Tesla Model 3 Orders Now Open To General Public In Europe & China

Tesla Model 3 in Europe

JAN 4 2019 BY MARK KANE 34

Tesla Model 3 is ready for order in 14 countries in Europe

Tesla announced today that the Model 3 configurator has been opened in Europe (left-hand drive countries) for all customers.

Reservation holders had the opportunity to configure the cars and place orders several weeks earlier than the general public.

Countries in Europe (14) where Tesla Model 3 is available:

Orders are accepted already in China too. Later this year Tesla will expand to right-hand drive markets.

At first, only top of the line versions are to be offered – Long Range All-Wheel Drive and Performance – as Tesla’s priority is to sell as many AWD Model 3 as only possible, which is the most profitable and handy from a production standpoint.

Opening the orders book for the general public suggest also that the number of orders for AWD cars wasn’t that big in comparison to current production capacity.

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Tesla Model 3 deliveries in Europe per quarter in 2019:
Q1 2019: 20,000
Q2 2019: 30,000
Q3 2019: 40,000
Q4 2019: 50,000

I’m thinking the opposite. Push hard for top spec models in Europe now that US has somewhat satisfied demand, and shift back to US deliveries once the SR variant is made available.

Hopefully, the Standard version will be added production capability on top of what they are already producing. That is, if they are producing 6,000 per week now, adding the Standard will take them up to 8,000 or 9,000 with no impact to Europe deliveries.

I see mix in US changing from all LR AWD and Performance with a few Mid Range RWD to being more Mid and Standard range models while LR AWD and Performance models are shipping overseas. They might do this by introducing cheaper option packages (like no Premium) and the Standard model. It will be slightly higher volume than last year but having mix of cheaper cars bringing down the average price. This would make deliveries look good (meaning not decreasing) so investors remain happy. Not saying they will do this, just that it would make sense.

Will defintely be interesting to analyze their strategy after the fact.
I see US deliveries dropping in 2019 due to international shipments. They might increase production a bit but Fremont is pretty tapped and they won’t have another factory on-line in 2019 (not counting China which they said was only for Chinese deliveries) – maybe 12-15k units per month average to US?

Yup. U.S. deliveries of the TM3 for 2019 will almost certainly be lower than 2018. Tesla is going to want to concentrate on production of more higher-end TM3s for Europe, where the market for those hasn’t been saturated, rather than make cheaper TM3s for the U.S. market.

And I don’t see Tesla ramping up production much this year, unless they put in one or more auto assembly lines in at Gigafactory 1 in Reno. That’s a possibility, altho perhaps not that likely. I think the Fremont assembly plant is about maxed out; putting partial assembly lines under tents in the parking lot is a pretty strong indication of that!

I guess you mean the run rate of H2 2018 only — 2019 full year deliveries surely won’t be lower than 2018 full year deliveries…

Though I’m not sure about the run rate either. Once they open SR orders and leases, they are likely to see demand surge again.

(If European demand is good too, and 7,000 units per week aren’t enough to satisfy both markets, they will surely go ahead with expanding US production beyond 7,000, as originally planned…)

I predict SR will be offered when the demand for LR and MR die almost completely.

When that demand stabilize. The demand will of course not die…

If you repeat the Tesla bashers’ Big Lie that demand is going to “die” often enough, year after year, then people will start believing it, right? 🙄

Demand plateauing is not demand dying.

I suspect that the Midrange will be discontinued in 2019 after the SR is made available. Maybe a few more go to Europe.

We still have a slew of configs…Here’s a bunch of possible configs without even getting into the RHD or SR…PUP stands the now bundled $5K Premium Upgrade Package…

1) Global LHD LR RWD with PUP
2) Global LHD MR AWD with PUP
3) Global LHD MR RWD with PUP
4) Global LHD LR AWD (no PUP)
5) Global LHD LR RWD (no PUP)
6) Global LHD MR AWD (no PUP)
7) Global LHD MR RWD (no PUP)
8) Open US (LHD) leasing program to Performance
9) Open US (LHD) leasing program to LR AWD with PUP
10) Open US (LHD) leasing program to LR AWD (no PUP)
11) Open US (LHD) leasing program to LR RWD with PUP
12) Open US (LHD) leasing program to LR RWD (no PUP)
13) Open US (LHD) leasing program to MR AWD with PUP
14) Open US (LHD) leasing program to MR AWD (no PUP)
15) Open US (LHD) leasing program to MR RWD with PUP
16) Open US (LHD) leasing program to MR RWD (no PUP)

Leasing will probably not happen anytime soon.
Maybe next year.

I wouldn’t think Tesla would want to lease at all.

Leasing is a good long term money maker.

But Tesla did start leasing on the Model S, after a few years of production. It’s a way for Tesla to pull another demand lever, in a market where demand has about plateaued.

But no reason for Tesla to pull that demand lever for the Model 3 yet, with overseas markets just now opening for the car.

They need to keep up a reasonable level of domestic demand, too. Anything else would be very inefficient.

Not sure though whether they intend to just sit out the next couple of months until SR becomes available, or go ahead with leases before that…

See last line in this Tweet flow:comment image

Tesla Model 3 deliveries in Europe will increase as the year progresses.

What makes you think that?

Q2 will certainly be higher than Q1, considering that Q1 deliveries will start “late”. But beside that, I don’t see a reason for a gradual increase…

Very aggressive.
I think maybe half that.

@ ffbj

Which numbers would better reflect your view?

With the eye popping price of fuel, Europeans will ditch there polluting diesel and gasoline vehicles on mass. Tesla will be able to sell as many as they can build.
It may get harder to buy one in the US.

Yeah, but. . Model 3 is very expensive compared to many of the ICE cars a lot of people buy.
If you look at the sales numbers of cars in the sub $10-15K, it is clear that price matters a lot. Add a fairly short distance driven, and the economical advantage of buying an EV is just not there.
When the Model 3 comes in the cheapest version, that is when we’ll see much higher volumes. The next car I’ll buy will be replacing a vehicle that drives 5-7.000km a year.. I only focus on price, quality (reliable) and I want AC in the car. With the short distance driven, I don’t need anything else (ESP is mandatory).
Soon we’ll see a range of cheaper EVs too, that will cater to people who focus on price, price and price.
With Teslas integration skills, they should maybe consider to make a small/tiny EV for that market, and have it ready between 2025-2030. The sooner the better.

Until more cheap volume produced EVs come to market – the Model 3 should sell very well, since they and Nissan are the only high volume produced cars.

Where in Europe are you buying a $10,000 -$15,000 new car?

Well that’s great for people who want to order one.
Curious situation for reservation holders. Will new orders get ahead of some reservation holders, maybe due to regional delivery strategy? Seems strange that we don’t see a few months of deliverying to reservation holders before the general pop gets invited.
Can anyone outside of N/A post their predicted delivery time for a new order (or reservation turned into an order)?

New order in Sweden, no reservation, is estimated in March according to the design studio. Sounds to me like the demand for these high-end versions of the 3 was not as high as expected in Europe.

Are you saying there was an expectation of the most expensive trims getting more than 15,000 orders from reservation holders?…

Reservation holders already had a couple of weeks to place orders — and apparently that was sufficient to fill more than a month’s worth of deliveries… Now the rest can place orders, with a later delivery date.

Of course non-reservation high-end orders will be fulfilled before the entry variants become available — just like in the US…

That was fast. Most reservation holders must be waiting for lower spec vehicles.

Still reservations only in Czech Rep.

Model 3 configurator is now open to *SOME* left-hand drive countries in Europe.

According to Electrek there are just 14k reservations converted into orders in Europe so far, that’s why already the non reservation holders can order now. So not much incentive for putting down 1000 Euro fee and wait for 30 month ….. just 3 weeks head-start for ordering.

The numbers for Germany were only 2k orders placed for a (very speculative) figure of 40k reservations floating around in German EV circles.

If there were more conversions, that would only push out start of *deliveries* to non-reservation holders — not necessarily start of orders.

As people in Europe and China place orders for Tesla’s, they should make sure they use referral/discount codes/links…. here is a website that explains how Tesla’s Referral Program works: http://www.tesla-referral-codes.com .