Tesla Model 3 Pricing Info & Range Rating Released For Europe

Tesla Model 3


Tesla released the Model 3 configurator for Europe, promises a 544-kilometer WLTP range.

Finally, there is some great news for all the European Model 3 reservation holders and all the people in Europe interested in the Tesla Model 3. With several sources citing the same information, it seems that the U.S carmaker has not only released the Model 3 configurator for most countries in Western Europe but also, a highly likely February 2019 delivery date is rumored.

According to Electrek, the information revealed lists a German starting price tag of 57,900 euro for the Model 3 Long Range, while 68,600 euro is the base price for the range-topping, Tesla Model 3 Performance. Furthermore, it looks like the same delivery strategy that’s been deployed in the U.S – first long range / performance, then everything else – will be used with the Model 3 in Europe as well.

In comparison, the new BMW G30 330i starts at 44,950 euro, putting the Tesla way above its price wise. While this may be a problem for somebody doing cold, hard math, for anyone that already put a deposit for a Model 3 and has been waiting for it for months, this won’t be the deciding factor. However, even if you pushed the new BMW 3 Series to a range-topping configuration with the same engine (just below the M3, naturally), it still won’t get much over 50,000 euros. And for close to 9,000 euros in savings when compared to the Model 3 range-topping prices (with the current gas prices set at around 1,35 euro per liter), you can do over 80,000 kilometers before you even get to the same price tag you need for a Model 3.

However, the Model 3 brings on its own eco-friendly aspect, a bit more performance off the line and autonomous driving. Certainly, that won’t mean much for anyone doing the calculation, but the Model 3 does provide some impressive range and cost-benefit advantages. For example, the WLTP ranges are specified for the AWD long-range version and the Performance version with 544 kilometers (338 miles) for the LR, and 530 kilometers (329 miles) for the Performance. If you trace back to the 310 miles (530 kilometers) of range quote by Tesla in the US, you can clearly see that the number was way conservative, particularly for the RWD version.

Overall, this is great news for reservation holders. While, according to currently released information, most of them can expect their vehicle to cost around 60,000 euros as the base price, getting their vehicles after months and months of waiting is a really promising situation. However, while we all can see the clear advantages of Tesla, with current fuel price trends and the overall arrival of several ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) models from BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Audi, we feel that sales of this highly appealing vehicle will be good, but not that great right off the bat.

Source: Electrek

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Just received my invitation to order. I think I’ll wait to see what the midrange and “standard” range (long, medium, and… standard..?!?) is going to cost.

I’ve got thinking to do…

It looks like pricing doesn’t match US pricing. When I convert the price to Euros, add 10% tariff, add VAT and maybe 1k for shipping I get to higher prices than those that were just announced. Anyone who can explain, maybe I’m doing it wrong…

I believe Tesla does some European assembly so they may not be subject to 10% tariff.

At least this was mentioned here for the ModS and X.

Yes, Model S & X are finalized in Tilburg, Netherlands, but I don’t think it will be the case for Model 3.

They’re expanding their facilities in the Netherlands. I expect it’s exactly for that reason.

I can’t imagine that Tesla will avoid taking advantage of the same so-called “final assembly” workaround, to avoid a 10% EU tariff on the Model 3. Why wouldn’t they take advantage of that?

And if they were not planning to do so, likely they would have started selling the TM3 in the EU late this year. The only reason I can see for the delay is to upgrade the Tilberg plant to handle the volume needed for TM3 processing. Either that, or open up another plant elsewhere for that purpose, if the Tilberg location isn’t big enough.

Long Range AWD premium interior is 54200$ 53k and 1200 delivery fee =
47700€ without VAT
57200€ with VAT 20%
In France the model is sold 59500€ (-6000 bonus for 0 electric cars) so 53500€ for the buyer.

So 2300€ for shipping/assembling in Tilburg/ccs adapter included seems OK for me, How do you calculate the prices?

What country? How much? Do you have to send in some amount? Is it refundable? How much must you send?

are you a Tesla owner?

Surprised i get thumbs down. I just want to know if invites are for non-Tesla owners also. Neither me nor my dad have gotten the invite and my dad was in line the first day.
Anyone knows?

For months- it seems like 6 months maybe- somebody who reads this site seems to go around and downvote a majority of comments, no matter how bland or random the comment is.

I remember the good old days when you could buy the Model S 60 for about 65,000€ in Germany.

But I guess the base Model 3 will be around 41k, so there will be cheapish options eventually.

You can be sure the 3 won’t be 41K,maybe one day in the US ,but never over there.

So 65k Euro for the old S60 vs now 58k Euro for a new Model 3 LR. For 7k Euro less you get a smaller car that is better equiped and has significantly more range, and charges faster. Seems about right to me.

“a German starting price tag of 57,900 euro for the Model 3 Long Range, while 68,600 euro is the base price for the range-topping, Tesla Model 3 Performance.”

Prices for customers in The Netherlands:
€ 58,800.- for the Tesla Model 3 Long Range Dual Motor All Wheel Drive
€ 69,700.- for the Tesla Model 3 Performance version

Higher price makes sense since there are incentives available. So Tesla can make higher profit per car.

Actually I think this price is too high to get Dutch incentives?

You clearly don’t live in Germany 😉 The 4000€ available there aren’t changing anyone’s mind or making big profits for Tesla. Anyway, a good number of people in the States can get over $10000 off any decent EV; I’m not aware of anywhere in Europe with subsidies as generous as that.

7500€ in Slovenia comes close, plus it’s a rebate not a tax credit, which makes it better. However, given the long waiting lists to get a car, we don’t see the kind of discounts that Americans can negotiate for a car that’s sitting in a dealer’s lot.

In Norway the incentive when buying the Model 3 is like $14k. So more generous subsidies in that part of Europe, and then there are a lot of incentives after you have bought it. Same for Iceland.

But in the US Tesla receives many additional benefits,like GHG,CAFE,ZEV and other government payments. If the government was as generous over there you’d have lots of EV;’s too.

The plugin-EV market share of passenger car is bigger in EU than in the US.

In Romania the ev incentive is 10000E + 1800E cashback for old car , but there is no tesla store in Romania

If you have the money you can ask to be delivered to Viena, there is a store there and in HU there are superchargers

Actually, the 10,000E is not applied to Tesla cars in Romania because of a stupid law that mention this discount only for cars that have a store in Romania.

It will be more the shortage of M3 available to condition European sales in 2019 than the prices now presented for the two most expensive M3.

It´s a good option for companies, in some European countries (Portugal) they can deduct the VAT and receive the state incentive in the amount of 2250 euros. So the Dual Motor (base) will cost (companies) 46,700 euros, and will not have to pay the annual circulation tax, + – 250 euros / year for 2,000 cc ICE or + – 500 euros for an 3,000cc ICE.

VAT: Value Added Tax

Prices are very high. These are luxury prices.

They look good to me, when the $35K model comes out, it shouldn’t cost more than 40K Euros, that isn’t bad at all.

Actually, it will most likely cost more than 40k. Given that the 49k$ LR PUP will cost 58k€ (in Germany at least), applying the same ratio to the 35k$ base model 3 gives a EU cost close to 42k€. It is also not clear if this includes the delivery fee.

For me, it’s going to be a tough decision between the base model 3 and next year’s Ioniq with a larger battery. Sure, the Tesla is a better car, but most of the things that it is better at I don’t really care about, such as performance and handling. I love its minimalist aesthetic, but I can’t really justify spending 7k€ more (plus higher insurance on a performance car) just for the looks.

If the base model 3 really did cost less than 40k€, this would be a much easier decision.

AFAIK €58K is for LR + PUP + AWD (RWD LR is not being offered), so there should not be much of a difference versus US prices + VAT + exchange rate etc.

Ah, I see, the article just said Model 3 Long Range, without specifically mentioning AWD. I forgot that RWD long range has been discontinued, so I assumed that was what was meant.

A 39k€ base model 3 sounds a lot better. 🙂

The $35k version is $3k from being a reality. That sounds like many months away.
Options on model 3 are a few but very expensive, some colors are over €2k, autopilot over €5k, …

Maybe because Tesla is in the luxury/sport segment?

Yes they are and model 3 keeps the trend.

Is this including the PUP package?


what is PUP? Thanks…

Premium Upgrades Package

Thank you!

How many more Euros for a paint color other than black?

Electrek has an article where they gave the price for each paint option in each European country.

Thanks Taylor!

From Electrek:
“The Model 3 is available in 5 colors. The Black Uni is included as standard. Metallic Night Gray and Metallic Overseas Blue are available for € 1,600 ($1,815), Multicolored Nacre White for € 2,100 ($2,382) and Multicolored Red for € 2,600 ($2,950).”
(Conversion rate € 1 = $1.134)

In the U.S., these color options are $1,500 for MO Blue, $2000 for MN White, and $2,500 for M Red.

atleast it’s not brown, yes i’m looking at you Kia.

I see you’re not aware of how BMW prices its cars.
You can usually add $10,000 to $20,000 to get the standard equipment you’d get in a Subaru for example. You really have to compare base price plus feature parity to get a true price comparison.

Yes, and another point is to not look at list pricing, everyone gets a discount, how much, check here: apl.de

What? New subarus don’t even come standard with automatic climate control, let alone big screen navigation or cruise control plus a lot of the safety assistance the 3 series comes standard with. Please tell me what standard equipment a new Subaru has that a new 3 series hasn’t?

BMW does not include navigation or the “large” display as standard on any 3 Series. It’s a $1,700 option in the US.

Contrary to the standard legacy auto’s approach to complaints, ignore them, give people the runaround, Tesla uses complaints are mostly responded to and are used by Tesla as free crowd sourcing to improve their vehicles.

Detractors refer to it as Beta Testing, and since nothings perfect that’s technically correct, though if you continually improving aspects of the car, owners will appreciate being heard, and they will develop amicable feelings towards the company, as intrinsically we all want to be heard, noticed, feel we have some significance, and owning a Tesla gives you some significance, and Tesla tries to reinforce that attitude.

This is when things will get very real for ‘old auto’.
Bring out the popcorn, sit back, relax and enjoy them speeding up the timelines for their EVs and battery production.
Thank you so much Tesla.

Of course price is a deciding factor. Been waiting for the Model 3 for a decade, hold reservation since day one and will not buy one because the price is so much higher than expected.

The Model S started at the same price when it came… this is supposed to be the more “affordable” one.

Will probably get a Kia e-Niro as my next BEV instead.

So this is the ‘affordable’ option?

Well if you used your brain you would already know that Tesla always starts out with their highest trim/price options before moving down.

And why are you so disgustingly rude? Telling me to use my brain. I get that internet = anonymous, but surely manners cost you nothing?

I was more referring to the Model 3 in general. Even when the smaller battery size price point is released, we’re still going to be talking a price in excess of 35,000 Euro, probably more than 40,000. That’s hardly affordable for most people, and still far above the average new vehicle price in Europe.

Obviously the short range Model 3 will be “even cheaper”, but I *meant* affordable in comparison to other EVs of similar range/kWh, because someone in the market for a long range EV is only going to compare it to other long range EVs.

‘Option’ was a poor choice of word and implied that I assumed this was the cheapest trim they will offer. I’m tired and I apologise for that. There was still no need to be so rude though!

Sorry Will, I meant my comment to be sarcastic but in my haste and working off a smartphone I forgot to put in the sarcasm tag, i.e., /s.

So a person who believes what Tesla says isn’t “using his brain”? Because Tesla said they the base model would be available before AWD, before Performance, etc.

BS on that Doggy, Tesla never claimed that the base would be available before the optioned up models.

Can you give big examples of Tesla making their cars cheaper?
Model S, model X, … they are all getting more expensive. While the model 3 mid range is an example of bringing a cheaper model, the price for each extra kWh from the SR version is even more insane that in the long range version!

Well in a general sense everything else is getting expensive too due to inflation. Tesla released the Model 3 as a smaller and less expensive vehicle then the Model S and they are doing exactly what they have done with both the S and X in selling the higher trim/option levels first before bringing out smaller battery versions that cost less.

BMW i3 and leaf are getting more battery for the same price. That effect is small or inverted with Tesla.

BMW and Nissan are much bigger companies with very large portfolios so they use their other products to partially subsidize their EVs as they try and make them more competitive.

Tesla has also improved their batteries they with their cheaper 21700 batteries using much less Cobalt and being able to charge faster and soon to be in the Model 3 SR lower priced car.

How do they ship to Europe? Do they use the West coast ports then pass through panama canal? Or do they rail it to eastern coasts and ship it from there?

I can’t answer your question specific to the Model 3, but some Model S owners asked a similar question last year and this is what they found out, and I’d assume they will use the exact same channels for Model 3:

1. Cars get built at Fremont Factory
2. Cars tested and then dismantled into sections and shipped in containers via rail to Houston (~14 days)
3. Cars are container shipped to Rotterdam (~20 days)
4. Containers put on vehicle transporter and driven to Tilburg (Tesla’s final assembly plant in the Netherlands)
5. Final assembly and testing at Tilburg plant in Europe

Source: https://teslaownersgroup.co.uk/kb/tracking-your-tesla-from-the-factory-to-the-uk

Thank you, that was really helpful.

Wow that is kind of weird.
I was expecting them to maybe preconfigure the drivetrain and batterypack mate them together and test it, and then send all the other parts to be finally assembled in the Netherlands.
But never thought they build the whole car and then disassemble it to put it back again alter on.

It makes sense to ship the cars disassembled as they need much less space that way, as you can stack batterypacks, and doorspanels much easier in a container. Guess in parts you can fit at least 4 cars in a container, while assembled you can only fit 2.

Aaaw crap, it is above my budget. I might need to start loking at alternatives now. The Kona seems to be a good one.

European customers for the Standard Range Rear Wheel Drive Tesla Model 3 will have to wait at least another year.

can you provide a source?

“with the current gas prices set at around 1,35 euro per liter”

Gas prices are not high in Europe, in Germany LPG is about 0.63 € per liter.


Most common gas for cars are LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) but also CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) is used most often for buses. In case the article is actually referring to GASOLINE price per liter, then please write gasoline.

Gas = petrol = Benzin

Is LPG really the most common fuel for personal autos in Europe? This is a serious question, I’m not being snarky. I’m American, and over here it is gasoline (ie petrol) followed by diesel. I was under the impression it was diesel in Europe, followed by petrol. I didn’t realize LPG had a significant share of the auto fuel market.

Petrol and diesel are most common in Europe.

The dude was getting a tantrum over the use of the word gas…

Its a translation error, in the USA they call Benzin and disel Gas. (Petrol) so when saying gas prises they are talking about petrol

Add at least 50% to the cost of any German premium car if you want to buy it nicely equipped, is my rule of thumb having spent years looking at their bewildering options packages. So Model 3 dual motor with premium pack already price competitive, I would say.


Switzerland – Model 3 – reservation holders can configure starting today – deliveries begin in February – those without a reservation cannot order yet.

The UK seems to be going backwards! they have has just slashed subsidies for electric vehicles from £4500 to £3500/$4461 and if the car costs over £40000/$50990 it will be in a premium tax band and from years two to six and you will be paying another £310/year regardless of zero emissions.

The around 59k price includes 3 things which will eventually be sold separately as options: long range battery, all wheel drive and PUP. These three cost around 19k together. So the short range rear wheel car with no thrills should be around 40k. Still 5k more than the eventually promised 35k car (though I am not sure whether it was ever promised for Europe or only for the US).
If you deuct incentives found in many European contries, you do get to around 35k, but I suspect many of those who reserved were hoping to make those deductions from the 35k to obtain a somewhat affordable under 30k car. Well, this will come in a few years I hope…

58k euro for a 53k dollar car. Let s see how many cars Tesla will sell in EU. probably a lot, especially in reach countries with big incentives. We will see in a year the price for the entry lvl Tesla.

With the gasoline price per liter in Europe, still make sense to buy electric. That money will be recovered soon.