Tesla Autopilot Update Coming Soon, Algorithm Will Be “Smooth As Silk”

Tesla Autopilot


Tesla Autopilot 2.0

Tesla owners will soon enjoy a new “smoother” control algorithm coming in the form of an Autopilot update, as well as perpendicular parking, rain-sensing wipers, and a kernel upgrade with a much better web browser.

Once again, Elon Musk took to Twitter to speak to some upcoming updates for Tesla owners. He said that the upcoming Autopilot software update contains a new control algorithm that feels “smooth as silk.”

This comes from recent issues mentioned by Tesla drivers, that since the recent Autosteer update, the system feels “rough,” as does the Traffic Aware Cruise Control. Musk agreed that the system was safe and functioning properly, but felt unpleasant. Tesla has been working to fix this, and it seems as though Musk has personally tested the working update.

Of course, as soon as Musk shoots out the Tweet, in come the questions. He was asked about the perpendicular parking feature and the rain-sensing wipers. These are two of the last few features needed to bring second-generation Autopilot (Tesla Vision) to full parity with the original Mobileye first-gen system.

Musk responded that these updates should come in June as well.

Finally, another Tweet reply questioned the Linux kernel update. This was supposed to happen awhile back, but never came as promised. Musk didn’t give a date on this one, however. He only said “almost done,” which could mean anything really, although he did comment that with it comes a new improved web browser.

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Four Electrics

From a comment on a Tesla message board: “Tesla is not a quality-first culture. Tesla is a culture of attempting to meet impossible deadlines.”

Thankfully this version of AP did not kill two people, like the last one. AP may not be learning quickly, but people sure are.


Elon isn’t learning. He called autopilot ‘safe’ the other day. That is the one word you never use.


It’s certainly safer to drive with Autopilot than without it.

NHTSA says that Tesla cars equipped with both Autopilot and AutoSteer have an accident rate about 41% lower than those without AutoSteer, even without figuring in whether or not AutoSteer was active at the time of the accident!

That’s a startling improvement in safety, considering that Tesla’s self-driving systems are still in an early stage of development.

It’s not merely opinion that Tesla Autopilot makes driving safer; it’s an established fact.


‘Safer’ and ‘safe’ have two completely different meanings. Safe is a lawsuit waiting to happen. Safer is a lawsuit you can beat.


Right. And 35,000 killed by humans, just in the U.S.

Autopilot will be safer by far.


How many people are killed in the Model S without autopilot?

Anyone who attempts to use the stats of “Generic Overall death rate” to argue against Single Model feature is a complete moron in statistics or has a motive to spin the narrative over the stupid public.


When the NHTSA says that Tesla cars equipped with Autopilot plus Autosteer have a nearly 41% lower accident rate, then I assume they know what they’re talking about.

If you want to point out that logically it’s an overstatement to generalize that statistic to all cars with self-driving features, then you’re correct. However, I think it would be rather foolish to doubt that in general, autonomous driving tech is making driving safer in most cases, even if we can find individual or “edge case” exceptions to that rule.

“The thing to keep in mind is that self-driving cars don’t have to be perfect to change the world. They just have to be better than human beings.” — Deepak Ahuja, CFO of Tesla Inc.


Ha! Says the oil company studge.


Once again, we see that the first comment to a Tesla-related article is posted by a serial Tesla bashing troll.

It’s too bad that InsideEVs allows these vermin to disrupt meaningful discussion here.

* * * * *

Contrary to what this troll claims, Tesla’s Autopilot has not killed anyone. Drivers failing to pay attention to driving certainly does, probably every day.

The Woodster

My god, Four, you are such an idiot. Please, please stop posting. Please. I beg you.


You remind me of the brainless idiots who argued against seat belts and air bags who claimed that because of one accident or another that seat belts and air bags were deadly. While completely ignoring all the cases where lives were saved.

Now everybody knows those dumb fvkkin’ idiots were just making complete fools of themselves.

If you want to join those flat-earthers in playing the role of The Fool, don’t cry like a baby when others rightfully mock you.


Any word on if these smoothness improvements apply to AP1 cars too?


AP1 cars are currently smoother than AP2 cars.

Joe Cohen

I am the owner of a 2017 tesla fitted with HW2.
There is not a day that goes by that had I not manually overridden the autopilot feature an accident would have occurred.
I am very certain that my fellow Tesla owners have experienced the same.
I am confident that eventually these problems will be resolved. I must admit though that this has been a real disappointment up till now.


As a non Tesla car driver, there is not a day goes by when I have to turn off the cruise control in order to prevent having an accident. Not a day goes by when I have to press the brake pedal to prevent having an accident. There’s not a day goes by when I have to look left or right to make sure the coast is clear so I avoid having an accident.

AP is a driver assist, it is not autonomous, so yeah, you are going to have to take over. Learn where it does its job well and use it then, but don’t use it where it is not designed or does not do the job well.

Man, sometimes I even have to manually use the wipers because the auto wipers didn’t figure out the window was too covered in water. I think you still have to drive a car at the moment, regardless if it is a Tesla or not.