Tesla Model X Meets DeLorean DMC-12, Future Machines Unite: Video


How does the futuristic Tesla Model X compare to its “Back to the Future” predecessor?

You’d be hard-pressed to find someone that says the Tesla Model X looks like a DeLorean, but that makes perfect sense since there are over 35 years between the cars’ initial design stages. However, the two vehicles certainly share some commonalities. While the original DeLorean DMC-12 was a gas-powered car, it was popularized in the famed “Back to the Future” movie, in which it was rather “electrifying” on at least some level.

Perhaps the most notable feature on the popular Tesla crossover is its signature Falcon Wing Doors. Similarly, the DeLorean wears gull-wing doors that look much the same. It’s also important to note that there have been plans over the years for an actual “electric” DeLorean, but they never really panned out. Still, some EV aficionados and DIYers have taken it upon themselves to electrify the car.

The point here is that the Tesla Model X and the DeLorean DMC-12 are/were both futuristic offerings. So, Influx decided it would be a fun share to put the two side by side and run a bit of a comparison. The YouTube channel clearly prides itself on well-produced, cinematic media surrounding the world’s most compelling and fascinating vehicles.

Give it a watch and share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.

Video Description via Influx on YouTube:

DeLorean x Tesla – Visions of the Future

The DeLorean and the Tesla Model X are both otherworldly machines designed to show what the future of cars could be. But which one best lives up to its potential?

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Two-door BEV sports car is precisely what I want to (next decade) trade in my 2018 Leaf for 😉

Maybe someday a maker will deign to offer one (under $50,000 please)

Going price of a used gen 1 Tesla Roadster. Why wait?

Lol gen 1 with all their problems and warranty expiring might as well start exercising those legs because before long you will be walking.

There’s an electric DeLorean being finished up as I write this.

Have an eye on that. 🙂

(Original James) I was going to write a story on that. Problem is – that was back in 2013!

The man that bought literally every spare DeLorean body and part and shipped them to America hand built an electric DeLorean for one customer. It ended up taking years and I’m not sure that customer ever took delivery. Yet on the business website, you’d think they build electric DeLoreans every day. It was an idea to build an electric kit car out of old stale DeLorean bodies that went south.

I thought I’d found a real exclusive story worth writing about. I was wrong. It’s just one of those deals…

Ah, thanks for the explanation. I too thought they did it on a regular basis.

Ain’t it fun to see a bunch of English boys borrowing cars and having a mess about in the west? …
Ah well. I didn’t get the logic of their criticism with the Model X. Yes, Supercharging is sparse in Ireland, but there’s a plethora of 3-phase AC 21 kW boxes in many towns that Teslas can use, and then there’s the usual 50kW DC /48kWAC rapids. The audience they’re addressing to are almost certainly in the UK where Tesla drivers are better serviced, but no, they hoped all the way to Galway where there’s little of everything besides beauty and charm.

And ‘£140,000’ is dead misleading, the top trim Irish market Model X is €140,000. As cool as they are they’re much too fat and excessive for Irish roads, the old 75D would be faster than any 7 seater out here.

Yes, it’s pointlessly ridiculous.
And another nutcase judges a “luxury” car by its interior materials, and not it’s ride characteristics, its instant torque, its massive torque, it’s amazing fun and great suspension, it’s instant heat, even in a garage pre-conditioning. It’s quietness. No one ever turns on the stereo and listens to good music when they drive a car, and no one notices there’s no engine polluting the mid-range while you listen?

One of these cars is 10 Times better than the other.
If you’re going to gripe about charging: 1) Most People charge at home. 2) Driving a Tesla is Worth it.

(Original James) Influx may pride themselves as producers of cinematic video, as per the story, but I think this was a waste of time to watch.

Really? A failure of a venture in 1981 resulting in a scant few examples of a very poorly engineered bucket of parts cobbled together from bins of several automakers encased in a stainless steel body which most people scratched permanently by polishing it against the grain with silver plastic nose and tail pieces that didn’t match? A car with scarcely enough oomph to beat a VW Beetle off the line? A car whose rogue auto executive creator resorted to selling cocaine to save his company?!

Now compare that with a modern success story of a rocketship electric SUV that is selling quite well…JUST BECAUSE THEY BOTH HAVE DOORS THAT OPEN SIMILARLY?! Where was the 1956 Mercedes 300 SL and 2012 SLS AMG?

Toss in snarky British racist insults if the Irish (innoculations, really?) and some really bad jokes and we have what we see here. A total waste of time and space.

DeLorean was never convicted of drug trafficking, mainly because he never did, it was the governments drugs, and really one huge entrapment scheme, to discredit him, because he had the audacity to start his own car company. See the “Tucker” story as last company before DeLorean to try, now we have the Elon Musk and Tesla story, and the car industry has tried the same tactics, even pressuring law makers to outlaw sales of his vehicles in more than a few states in the US

(Original James) I find it rich that this British snob chooses the DeLorean in the end, after nicking the Tesla for not being up to a Land Rover! Land Rover = 1990s tech all rolled up in a leather and burlewood cabin with lots and lots of shiny knobs that spends the most of it’s days either in the shop, driving Miss Daisy to the pedicurist or, in the shop.

Holy schnikies! This film is dustbin material.

My takeaway is that there are FAR TOO MANY people in this world fancying themselves as auto journalists. It seems the material for original stories is few and far between.These guys spent far too much time watching Grand Tour and Top Gear.

At least the videographer had the good taste to wear a Seattle Seahawks hat. Go figure!

(Origjnal James) I am an American of both English and Irish cultural origin.

This rubbish and sh*t like it make me embarrassed of the English part.

What hellscape did they find to run this video? Narrow featureless road with nuclear winter just past the (nonexistant) road shoulders?

I’ve driven in Ireland, and the roads are tight, yes, but this seems to be a narrow asphalt strip running between two craters on the moon.

Not a criticism, just curious.