Tesla Already Added 121 New Supercharger Stations In 2018


MAY 14 2018 BY MARK KANE 16

Tesla increased the number of Supercharging stations from 1,125 at the beginning of the year to 1,246 on May 12, 2018, according to stats provided by supercharge.info.

121 new stations translates to growth of around 10.8% in just over four months. Additionally, a lot of existing stations were retrofitted with more charging stalls.

Tesla’s official stats stand at more than 9,600 stalls, which is nearly 8 stalls per single station.

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As you can see on the graph below, the number of stations accelerated in North America, which must be a clear sign of Model 3 introduction:

Tesla Supercharging network (source: supercharge.info)

And here we have the number of stations and maps for three major regions:

  • North America – 569
  • Europe & Middle East – 397
  • Asia – 280

Tesla Supercharging network

Tesla Supercharging network

Tesla Supercharging network

Source: Teslasupercharge.info, Electrek

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I am impressed by the rate of Supercharger Growth in Ontario, Canada, but dismayed over the lack of growth in North Dakota, and the Rest of Canada! Do we really need to wait, until they have the demand to instal 8-12 stalls at each site, before they build Anything? Why not pop in some Skeleton Builds of 2-4 Stalls, initially, and monitor them for usage?

Those are scheduled this summer. Those aren’t the best places to build things in the winter.

That’s an excuse. I’ll repeat my comments on InsideEVs articles from 6 and 12 months ago, based on comparing the current and planned charger map on the Tesla website, using the Internet Wayback Machine over the past couple of years:
Still no trans-Canada route (now >1.5 years overdue). Still no Balkans or Turkey. At least there’s finally one in Portugal (over a year late) and one in Western Australia (ditto).

Growth of stations for the same period in:
2013 – 0%
2014 – 69%
2015 – 29%
2016 – 8%
2017 – 8%
2018 – 11%

Yes. it’s very hard to repeat the extreme growth of 2014 when the count was so low that a few stations jumps it greatly. But having the growth accelerate in 2018 over 2016,7 is a good sign.

The issue I see is it is a lot less than the car growth.

Didn’t he say the rate was going to double?

Number of chargers not number of stations

Also the double is for US only and these are global numbers

Superchargers are one of the smartest moves Tesla ever made.

It is a major separator even with new manufacturers finally getting on board with BEVs. And it does not have to be a scenario of you going cross country. It could just be you going 300-400 miles to visit relatives something I just did a couple weekends in a row.

And yet this network will be dwarfed in only a few years.

Hoping it would be, which would be a great thing for everybody…. except it won’t happen…

Even with this growth in Supercharger locations, Tesla needs a LOT more in it’s most popular state, California.

12-20 stall locations are frequently completely filled up here and with Tesla cranking out Model 3s (seeing them just about every day on the road here now), they really need to expand the number of stalls significantly, or face huge lines on big travel days.

Google for CCS map. You do realize that there are over 4000 CCS charger stations installed in Europe alone? Growing at a rate of over a 100a month. The SC network is great, but not unique any longer

Teslas super Charger network is a masterpiece. I have used it extensively in Scandinavia and for long European roadtrips – it just works brilliantly. Sure, Tesla has to expand it…and they are. I have never had to wait to get a charger. I think that people have to keep in mind that the majority of Tesla owners are charging their beloved Tesla’s at home – it is much more convenient.