a consensus, among those perceiving them, about which are beautiful and which are ugly. The consensus is that Tesla designs, particularly the Model S, are beautiful.

Steve Jobs unfortunately past away on October 5, 2011
Tesla began shipping its Model S in June 2012
I think it might explain why he never bought a Tesla model s/x

From what I’ve read and watched, your camp is far smaller than the “love the look” camp, but we can’t all be the same. I’m definitely in the big camp. S to me is one of the most beautiful cars ever. I’m dreading the refresh – they may ruin it…

Welcome to the past

Out of Blackberry or Apple, I’d take Blackberry EVERY single time. I won’t touch an Apple product.

Yes, Tesla is here to stay, who knew.

So far. Tesla can still blow it. But I think once MY is started ( and multiple car factories are up ), Tesla will be solid.

Isn’t this just preaching to the choir?

A a a men…..a a a men………..a a men a men a men

They sell Tesla accessories. I guess they want to reinforce peoples love for the brand with these type of articles. This also explains the occasional jab at GM and other manufacturers

This kind of article is great not because of the choir, like us, but the people who come here via the side door, i.e. a Google search, and are still learning about EVs.

You seem to have confused InsideEVs with Inside Gas Guzzlers. 🙄

I drive a CT6-PHEV. The other noisy cars on the road are so annoying. Especial dually diesel pickups and fart-can cars.

Of course, I have to deal with the turbo four when I run out of electrons, but, it’s still pretty quiet compared to most other cars/trucks.

I considered a CPO Model S, but, couldn’t resolve the problems with my 5-times-a-year trips to gramma’s. There are no superchargers still in some of fly-over country.

Plus, the CT6 has more bells than a Model S. Like Apple CarPlay and infotainment screens in the rear. My kids love it!

U do know that Apple/Google car play are attempts to catch up to Tesla. Right? Declaring you are ahead with that, is like saying your ICEV compared to Tesla.

Definitely the truth, I have a MX i3 and X5M, and I can tell you that after I got my MX everything else just seemed so FAR off, the simplicity, convenience, and clean feeling you get inside the Tesla is unmatched. Even if my MX is not perfect ie body panels not aligning perfectly and so on, but none of that matters because the focus is how you feel behind the wheel. It literally reduces your stress with autopilot. It’s hard to explain.

You can swap batteries in a NIO in 3 minutes. Try that with a Tesla.

You also have to swap batteries every 3 minutes.

The Tesla Model S was designed around a battery swap in 90 seconds. See it in the 2013 reveal video.
Axed through lack of use/interest in favour of fast charging.

Tesla is a white-collar sweatshop. As an engineer, I’m not so sure I’d really want to work there.

It’s OK; you don’t have to if you don’t want to. But a lot of people do!

You are right on.

I’m entirely sure that a diehard member of the anti-Tesla cult, like you, wouldn’t like working there.

Hope you enjoy losing money on your TSLA short investment. 😀

A white-collar sweatshop is a fair description for Tesla’s corporate culture. Per Glassdoor:

“Minimal work life balance within corporate culture” (in 226 reviews)
“Bad work life balance long hours” (in 191 reviews)
“No work life balance with occasional very long work hours” (in 51 reviews)

I think the expectation is that since the CEO is putting an incredibly amount of his life into work, that employees are also expected to do the same. Talent retention is a challenge for the company at all levels, even senior management, because of this reason.

Full disclosure: Tesla shareholder, in it for the long term because I want to support this company’s vision.

You can also get that feeling by jumping into some old analogue cars that still you can turn on a dime and don’t have fly-by-wire anything to numb how it feels. I think part of it is that Tesla is pretty good, but many modern marques have gone through a period of being boring as hell.

Good article, InsideEVs. Thanks. And I know that YOU GUYS get it, but I gotta say…

I am UNIMPRESSED with any so-called “Futurist” & business expert who test-drives a Tesla & whose perspective on the auto industry is rocked and whose mind is b-l-o-w-n.

It’s not that I disagree with the conclusions, but rather the timing. Am I wrong, or isn’t it 2018? And this is a “futurist”? I was blown away by the tech in 2012, so I went and bought one in Jan 2013. I mean, that was a long time ago; a.k.a the past.

I might have been impressed if the Burrus analysis were from 2010-2012, but this is just embarrassing. Judging from the quotes in this article, this johnny-come-lately is welcome to join the party, but don’t show up calling yourself a futurist. And good luck with that book I’m not going to buy. I’m sure it’s got some great thoughts about this new-fangled iPhone Steve Jobs is launching, and how these Amazon Web Services just might make the cut.

It´s Evannex anyway. I mean a lot of EVs change their driver´s mind when driven for the first time, but Evannex has to repeat that every few days. Tomorrow we get a story how Elon Musk is changing the world when drinking coffee and the day after Tesla Model S is best car of the universe, because it´s a-w-e-s-o-m-e!!!1!1!. Repeat.

I really like Tesla, but Evannex just tries so hard…

The weird part is that he has been writing about Tesla for years, and apparently had never been in one before.

Note much of a futurist if he’s just now discovering this about driving electric. Next thing you know he’ll be predicting the rise of cell phones and demise of land lines.

I feel the same with just about any EV vs. ICE comparison. When I hear the sound of an ICE starting up, it’s like hearing the sound of an old modem connecting, or a rotary-dial telephone, or the hiss of a CRT television. And while these things are cool from a nostalgic and historical perspective, I wouldn’t want to rely on them every day.

I drive a Tesla now and weekly I find someone for whom Tesla just makes them mad.

I’m not talking hyper conservatives or stock shorters either. Many of us hate change. Its CHANGE that makes them angry.

Sure, old timers can’t be flexible, but its odd just how many out there consider themselves traditionalists. “Why would I want ONE OF THOSE?!”, they say. “My (insert name if gas car brand here) serves me just fine. If it aint broke don’t fix it”.

Thing is – they don’t know what they’re missing. And the ICE model is broke, and non-sustainable.

Getting a Model x on December 21st, 2018. Once I drove one for the weekend borrowed from Tesla, it was like the first time I bought an automatic car: could never go back to manual; same here, I can’t think of any car better than an EV.