Tesla Model 3 VIN Registrations Blow Past 40,000

Tesla Model 3


It seems Tesla Model 3 production is on a consistent roll now and hopefully will continue to surge forward.

Just the other day we shared information about another large chunk of Model 3 VIN registrations. The report showed that Tesla added another ~5,000 on or around May 7, 2018. That pushed the highest number up to 39,623.

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Fast forward just a handful of days and the automaker is at it again. Like we said, if production is truly on par with what CEO Elon Musk is predicting, we should start seeing a multitude of these registrations and much bigger chunks sooner rather than later. And … we were correct.

Tesla registered an additional 3,661 Model 3 VINs with the NHTSA on Friday. Now, the highest recorded number jumps to 42,942. This is a whopping 8,000+ new registrations inside of one week’s time. For comparison, let’s not forget that it took the automaker from July to December of 2017 to register its first 8,000 Model 3 VINs.

The information was shared on Twitter by @Model3VINs, which has been closely following this progress for some time.

Teslarati points out that it was just a month ago that VINs were still well below the 30K mark. We’ve seen more than a 50 percent surge since then, and it is beginning to appear as though this exponential growth will continue indefinitely.

Tesla just recently bounced back from a scheduled, multi-day shutdown on Model 3 production activities in Fremont and at the Gigafactory with a goal of hitting a 3,000 to 4,000 per week build rate. Following another anticipated, upcoming shutdown to continue streamlining the system, the company hopes to be making at least 5,000 Model 3s per week in June.

Source: Teslarati

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That’s great news! I have a Leaf and never had a Model 3 reservation, but the more EVs the better. Tesla is keeping the pressure on the other manufacturers, and it keeps looking like the Model 3 is a huge success.

Is it known whether the second scheduled shutdown will fall in May or June? Beating 5850 Model S December 2016 seems likely for May. Achieving 10,000+ in June looks likely if 5000/wk can be achieved even if it is a blitz week. If/when the sustained 5000/wk happens in Q3 will set the stage for profitability. With 400,000+ pre-orders, keeps things churning through 2020. All other manufacturers are impacted and EVs change the landscape forever. Side note, SpaceX aced their first Block 5 launch which is a pretty big deal toward getting cost down for multiple-launch cheap satellites. Shorts have about 16 weeks left of gloom and doom stories. Maybe they turn out to be right. And maybe not!

“Is it known whether the second scheduled shutdown will fall in May or June?”

Tesla schedules production to maximize deliveries on a quarterly basis, which means during late May and early to mid June they will be pushing to produce as many cars as possible, for delivery no later than the end of June.

Therefore, it seems most likely that if a shutdown was scheduled for May or June, then we should know about it if it was during May. Since it’s already almost halfway through May, then if Tesla hasn’t announced the date yet, I think it’s most likely that it won’t happen until the last week of June at the earliest.

This is, of course, just an informed guess based on what Tesla has done in the past. We can’t be sure that Tesla won’t change its strategy for scheduling production.

Chanos: “But, but, but Tesla supposed to fail. Tesla has to fail, or I go bankrupt”.
Sometimes a bubble represents the Geometric Rate of Growth of a Strong company, with a Vast New Product Portfolio, with a Market STARVED for those Products.

And Mr. Chanos, this is Tesla’s Portfolio ( Not just cars. ):

-Batteries: The lowest cost batteries on the market, best battery on the market.
-Solar: Commercial and Residential, class leading, segment creating.
-And: Battery: Grid scale battery projects.
-And they sell Luxury Model S, X’x.
-And now a lower cost Model 3, and they are increasingly getting BETTER at producing it.
-Tesla Electric Semi.
-Tesla Supercar.

And, in all categories add the phrase: “Class Leading”, or “Class Creating”.

I have to shake my head at the folks who ‘thumbs down’ your comment. The kind of folks who’d complain about the sound on the roof if it was raining gold..

Electric vehicles are a hot button issue along with god, gays, abortion, guns etc…CONNECT THE DOTS ON CLEAN AIR WAKE UP FOLKS

Only in your fevered little mind.

That would be the serial anti-Tesla trolls, shills, shorters and haters like Mental MadBro, TrollTFT or ClownCIE.

“I have to shake my head at the folks who ‘thumbs down’ your comment.”

Yes, I get the impression that there are at least a couple of dedicated Tesla bashers who go through and give a “thumbs down” to every single comment they see which is positive regarding Tesla. Many comments get at least one or two “thumbs down” even when they are entirely factual and free of opinion, or entirely positive and free of error. In other words, many comments get “thumbs down” even when no reasonable person would find anything in them objectionable.

So whoever is giving them a “thumbs down” is doing so for no good reason.

Mr. Chanos also said Tesla worth Zero.
You know you’ve got a desperate position when the hyperbole goes to fantasy valuations.
Yeah, that Gigafactory in the NV desert is worth absolutely nothing.

So, little in fact, that Bosch couldn’t compete with it and WITHDREW for battery production.

One of these guys, Musk or Chanos, has studied Henry Ford and Andrew Carnegie. I wonder whom?

For me, the fact that you are seeing more and more every single and smaller problem that Tesla can have making headlines, it ‘s a sign. A sign that naysayers, haters and shorts are getting nervous and, if they are getting nervous it’s because they are feeling that they are loosing the dirty game they begun in 2006 when Tesla reveals the Roadster and set the goal to disrupt the car industry, and sometimes after, to change also the face of the energy industry. Tesla is winning, and it is more and more evident for them, which is good for all of us, even for these nasty guys, maybe not for their wealth and believes, but surely for their children’s health and future in this planet.

Before I get my Head torn off, let me get started by saying I love Tesla and would love to own one. However I will not pronounce everything Tesla produces as best, while I would love to own a Tesla I will make do with my ’13 Volt charged by my Solar system for a while longer. I didn’t vote you up nor down.

-Batteries: The lowest cost batteries on the market, True
– best battery on the market. Car probably Home No Check out Sonnen
-Solar: Commercial and Residential, class leading, No check out SunPower
-segment creating, if they pull of the shingles at a reasonable price I will agree.
-And: Battery: Grid scale battery projects. Don’t know anything about grid scale won’t comment
-And they sell Luxury Model S, X’x. True
-And now a lower cost Model 3, and they are increasingly getting BETTER at producing it. Agreed
-Tesla Electric Semi. TBD
-Tesla Supercar. TBD

VINs are all over the place and not sequential. They shouldn’t be used for estimating total production. I’m getting my car on Thursday and the VIN is 142XX.

Hope you post on GM-Volt Tesla subforum on your first week or two! Congrats. My son is getting one.

I didn’t realize there was a subforum. I’ll have to go check it out now.

I do miss my Volt!

I hope he posts a report on his personal experience with the Model 3 in our very own InsideEVs forum, in the Tesla Model 3 section!


Congrats. What color/wheels did you pick? Autopilot?

Midnight Silver Metallic with aero wheels (may switch to custom 19″ in the future), no EAP. I didn’t feel it was worth the price for my driving needs, plus $50k was my budget. I’m having a detailer prepping the car instead of Tesla and getting paint protection film and ceramic coating.

That seems well thought out. Enjoy!

This will stick it to OPEC and the oil Companies by creating oil demand destruction.

If Tesla and it’s giga factory are going fill tilt Oil Companies will be nervous to bring about 5 dollar a gallon gas.

The long term transition to EV’s will initially make it very difficult for oil companies to sustain increased gas/oil prices.

The streets here in Silicon Valley are flooded with model 3s now. All of them “zero emissions” back plates, which means they have not even got licences yet. Tesla is shitting those cars out. The shorts are going to have a bad year. I had a bunch of relatives/friends who were badmouthing the car, “its too small, its too low, I don’t like the screen, etc”. After they get in mine and try it out you can see the change, they get it now. I did my standard loop drive from San Jose, to Santa cruz, up to half moon bay then woodside and back. There is NOTHING this car does not do better. Was able to do automatic drive on virtually all of the route. The map and guidance is awesome. Its real time move even on satellite photo mode. We listened to music from either FM or internet, of the same stations. When you make a turn on guidance, the map rescales and tilts to make it clear where you are going, then zooms in again. Passing cars in the dark, it AUTOMATICALLY uses highbeams then dims when passing other cars, I could not have done better. My… Read more »