Tesla Model 3 In #2 Spot Among EVs In First Month Of Sales In France

Tesla Model 3 in Europe

MAR 9 2019 BY MARK KANE 58

But will the Model 3 be able to challenge the Renault ZOE?

Plug-in electric car sales in France increased in February by 27% year-over-year to 4,825. 4,160 of them were passenger plug-ins, which took 2.4% of all new passenger car registrations.

The hottest segment of the plug-in market were all-electric cars, which last month was strengthened by the Tesla Model 3.

  • Passenger BEVs: 2,879 registrations (up 39%) at 1.7% market share
  • Passenger PHEVs: 1,281 registrations (up 18%) at 0.7% market share
  • Light commercial BEVs: 665 registrations (up 4%)
  • Total: 4,825

Plug-in car sales in France – February 2019

Renault ZOE, of course, remains the best-selling EV in France with 1,197 registrations but the aforementioned Model 3 the took second spot right at the start of volume deliveries with 401 registrations (14% of new passenger BEVs).

Nissan LEAF noted typical 326 registrations, so our attention was attracted to the Kia Niro EV, which had 253.

Detailed numbers of plug-in car registrations were provided by L’Avere-France:

Passenger BEVs

Commercial BEVs

Passenger PHEVs

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So, in “Month 1”, the Model 3 hit 33% if the Leader, the Renault Zoe, beat the Leaf & Niro! Let’s see if it takes more than 3 Months to make Top Spot? (33% x 3 Months to 100%!)

Remember, “month 1” for Tesla really started in France in the middle of the month. All monthly comparisons in Europe must wait till March numbers are known.

Weird if it don’t. People have had pre orders for 3 years. Wait 1 year, and see if sales remain high. Good sales have to remain so for month after month. New lower prices after 6 month will probably assure that.
I think hatch and a station wagon version would ensure extra good sales. Dont know if they have space for parallell chassis line.

That seems obvious, nobody was waiting to buy a Zoe, or any other car. Unlike model 3. The sales in the following months are going to be big for model 3. The question is for how long. In the US it lasted 1 year, in Europe I think it’s going to be less than half of that.

Yep I think that prices of Model 3 will drop, to keep up the demand, slowly but surely, this way many people will convert

I wonder what the average selling price is of TM3 vis a vis Renault Zoe

I think this is the key point. I am Canadian so know nothing of France’s market but from what I have read the Zoe is a very nice car at a much lower price than TM3. It will be hard to unseat from number 1 spot.

Yes, 16k€ + battery rent vs 43k€

That 16k€ is with subtraction of 6k€ subsidy and no battery.

The unsubsidized retail price including battery for the lowest trim version is 32k€.

In France, the unsubsidized Model 3 Long range is now available at 50.3k€, and standard range will likely sell for 40k€.

But it’s a bit silly to compare those: the Zoe is 4.08m long and the Model 3 4.69m.

If you must compare, I would say the Model 3 standard range would be a much better value proposition.

For many people who want a small city car, the Zoe is currently best in class, but I think it should cost no more than 25k€ unsubsidized. It’s petrol brother the Renault Clio costs currently 15.3k€ at the same trim level

The Zoe is somewhere between city car and small family car. The TM3 is in the large family car segment, so it is difficult to compare the two.
Renault does not have anything like the TM3 in size. Comparison of TM3 would be better with Kona and e-Niro.

It is definitely possible to compare. You can buy a Zoé and keep your ICE car for longer trip or buy a model 3. The Zoé is a light car with 40 kWh and soon 50 kWh, so your ICE car will stay in the garage most of the year. I baught a model 3 anyway only because I have 3 children and it was a bit to much (while possible) for Zoé. The point is I don’t mind model 3 acceleration and top speed, and model 3 is still quite long for European cities. I have even considered a Renault Kangoo with 5 adult seats instead of Zoé but sadly Renault makes it difficult to buy one for individuals. My Renault dealership was even reluctant to give me a price, advising Zoé instead, even after I tald him it was to small for my needs . So I ordered my model 3 the same day.

I test drived the Kona EV but it was horrible with 3 children. Furthermore Kona and Niro are not so good for long trips so if you don’t want vacation to become nightmare you better keep a ICE car. So Zoé becomes a better choice, at least with less than 3 teenagers at the back.

By March Tesla will rule as number 1 BEV seller in any European country. Will be interesting to see who will lose out to Tesla sales. Will it be other ICE vehicles or other BEVS?

.I’m affraid not, Tesla just just does not produce enough cars to be no. 1 everywhere. They still have to deliver in US, Canada and Now Mexico. In order to do that they need more GigaFactory

Tesla can deliver 150.000 BEVs for Europe in 2019. Tesla should deliver 400.000 globally for 2019. Hopefully when gigafactory 1 and 3 are also making vehicles Tesla can deliver 1.5 million BEVs in 2021.

You got downvoted and no comment, I’m trying to make sense out of this. Do people on this site automatically get downvoted if they are optimistics or enthusiastic ?

Funny enough there are more Tesla haters on this forum than Tesla lovers. I am proud of my downvotes from Tesla haters. That show I am stirring some emotion. To get people thinking is not bad even if we disagree.

No hate in believing Tesla cannot meet demand even on the market where ordering is possible with current production capacity. I pre-order on day one, 3 years ago, I confirmed in December 2018, since then I have 60 000 € waiting on my account to be wired to Tesla, as soon as they ask me to… So it doesn’t seem quite fluent.

Tesla also need to start producing RHD Model 3 for those markets.

That is only the UK in Europe, right?

And Ireland, Malta and Cyprus.

New Zealand , Aussie , Japan etc

Yes Tesla still got some demand levers left. Implementation of HW3 will also stimulate demand. Better FSD software will also continue to increase demand.

Being number one in BEV sales is not all that hard, outside China… In the US for example, they could sell as little as 3,000 cars per month, and still would easily be at the top. For all of Europe, they’d need some 6,000 or so.

In Sweden only the Model S was in the top 20 at 16th place. Far behind the leaders.

That was for February before price reductions and before model 3 sales has started.

And we are also talking about February in France here.

No, we are not. The comment you replied to explicitly talked about March.

They are too supply constrained. Maybe in a few months.

Delivery in March if you order now according to their European websites of the various countries. Soooo… not really supply constrained. It is said they have significant inventory in France according to comments on French EV blogs who report Tesla staff.

That’s pretty much guaranteed BS. There were more than 1,000 orders in France in early January; and quite a bit more came in since than no doubt. Unless they delivered more than a thousand cars in the first week of March, there is no way they could have any excess inventory at this point. (And no motivation either, considering that there are so many other European countries with large order backlogs…)

There will be lot of European Model 3 deliveries in March. On the order of 15,000 at least I’d guess. That will *easily* top European BEV sales — and depending on how they are distributed, it should top sales in pretty much every individual country, too. (Though France might actually turn out to be the sole exception…)

Tempered with the knowledge that Tesla didn’t begin deliveries of model 3 until Feb 10-12th

Tempered with the fact the Zoe is a 7 year old model due to be replaced in a few months.

I don’t think this provides any demand information – the first half-month of sales?

Every country requires smaller and cheaper cars than the Model 3. But the per capita income of France is still one of the world´s highest, so why not go after that slice of people the Model 3 seems to be able to steal from BMW, Audi and Mercedes wherever it goes?

Weird, I read some comments on a French EV blog with Google Translate, some people say the car is available immediately as they have too much inventory. Sales much lower than planned. Confirmed by Tesla staff. This would mean the interest is low and they produce a significant number of cars without an order for them. Is it true? I will continue to gather information.
Configure one on the French website: delivery in March. Seems true. Same on Belgian, Dutch, German, Danish, Italian, Swiss, Swedish, Finnish, Spanish websites and likely all European websites I didn’t check. All say delivery in March, meaning no backlog.

Will have to wait until the end of the month and something more credible than an unnamed French EV blog to see if this is true, but the only data I’ve seen so far for March is Norway where Tesla has taken about 50% of the EV market, which certainly seems good.

Tesla 3 is a sedan. Hatchback is what sells in Europe. Hatchbacks are much more practical.

I’m interested to see how the Model 3 sells in Europe when it is no longer supply constrained. There has been an uptick in EV sales in Europe with more countries having high single digit market share or even double digit market share. Many complained that the Model S was too big and the high price was always an issue. So the Model 3 should be well placed.

I think a lot of people will still be put off by the size of the Model 3, which while smaller than the Model S, is still quite large for city driving in Europe imo.

While the majority of cars in most European cities is compact or smaller, there is also a significant number of mid-sized and larger cars. Most people who can *afford* a larger car, do get one. European premium makers introduced smaller models over the past decades for well-off buyers who don’t want large cars — but these are rather niche compared to larger premium cars.

But Tesla 3 is a sedan, not a hatchback.

They are still very supply constrained.

I think it’s likely the model 3 will give the #1 spot a serious challenge in March and April. Best in class and great value.

I think they have a fairly good shot for March. April should be lower, since most March production will probably go to US market…

Wow also see that model 3 is number 1 in Germany after selling there just two weeks in February. Nearly 1,000 sold and total EV sales there are booming!

Markus Scarth Tønseth

Meanwhile, in Norway the Model 3 shot straight to the top even with only two full weeks of deliveries in February. So far in March it’s a complete wipeout : 1. Model 3 (963), 2. VW Golf (186), 3. Leaf (185), 4. Jaguar I-pace (109), 5. Hyundai Kona (98), 6. BMW I3 (94), 7. Hyundai Ioniq (57), 8. Renault Zoe (54), 9. Model X (46), 10. Model S (45).

401 units in the 1st month is excellent, hope it will rise in the coming months.
Here also BEVs are gaining. I believe French had 10,000 electric vehicles (all converted) even before 2010, not sure with the source.
They should have continued more aggressively with BEVs to take advantage of the cheaper nuclear power especially at night, they slipped the opportunity because of the diesel scam.

10,000 EV conversions? Sounds like a myth.

I guess there might have been 10,000 EVs before 2010, if you count bikes and scooters, neighbourhood EVs etc… Certainly not regular cars.

I can’t say about the 10 000 figure, but many French public utilities had fleets of small utility vehicles. (and are constantly upgrading their fleets)
Most of them were custom built for working in tight historic pedestrian city centers.
The French post office was the best known for advertising their use of electric delivery vans in the suburbs.

It is a sedan. Hatchback is what sells in Europe, they are much more practical.

Sedans sell pretty well (along with a bunch of wagons) in the mid-size (D) segment. Hatchbacks dominate compact and below.

I-Miev based cars (Ion and c-zero) still sold better than most of the EVs with 64 cars. Incredible for a so old design with absolutely no evolution since the beginning. Probably a battery pack under 15 kWh. Always more expensive cars for bigger batteries is definitely not the only way. A 15 kWh EV with modern design and batteries would sell very well, off course if accordingly priced.

We *know* there were already more than a thousand orders in early January.

It’s interesting to see there’s more BEV’s being sold in France that in the UK.. 731in the UK compared to 2,879 in France.