Tesla Model X Shoots For The Stars – Fan-Made Tesla Commercial


Model X Shoots For The Stars

Model X Shoots For The Stars

Here’s the latest in a long line of fan-made Tesla commercial.

This one may be the first to feature the Tesla Model X, rather than the Model S.

Video description:

“Short film of the Tesla Model X. Let’s shoot for the stars and make this world a better place.”

Footage from JH Photography

Edited by Jeffrey Tung

As usual, it’s well done, with commenters saying it has a near-professional quality to it and hits the point.

Check it out and let us know what you think.

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Beautiful ! Better than the Pros!


Is that the matthew mcconaughey dudes voice? alright alright alright…..

I was going to ask the same question. And also the music sounds a lot like the music from Interstellar, which would make sense for McConaughey’s voice.

Lincoln is gonna be upset.

Encore !

While I don’t rank Tesla up there with the Apollo Program I would have to say that Tesla has probably already achieved stardom in the firmament of technological and industrial wonders of the age.

Glad to see Jeffrey Tung was able to fix the sound issues that came with the original Interstellar.


A reminder this is an American company leading the way to a post fossil fuel era.

Boom! Welcome to the future of transportation; Tesla.

It would be interesting to run this ad or one similar to it in a state like Texas or Florida and see the sales results. Might show the true sales potential of Tesla.

It was well done and I’m a huge Tesla fan/owner, but somehow comparing Model X to the space program or breaking the speed of sound just doesn’t feel right.

If anything, I’d rather see a commercial like this for the Model S and autopilot which strike me as more pioneering than the X. S was the pioneer – X is more like the second visit to the moon. If anything, X is a step backward on the path to clean transportation – it’s heavier, less efficient, more expensive. I realize it appeals to some people that won’t accept a sedan, but it’s still not as clean a choice as S (or Model 3).

As a fan of Tesla Motors, the space program as well as Matthew McConaughey, there seems to be a small problem.

Does Matthew McConaughey know he’s promoting Tesla and presumably for free?

Do the creators of Interstellar know that what they paid to develop for a movie is now being used to promote Tesla?

Here is a link to the original teaser trailer for Interstellar which was made more than a year before the movie opened:

I’m not an expert on anything, including intellectual property, but as much as I like the Model X and Tesla, this doesn’t seem cool. I imagine someone may be hearing from some lawyers, and perhaps rightfully so.