Tesla Model 3 Tops German Electric Car Sales Chart



Tesla Model 3 deliveries in Europe have only just begun and the numbers are amazing.

We have plenty of sources sharing Tesla Model 3 deliveries in Europe and the results are pretty fantastic. Let’s keep in mind that Tesla just started delivering the Model 3 in Germany in mid-February, yet demand is very high. Germany — a location where there’s a ton of deep-rooted brand loyalty — sees an incredible EV boost due to the launch of Tesla’s “new,” more affordable, sporty sedan.

Apparently, many people in Germany have put their ties to local automakers aside, since the Tesla Model 3 is a huge hit when it comes to EVs. We certainly expected Model 3 sales to surge in place like Norway, the Netherlands, and even France. And, we were definitely correct. As naysayers and much of mainstream media continue to assert that Model 3 sales have fallen off a cliff, that’s so far from the truth it’s obnoxious to even report it. While Tesla hasn’t sold as many Model 3s in the U.S. (due to the fact that all production has been slated for delivery in Europe and China), the company still sold a record amount of cars in the U.S. based on our estimates and year-over-year data.

If you add the cars Tesla delivered in the U.S., to the huge and growing influx of Model 3 deliveries in Europe and China, the company actually seems to be ahead of some of its best months to date. We shall see at the end of March, and especially at the end of other months going forward. As time goes on, we should see the numbers rise exponentially, with the $35,000 Model 3 finally available and the Model Y reveal coming in a few days.

Unlike the U.S., all cars in European countries must be almost immediately accounted for. This means registrations are readily available. Wow, that concept would help us immensely with our U.S. sales reporting.

At any rate, throughout February (only 16 days of deliveries in Germany), Tesla Model 3 sales topped all others. The Model 3 Long Range AWD was officially the best-selling electric car in the country. According to CleanTechnica’s analysis, 32 percent of all EVs sold in Germany were Model 3s. While the second-place EV — the Renault Zoe — is priced 50 percent lower, the Model 3 beat it out in sales by some 115 percent.

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Source: CleanTechnica

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Where are the German Plug-In sales numbers of February 2019?

@ Steven Loveday

Mark Kane always shows us those charts with the bars that represent monthly Plug-In sales.

Why not in this article?

Click on the CleanTechnica article. It has what you want.

Thank you – good suggestion. So this wasn’t an original article, just a high level summary of a real article.

As are most of the articles. More of a news aggregation feature on those than it is original article. Creates a ‘portal’ type function.

@ Vexar

I have just read the article of Alex Voigt on Clean Technica.

Good article to read.

More than 950 Tesla Model 3 deliveries in Germany in the last two weeks of February 2019.

At this pace we will see about 2,000 Tesla Model 3 deliveries in Germany in March 2019. Probably even more than that.

For comparison, BMW 3-Series sales in Europe for January were 6,872 with sales declining from Jan to Feb over the past few years. February 2018 sales were 7,140 which were 3,000 less than in 2017. Feb 2019 sales were not posted yet that I could see.

If Tesla can produce 30k units monthly, and about 10k allocated to the US, 10k allocated to Europe and another 10k to China, Model 3 can overtake 3-Series in Europe with 3-Series averaging about 8,000 sales in Europe monthly.

BMW knows it’s coming, and the $35k model at a price and range BMW can’t compete with will help Model 3 maintain momentum.


I’m sure the Model 3 will take away sales from the 3 series, but those 8800 average monthly sales during it’s last year of production are hardly representative of what BMW will sell once the new G20 is available in all it’s variants

The More Tesla’s sold the sooner we will see the REAL i4 come out, and not the pretend i4 that’s electric/plugin/hybrid/gas designed.
Buy Innovation and you will get MORE Innovation.

Tesla sales, the bigger the better, will spur the German auto industry to be able to Justify More electric investment.

This goes for America too.
If you want BMW innovation you should be buying or leasing TODAY, the i3, and the 330e, in big numbers.
Then you will get better competition against Tesla.
Or, just get a Tesla, and the US would be guaranteed a bigger slice of the i4 production run.

> Unlike the U.S., all cars in European countries must be almost immediately accounted for.
> This means registrations are readily available.
> Wow, that concept would help us immensely with our U.S. sales reporting.

The US system is bizarre. The system of registering vehicles seem to be designed to be gamed.

Tesla is often accused of gaming the system, and I’m sure they do. From what I read, it would appear that everyone else is doing so too. The system doesn’t just enable it, it encourages it.

And it’s not just companies, either; it’s individuals. I particularly love the story about Steve Jobs, who apparently used to buy a new car every six months specifically so that he could get away with never having a licence place on his vehicle. And he used this power to allow himself to park in marked disabled parking bays without getting fined. Just because he could.

Lol…you think they can’t fine you because you have no plates? You still needed to have the temp registration sticker on the windshield…now they just give you plastic temp plates.

That’s enough internet for you today.

That is what you get when you let corporations and greed run the country in the name of so called “freedom”.

The Steve Jobs loophole was just a California thing, most states did not allow that. And that loophole has been closed in California now too.

places like etc…(plural)

We will not see sales numbers rise exponentially. Teslas are not bacteria; they don’t multiply exponentially.

Tesla’s ability to rise up production is kind of exponential. At least it is clearly not linear.

Interestingly…this is EXACTLY the analogy that defines EV sales growth/Tesla sales growth over time. A very smooth exponential. Funny this comment comes on the very website that has the raw data showing this very increase.

The most common misconception is the mind boggling number of vehicles sold each year globally. 82 million. Tesla is looking to sell a measly 400,000 this year.

Around the time (2023) that Tesla is broaching the 2 million units per year sales mark….Full self driving/auto Taxi should be here and the death of ICE becomes secured as global sales drop dramatically. An entire generation stops driving and the train/plane/bus model of sitting there entertaining yourself during the ride takes over.

Yes, they are supply constrained. But between Canada, Europe, Mexico, and lower prices in the USA,….Tesla now should easily be able to sell every Model 3 the can build. So sales numbers should rise.

“We will not see sales numbers rise exponentially.”

We are seeing exactly that. May I gently suggest that you look up the meaning of “exponential growth”, because it doesn’t mean what you think it does.

Would love to see an IEV article at the end of the quarter showing where the Model 3 stands on the major global markets. Tesla has committed to many chargers in Japan for instance. No American car has ever made traction in the Japanese market.

Would love to see Japan, Australia, China, Spain, Italy, France, Germany, Norway, Netherlands, Sweden, England, US, Canada.

No model 3’s on sale here in the UK so that entry is easy.
Looking like June before they start coming with all these new sales of the basic Model 3.

Thanks! Keep forgetting about the right-hand drive market delay.

Spain febrero only 200

Me thinks there will be a lot of secretaries about in Germany today, acquiring an extra change of underwear for their ol’ auto bosses.
Keep on trucking Tesla!

The German Big 3 will not be happy with this news, their entry level premiums models are will be deeply impacted.and it’s another year to two years before any of their comparable cars go on the market.

volume is soo low, that it will not affect them

The volume does not affect them, the trend will.

German car companies are use to loyal customer who keep buying German cars. When they see those same loyal customers buying in Model 3s instead the trend will worry them.

“The Model 3 Long Range AWD was officially the best-selling electric car in the country.”

Best selling BEV. CleanTechnica excluded PHEVs, so we don’t know how it ranked overall.

If it’s got an ICE engine that has a gas tank to fill up with petrol and can burn gasoline and emits CO2………. then it’s not CLEAN. So PHEVs are not included.

PHEVs are part of a bridge to EVs…..but more on the ICE side. Like going for a run, but smoking along the way or right after you stop. Seriously….people actually do that.

The letters “EV” in “PHEV” mean exactly the same as the letters “EV” in “BEV”.

Please stop with the divisive “EV purist” dogma. The EV revolution needs all the EVs it can get!

Wrong, best selling EV!
It doesn’t matter what CleanThechnica is doing, you can look it up yourself:
And you will easily find out that no PHEV outsold the Model 3

I tried their downloads but my PC couldn’t open them.

Why didn’t you quote numbers?

Do Not Read Between The Lines

Because 959 wouldn’t be exciting?

But still bigger than all the competitors. And I’m pretty sure Germany has a local car maker or two.


I look forward to the German automakers FINALLY coming out with some great EVs to compete. I KNOW they can do it but they have been dragging their feet for nearly a decade. This is the kick in the butt that they need for motivation.

My sincere thanks to our German friends who made a right choice by buying Tesla Model-3.
I still expect BMW to roll out a newer version of i3 with higher ranges (300 km, 400 km & 500 km).
No hopes on VW & MB are they still want to lick the diesel.

Wow! It will probably be no1 for many months.