Tesla Model S Sales Exceeded 22,000 Units Globally in 2013

Tesla Model S


With news that Tesla Motors sold 6,900 Model S sedans globally in Q4 of 2013, we can now piece together the 2013 sales puzzle.

Tesla Model S

Tesla Model S

Tesla’s Q3 financials confirmed 15,500 sales.  Now, with this Q4 statement of 6,900 added in, we can say that Model S sales in 2013 were approximately 22,400.

That’s a global sales figures, though the majority of those 22,400 sales were in the US.

The 6,900 units sold in Q4 were roughly 20% over what Tesla had expected.  Similarly, Tesla sold approximately 25% more Model S sedans in Q4 than it did in Q3.

In related news, Tesla expects its Q4 revenue to exceed guidance by roughly 20%.

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Congrats Tesla!!

Eric – your prediction a few days ago about Tesla having sold more than 25,000 cars to date was spot on. Too bad no one listened to you – they could have made a TON of money in a few days by buying the stock. Ah well 🙂

Seems like the 2013 Sales Scorecard should be updated… I’m sure this puts the total much closer to 100K!

Job well done Tesla. Good early suceess. Now that there are a sufficient number on the road, potential owners can now get a picture of how the Model S will age. Will it continue to be a pheominal car or will it be like Audi- 3 years of bliss followed by years of nagging and often expensive problems?

I tip my hat to Tesla owners, and owners of all first gen products. Your risk-tasking allows the market to improve- often greatly- between the first and second generation.