Tesla Model S Remains Most Popular Electric Car In Netherlands

JUN 12 2018 BY MARK KANE 8

With more than 2,000 sales, Tesla Model S was the top-selling plug-in model in the Netherlands in 2017, and so far this year it still maintains the lead.

In May, 254 Model S were sold in the country, which enabled it to overtake the Volkswagen e-Golf, which is expected to fall even further down as the Nissan LEAF raises.

May results:

  • Tesla Model S – 254 (1,113 YTD)
  • Volkswagen e-Golf – 119 (1,036 YTD)
  • Nissan LEAF – 264 (991 YTD)
  • Hyundai IONIQ Electric – 73 (696 YTD)
  • Tesla Model X – 173 (570 YTD)

Tesla has a chance to improve the full-year result from 2017 both for the Model S (2,077) and Model X (1,239).

Overall, sales of plug-in electric cars in the Netherlands in May stood at 1,311 (up 123%), and 6,765 YTD (up 128%) at an average 3.3% market share. 88% of plug-in sales for the month were of the all-electric car variety.

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8 Comments on "Tesla Model S Remains Most Popular Electric Car In Netherlands"

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I expect record sales for the Tesla Model S and X in 2018 here in the Netherlands as tax rules will change in 2019 for electric cars priced above 50000 euros. The Jaguar i-Pace is already ordered 1900 times (heading to almost 4000 at the end of the year) and the Hyundai Kona Electric 1750 times.

Interesting, that’s an excellent showing for Jaguar’s new entry. No wonder they themselves are surprised at the car’s success.

It’s always nice when I get to see how many Teslas populate the Netherland’s roads.

Yeah, I’m sure a lot of business drivers will grab their chance for maximum tax incentives for the coming 5 years of use. Their accountants will do the same and, after they ordered, notify their customers of this last chance for a cheap Tesla Model S or X (or Jaguar I Pace if they’re fast enough).

December will probably have a mad amount of registrations… The Dutch love a bargain.

You defenitly see a lot of them over here, esspecially in the Randstad were I live. (= area between 4 biggest cities)
A lot of m3’s allso hopefully, after the shorts squeeze :))

“Tesla has a chance to improve the full-year result from 2017 both for the Model S (2,077) and Model X (1,239).”

The improvements in 2018 will be more than 40%.

In revenue, the Model S is the 5th car over all, not just in plug-ins, in the Netherlands.

Car ownership in Holland suck sorry buts the truth so this is irrelevant

Yes, it is highly tax driven. So be aware that Model S and X sales will drop drastically in 2019.