Your Tesla Can Now Fart Thanks To Toilet Humor Mode


You might not be able to gas it up, but it can fart now thanks to Toilet Humor mode.

Yes, that’s right. A farting Tesla.

Tesla just added toilet humor to its cars.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced in a tweet back in November the inclusion of a couple new upcoming Easter eggs for the all-electric vehicles.

One of those Easter Eggs was what’s known as Toilet Humor mode. We weren’t entirely sure what to expect of this mode, but now we know it’ll make your Tesla fart. Like whoopie cushion type farts, but it’s sadly not activated when one sits in a seat. It’s done on-demand or by activation of the turn signal

We love us some good, clean humor here at InsideEVs and this has all the making of that. Can’t wait for those first videos to surface of grams or grandpa sitting down in a Tesla to a big ‘ol fake fart.  Yes, the laughs will be a pourin’ in.

Press play in the video below to see Toilet Humor in action.


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Game changer, I love this car #teslafarts #tesla #fartondemand

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The mods should have changed the first reply note to “shart the discussion” for this thread.

Farting is not only for toilet unless you’re a girl. Now with Tesla even girls get to fart away from toilet. It’s very liberating.

LOL… I can’t wait to try it out!

It fits their supporter base perfectly!

I guess so.

Trying to explain to your date…. Oops sorry I have the left button of my steering wheel program to fart let me fix that.

I remember when the model S in 2014 had an 84/16 gender breakdown among customers. I’m guessing that things have gotten even more lopsided in 2018. If there was any doubt that this was a bro-car…

STUPID. Tesla should spend its money more wisely.

It’s actually very wise spending. Some developer spent a few days on it and it buys hundreds of articles.


‘Some developer’? What if i told you that Elon himself designed and implemented this feature?

Maybe a developer, maybe and intern. This is a good coding exercise for an intern.

Can I just get cruise control on demand.

Nothing gross, just functionality.

To activate Cruise Control all you need is to pull the PDR column stalk once, then use the right scroll wheel on the steering wheel to adjust speed up/down.

If you have EAP, you can also adjust the following distance by pushing the same wheel to left/right. And EAP is activated by pulling the same stalk twice. Pulling the stalk up once will deactivate everything (or pressing on the brake pedal would do the same thing).

How hard can that be ?

That’s easy enough.

Thanks for the clear response.

He forgot to mention that the speed adjustments are done in 5mph increments, so you will be constantly pionging between going too fast or too slow.

No they aren’t. If you scroll slowly, they’re in 1 mph increments. Scroll faster and it’s 5 mph increments. That’s on both the X and 3, so pretty confident S does it that way too.

Most adults think these Easter Eggs are silly and useless. But if you ask any of my kids which is their favorite car, it’s the one that can play Christmas music and flash it’s lights, and can turn the map into Mars. These little gimmicks will have a favorable impression on the younger generations.

Is Musk adding the features to satisfy his inner-child, or his five actual sons?

My guess is that this is part of Tesla’s (or Elon’s) efforts to show that Tesla has a sense of humor, but honestly I don’t see significant added value here.

Yes, but I don’t see the value in capturing the market for five-year-olds who buy their own street-legal cars. I doubt that will increase Tesla’s sales significantly.

Guess I’m just a stick-in-the-mud, hmmm? O_o

I do. Manufacturers advertise to kids all the time. Try finding excuses not to enter a Disney store next time you pass by one and your grandson pulls your shoulder out of the socket. Same deal they try with model cars that the kids play with. It’s called building a brand and kids learn the fastest as we all know.

Will this “upgrade” finally fix spotify for European users?

I’ll certainly keep this in mind, should I ever have an overwhelming urge to indulge in the very lowest form of humor. 🙄

Bingo ❗️

I can tell you’re boring.

Then perception isn’t your strong suit. I’ve been accused of many things in my life, but never that!

I guess this is ready for when NHTSA requires a low-speed loudspeaker on all silent cars. We’ll be able to pick: whistle-jet, V8, laser pewpew, Jetsons aircar, crotch rocket, and only slightly different than crotch rocket, rpm-based fart sound!

I like those options. Depends on what part of town I’m driving in. Link it to GPS?

Don’t forget locomotive train horn to get the attention of people just glued to their phone, oblivious to their surroundings.

“Well, Mr. President, yes we are still reasonably on track to release the update including drive with autopilot and other identified key items, however it’s going to require a big push in order to meet Fall target B date.”
“Of course it will, David, is there a problem?”
“Well, it’s not necessarily a problem, however the dev team is requesting a particular concession in order to make this happen.”
“Do they want more money? Another purchase discount window?”
“No, sir, they’re asking for another easter egg.”
“I’m all ears, shoot.”
“They want fart mode.”
“Interesting, with an array of different noises?”
“Of course…”
“And actuated how, by the driver switches, or on-screen?”
“Well, we considered both, and…”
“…hang on just a second David. Is there anyone with a strong concern or a disagreement here that I’d have to overrule? Let’s take a quick vote, all opposed to the introduction of an easter egg for fart mode in order to guarantee rapid development workpace to complete and push out the software update? All in favor? So adopted. David, bring me a mock up and anyone else who needs to be involved tonight, or tomorrow morning at the latest. What’s the next order of business?”

To the guy who just cut me off; ” I fart in your general direction!”.

I thought one time to turn the angle of my rear window washer to piss on the idiots following too close on the freeway.

A device to sprinkle gravel would be a stronger deterrent. 🙂

But I find that a couple or three brief taps on the brake pedal usually — not always, but usually — makes tailgaters back off.

All discussions are improved with random Python references. 🙂

But WHEN are they going to bring back the reindeer in “HO HO HO”? Santa mode is hardly any fun without those tiny reindeer legs trying to keep up to highway speed. Bring back Rudolph!!!!