Watch Tesla Model X P100D Destroy Dodge Hellcat 1/8-Mile Drag Strip


See ya later Dodge Hellcat.

When this Tesla Model X P100D rolled onto the strip, all challengers took notice. However, not one of them, not even the Dodge Hellcat, could keep pace with the electric SUV.

The mighty P100D version of the Model X is one of the quickest SUVs on the planet. In races such as this, its big advantage is AWD and instant electric torque. The Model X puts down consistent runs with little or no drama. Meanwhile, many challengers experience launch issues, which hold them back.

In the 1/8-mile world of drag racing, Teslas continue to prove their superiority, which you’ll again see here in this video. Just hit play to see the domination.

Video description:

I took my brand new 2018 Tesla Model X P100D with Ludicrous to Dorchester Dragway a week after picking it up, it took down everyone that came at it including a Dodge Hellcat and a tuned muscle car. It took the prize for Domestic – Street Tires group.

When it came time to go against the Imports – Street Tires winners they all chickened out.

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That old late Eighties Thunderbird was pretty dang fast!!

Hell yes! Nothing against tesla but, that is a battery driven car, why are you bragging constantly with e-motor beating internal combustion engine?? Have you any idea how much moving parts are in the combustion engine and how many in the e-motor?! Pouting combustion engine to compete within rocket engine would also be unfair don´t you think guys?

Brand new… think about that; Why is it ‘brand’ new and not just ‘new’? Is that an American-ism? We don’t have ‘brand’ across the Pond; and the Upside-down people (Aussies) don’t say ‘brand’ when describing a new something or other… Thoughts?

The Aussies use the ‘C’ word in a way that isn’t negative, will likely be reviled if they use it in America. Brits use the word “pissed” to mean drunk, in America it means angry. Words have different meanings depending on your location in this world. You weren’t aware of that?

Yes, it is an Americanism. It has never made sense to this American. Nor have some of your Limeyisms. 😉

Brand New has its origin way way back when people would refer to metal objects having just been forged. And, like a GREAT MANY THINGS that Brits like to complain about as far as American English, it’s OLD ENGLISH. As in we learned it from YOU GUYS then you guys changed the language on us.

The Brand part refers to burning wood. So straight from the fire / forge new.

If you think about that, it’s actually useful, because that was when a metal object back then was LEAST likely to have started to corrode or get abused into a hunk of junk.

So, yeah, it may be mainly used by Americans, but it’s not like Americans created it out of whole cloth. I also find it very applicable to manufactured goods.

Here’s a dictionary discussing the origin:

Ummm, it’s “brand spankin’ new”. YOU GUYS are both wrong.

Zzzzzzzz 😴

Headline should be, dude with enough $$ to buy a $100k+ car steals money from people that can’t afford supercars.

Maybe You should Contact GM or Ford or Chrysler and tell them to build car that can compete with Tesla,, 😉😉

If it’s not special, why don’t all manufactures have $100k+ SUV’s that destroy the dragstrip?

Because it’s a pointless expense and just a marketing gimmick.

visiting this site might make you wonder if drag races are the only races a tesla can win…

X is a FAMILY sedan SUV ffs..
when the Roadster 2 comes it will destroy ice in any race..

Only if they use some new battery tech that can make the car lighter.

8min 50sec for the Hellcat race

LOL! The gas burner fans saying it is unfair racing a electric. What a riot, EV’s went from golf carts to unfair in less than 10 years.

perfectly fair, you can compare whatevet you want. The question is that 1/8 drag time doesn’t matter in everyday life. But this is all that is discussed, nothing else. If the car is that good why 99.999% of people are still driving ICE cars? Don’t need to be a brainiac to see the facts.

yeah yeah, tesla is the ultimate car … tesla is a rocket … why don’t you post how much it takes for tesla to get to the moon?

Not really surprising, it’s AWD and has the greatest power off the line. Only running 1/8th mile increases the advantage. I didn’t watch, but were they not running on an index? Low ET wins the whole thing?